1. Google Guice module that loads two kinds of views
  2. Moving Cell objects around a game field
  3. Transcoding of a large histogram

  4. Designing a simple shop with products/orders/sales

  5. Check repository for a nested entity
  6. Simulate the "cd" command of a file system

  7. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:
  8. Recursive and flexible approach to Tic-Tac-Toe

  9. Calling many methods in a constructor in Java

  10. Counting combinations of consecutive symbols in Java

  11. Searching for a specific object in an ArrayList
  12. find two numbers that have the maximum sum which is also an element in the array

  13. الرجاء حل هذا السؤال بأكواد جافا ضروري جدا ولكم جزيل الشكر
  14. ActivityLifecycleHelper implementation
  15. console application using java to show results of the lowest mark from a list
  16. Text based game in Java

  17. A Game of Life application, with mouse clicks

  18. Optimizing Graph Algorithms for Floyd Warshall and Johnson Algorithm

  19. find the sum of positive real numbers
  20. Using the same RecyclerView.Adapter with a different ViewHolder

  21. Reloading AsyncListUtil in RecyclerView adapter on SearchView update

  22. Splay tree internal path calculation

  23. Shortest path via intermediaries
  24. setup ordering in priority blocking queue

  25. Bot-like Spring Java service for checking advertisements

  26. Number of Pushes, time limit exceeding

  27. Obtaining information about the logged in user
  28. Catching exceptions arised by different senarios and handle them differently

  29. Validate IP address in Java

  30. Convert line from file to various variables in Java
  31. Copying notes takes a very long time

  32. Mini space game for Android

  33. a random student number to be generated for the student
  34. Simple REPL command parser in Java

  35. using recursion in java

  36. Program creates 3 consecutive values on a 7x7 grid; User has to guess the location

  37. Checking for viruses in uploaded files using ClamAV
  38. Converting a C# Function With Out Parameters to Java

  39. Make a popup window that will stay open for 3 seconds

  40. Rate calculation system for a code challenge

  41. Splitting uppercase letters based on a dictionary
  42. Swap Nodes in Pairs in singly linked list

  43. Calling a new Activity from within Runnable

  44. Merge elements in an array
  45. Merge intervals

  46. Resume code of a SQL selecting function in Java

  47. SQLite Quiz with Questions Table and Categories Table
  48. Concurrent Data Manager with minimal synchronization

  49. Method to return statistics from a collection with O(1) time and space

  50. A general tree data structure in Java
  51. Formatting date depending on current date
  52. compute the average marks scored across all subjects by the student with the lowest ID
  53. Multi-function clock GUI
  54. Android SQLite database with 3 tables

  55. Remove nth node from last position in linked list
  56. Creating an image in Excel using the colors from an input image

  57. Loop for inserting a node into a binary search tree
  58. Hash Tables Implements
  59. Implementing a heat map
  60. Java AES CBC encryption/decryption

  61. Alternate threads to print even and odd numbers

  62. Basic Battle Simulator GUI RPG Game
  63. Maximum product of a triplet in array in linear time

  64. Implementing a new Game class, in SuperHero Chess Game in Java

  65. Monopoly text-based game

  66. Creating the buttons on a calculator using a for-loop

  67. Swing application to compute the area and perimeter of shapes
  68. Generating a string in a particular format by reading data from a map

  69. SVNKit - Speed up diff on large repositories
  70. Java time-to-live collection

  71. Delegating ExecutorService implementation requiring only an Executor

  72. Calculate with fractions
  73. SQLite Database inserting + Unit tests in Java

  74. Intersection of the interval set
  75. Raw replacement of space by %20 in Java

  76. Find the third largest element in the array in linear time

  77. A small Java library for neat printing of binary trees to text console
  78. Convert String to Integer with default value

  79. Ultimate Tic Tac Toe A.K.A. Tic Tactics

  80. Benchmarking efficient inversion counting algorithms in Java

  81. encryption in MARS algorithm

  82. Merge non overlapping intervals
  83. Java program that can compile, execute and match output of given code
  84. Difficult beginner coding program

  85. Factory Design Pattern in Java

  86. Carpet Calculator Program
  87. Summarizing downtime statistics
  88. Split Java ArrayList into equal parts
  89. Java: How to take the first word in each line from a text file and write it to a new text file?

  90. Find the most combinations of two numbers that equal third or get close to it

  91. Pig, the Dice Game
  92. Printing a sequence of numbers using two alternating threads

  93. Unit/Integration Tests for Maven plugin that creates Skipper packages

  94. GSS1 SPOJ problem Time Limit Exceeding

  95. (codefights) check for almost increasing subsequence

  96. Process N lists simultaneously by doing permutations

  97. Generic comparitive array selection sort
  98. Designing a book library
  99. Three sum problem using HashMap in Java
  100. Reverse singly linked list