1. C++ implementation of the Command Pattern
  2. Make some inputs inside functions instead of main
  3. Find the closest number in a list of unique and sorted numeric values by a given value
  4. Min-Heap in JavaScript

  5. Tic Tac Toe - Object Oriented JS Implementation
  6. A class which represents an SQL table
  7. No getter/setter on model with many instance vars

  8. Poker game in JavaScript
  9. C++ implementation of the observer design pattern
  10. Big integer class in C++

  11. Tic Tac Toe in C++11
  12. C++ implementation of the decorator pattern

  13. Basic console game, with combatants and inventory items

  14. Simple chat room
  15. Weapon and Hero classes
  16. Implementing Singly Linked List using C++

  17. A Python wrap-around list
  18. Collection calculating too much?

  19. Laravel Account models
  20. Small web application

  21. CMS controllers, from procedural to object oriented

  22. Sending text and HTML email using smtplib & MIMEText

  23. Comparing two arrays and printing results as a collection of a class
  24. Utilizing OOP when creating a web browser
  25. Extending Exception: avoiding code duplication
  26. Fat-free MVC Controller
  27. Parallelizing some model fitting code using multiprocessing
  28. R function for Dynamic Ordinary Least Squares regression

  29. Coupon Platform - Coupon/Promo Domain model

  30. Implementation of OpenGL context

  31. Langton's Ant cellular automaton in Ruby
  32. Class hierarchy for informative exceptions in ASP.NET core

  33. Improving my bootstrap class (MVC)

  34. Display Object as a node tree in HTML with clickable trace back to root node

  35. Gradient Boosting Class/Module using sklearn. (My first Python Module)
  36. Swing application to compute the area and perimeter of shapes
  37. Simplified encryption API wrapper for RSA and AES

  38. Storing realm objects using Kotlin extensions

  39. Dependency injection for a bus with a stop-request display application
  40. Tic-Tac-Toe class and methods
  41. Basic vector based drawing OOP design

  42. Simulated race among three robots making random steps
  43. Flight booking system

  44. Custom shapes objects using polymorphism in JavaScript
  45. Designing a book library

  46. OOP Critter Caretaker program from "Learning Python for the Absolute Beginner"

  47. Various types of menus, implemented with the decorator pattern
  48. 2-Player console-based modified Battleship game

  49. Structuring code to do URL routing for Node.js

  50. Python application to create Google Map image

  51. Separating logic per class and being able to use dependency injection

  52. Java code that takes user input of Zipcode and turns it into a bar code
  53. Business logic inside MVC Cart Controller method
  54. Bill settlement for multiple users

  55. Object-oriented RPG in Java, determining the data of a generated location

  56. PHP Session handling class

  57. A few weeks back I wrote my own controls for three.js
  58. Sealing class attributes in Python

  59. Vert.x application quickstart

  60. Riemann Sum Class (with variable endpoint behavior)

  61. PHP class to send CRM records to Five9 API

  62. Tic Tac Toe in Java: Runner Class Design, Using Helper Methods, and Instance Variables

  63. File selection button for Jupyter notebook

  64. class for Block Compressed sparse Row storage

  65. Matrix operations using classes

  66. Returning Groovy class fields as a map

  67. Writing a metaclass to ensure a class is thread-safe

  68. Trait inheritance or delegation
  69. Snake game in C++ for Windows text console

  70. Marking a class as final or sealing a class
  71. PHP OOP API Class

  72. Simple, low-level browser for easier website interaction
  73. Generic filter model

  74. Python OOP - creating library
  75. List component using plain JS

  76. Validating data
  77. Java MongoDB client as a singleton

  78. Class to build and execute dynamic SQL statements

  79. Grouping orders by similarity (cluster) of their items

  80. Guess number game with an object-oriented design

  81. Given a string of letters, output all English words formable using only those letters
  82. Initializing a controller that uses Selenium
  83. Building a task listing for a task manager

  84. Simple Snake Game - Follow-up 2
  85. Snake Game in C++ with OOP approach

  86. Soccer field map creator

  87. Object oriented design for a Tree

  88. First domain-driven User entity class

  89. Custom ResponseModel for Spring Controller - ResponseEntity<?>

  90. Object-oriented text-based RPG with randomized enemies and loot in Java

  91. Object-oriented calorie counter

  92. EF entity, extended with partial classes for actions
  93. Mechanism for providing timeout notifications when traffic ceases

  94. Questionnaire classes and interfaces
  95. Creating dialog with Access form instances

  96. Extending Polynomial Class with math operations
  97. Simple Router class

  98. Having a side-effect free constructor while ensuring consistency

  99. Popup classes hierarchy design
  100. VBA: Loop all .xlsx files in a folder and produce a list of worksheets and workbooks contained therein