1. Python 3 - Fibonacci Implementation

  2. Efficiently matching IP addresses with a list of CIDRs

  3. Computing a hash value of a file

  4. Project Euler problem 92 in Scala, square digit chains

  5. Computing the number of primitive sorting networks on n elements - seeking tiny optimizations
  6. Imperative Sieve of Eratosthenes using destructive updates in Haskell

  7. VBA solution too long time calculation of formulas when running a macro
  8. Min&Max Heap implementation in .NET
  9. C++ huffman encoding - constructing encoded bytes efficiently
  10. 92 Spoons AI, sort of an AI in C++
  11. JavaScript recursive zip function
  12. 2D Perlin noise generaton needs Perfomance

  13. Convert top-down subset sum to bottom-up
  14. Comparing two heap sift algorithms in Java

  15. C++ Dirent.h "Wrapper"

  16. Update the value of a user based on the click of a checkbox
  17. The performance of the simulation for an ant's random walk on a 5x5 grid
  18. First quicksort algorithm

  19. Slow VBA macro using nested loops and autofilter to consolidate select data from 2 worksheets into 1

  20. Sorting algorithms and command-line interface
  21. Calculating the sum, of the mod Q, position multiplied, sort sequence, of Fibonacci numbers

  22. Reading Files in a File Manager Plugin for WYSIWYG Editors

  23. Getting TLE using circular linked list

  24. MySQL query to select number of fields occurring more times than x
  25. Optimize mySQL query

  26. VLookup simulation: copying data from one sheet to another
  27. Optimize cURL requests to Google API

  28. How does this Binary Search Tree look?

  29. Get the brightest rectangle within an image

  30. Checking if the whole number is prime, and if all its digits are too
  31. Efficiently using Apache HttpClient in multithreaded environment
  32. Beginner FizzBuzz in Python
  33. Program to implement Merge Sort Algorithm

  34. Color Rows In DataGridView

  35. Combobox with search suggestions

  36. "What is the fastest solution for finding the maximum sum of a subarray?"
  37. Grid based inventory

  38. Find items in a table that match a set of conditions in another table
  39. Data structure to count occurrences of words
  40. Time table where workers overstay past midnight

  41. Find the Center of the Largest Blob

  42. Bot-like Spring Java service for checking advertisements

  43. Verify string format with given pattern
  44. Calculation of Hamming distance between two adjacency lists

  45. Split groups into unique sets

  46. Shell script to count chess game outcomes
  47. A program to find out the number of odd and even Fibonacci numbers between given range

  48. Vectorizing a sequence \$x_{i+1} = f(x_i)\$ with NumPy

  49. Generating the Cartesian product of N-arrays

  50. Creating an image in Excel using the colors from an input image

  51. Compare two sheets and copy new and delete duplicates in excel
  52. Find the center of a red dot of an image in Haskell
  53. A scroll to top button with fixed positioning

  54. Traversing through single large array to convert single array into array of arrays as per condition

  55. Project RoboNest - Nestable/Breakable For Loops + Basic While Loops for Robot Framework

  56. Range Sum Challenge
  57. Call of Duty Black Ops Console Memory Hacker
  58. Gradient Boosting Class/Module using sklearn. (My first Python Module)
  59. Query URL parameters in downloading pictures from network cameras

  60. Structure the MaxCPC automation code

  61. Job listings database project in Node.JS

  62. Hash-optimization and Wilson-maze generation algorithm
  63. Setting QProgressBar values based on selection
  64. Copying 80 bytes as fast as possible

  65. Richelieu - product scraper (follow-up)

  66. Listing employees, categorized by license expiration date

  67. Finding as many perfect numbers as possible

  68. Calculate distance between points and price per area in Pandas

  69. Fast bitswap in assembly
  70. Summarizing downtime statistics

  71. Implementation of MATLAB's `im2col`

  72. Split words that are too big

  73. Date and time incrementation, using a fictional calendar / clock

  74. Radix-2 FFT in C

  75. Python/Sklearn code optimization (New at Python)

  76. Python Pandas Dataframe code takes too long to finish
  77. Count pairs with given sum

  78. Designing a book library
  79. Encryption/decryption by matrix multiplication in C

  80. Scrabble helper: find the highest score with any 7 letters
  81. Small Chatbot challenge
  82. Speeding up Python depth-first search in large graph

  83. Developing an investment strategy based on stock movements

  84. Inserting and fetching values slower on an unordered_map in C++ than on a dictionary in Python

  85. Variable integer encoding

  86. Performing FFTW double[2] on images of type cv::Mat
  87. Vector replacer
  88. Facial recognition tool

  89. Matrix Implementation using struct in C

  90. Dictionary iteration with many loops
  91. Building tree from edges puzzle with performance requirement

  92. MySQL statements to update overlapping database entries and insert new data into various tables
  93. Computing integer partitions
  94. Multiplying binary numbers digit by digit and carry method in Python

  95. Find delegated click handler for any DOM Node in the event path

  96. Asynchronous code JS for calling external APIs with delay

  97. Randomly sampling character labels

  98. Snake game in C++ for Windows text console
  99. Get total count of object's elements and all children objects` elements

  100. Excel vba: program performance is slow, out of memory error when dealing with large dataset in collection