1. what are the downsides for a function to return a pointer

  2. Implementation of a buffer with an underlying FILE pointer
  3. Convert binary string to decimal number
  4. Optimizing string handling function

  5. A single function for implementing Newton forward and backward polynomial interpolation
  6. Is there any memory leak for the implementation of array of char arrays
  7. Assignement in c with file and user defined function

  8. Program for converting an array of bytes to hexadecimal
  9. Tail implementation using a dynamic queue library in C
  10. Optimizing MD5 OpenSSL Implementation in C for Precomputed Hash

  11. Point to point file transfer through HTTP socket

  12. knight tour problem in c; not giving output for knight at random position

  13. Max flow Ford-Fulkerson using DFS augmented path retrieval

  14. Multi threaded Server written in C using sockets
  15. Assembly with C functions (Printf and scanf)
  16. Small database with a user defined size

  17. Warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type in C

  18. Simple console JSON formatter

  19. Count_the_leafs

  20. Implementing a DNA codon table in C

  21. How to use C to solve Two Sum correctly?

  22. Dynamic array implementation in C

  23. Yet another shell in C

  24. CUDA Template-matching program

  25. Fast 32x32 bit multiply on ARM M0

  26. Splay tree internal path calculation

  27. Export dataset to CSV in C

  28. A fast and (Ideally) thread safe object pool in C
  29. Simple Neural Network in C

  30. Server Client in socket c

  31. Project Euler #15 -- count possible lattice paths

  32. Radix Sort speed improvement
  33. Converting prefix expressions to infix

  34. Linux GPIO rotary encoder as volume control

  35. Pascal's triangle in C

  36. Inserting into a binary expression tree with GOTO

  37. GLSL Simplex Noise with derivatives

  38. Project Euler #12 in C (memory management)

  39. Simulate Pascal's/Delphi's Insert in C
  40. Merging two files' lines of text for output
  41. Multi-purpose generic dynamically-sized array for data of any one type
  42. C program to convert prefix expression to postfix

  43. Hash table with separate chaining implementation in C
  44. Transpose tab-delimited table in C

  45. Parking Charges exercise from Deitel's C book

  46. Find subsets of size K in N set
  47. Determining if a C-style string is alphabetic
  48. Project Euler problem #1 solution in C
  49. Implementation of K&R Malloc

  50. Lock-free statically allocated async-interrupt-safe multi-consumer double buffer
  51. Tower Hopper problem recursive approach

  52. Multi-purpose generic pointer array with optional type-checking
  53. A function that checks if a string subnet mask is valid
  54. Matrix calculator in C

  55. General Purpose C Dictionary
  56. C implementation of singly linked list

  57. Code to fill PE import address table

  58. Termios/Xterm line editor for APL interpreter

  59. Complex multiplication and integration with CUDA
  60. WinAPI 32 wrapper in C

  61. Send command and get response from Windows CMD prompt silently - follow-up
  62. Function to check if folder path is valid

  63. Simple line editor

  64. Yet another implementation of malloc() in C

  65. A (very) small unit testing framework strictly for Cocoa/Core Foundation types in C

  66. Find substrings in string

  67. C program to print Pascal's triangle

  68. Two knot-removal function for curve and surface

  69. A Thread-Safe FIFO in C99
  70. Using a linked list as a char buffer for strings

  71. Parse custom configuration file in C

  72. Search Tree in C

  73. Un*x terminal history wiper

  74. Reverse a string recursively

  75. Iterative version of Hanoi Tower exercise
  76. Polymorphism with overrides and base calls simulating an employee

  77. Double linked list implementation in C
  78. Runge-Kutta Fourth Order in C

  79. PrintF and Scanf result is zero

  80. Generating a string with only one space between the words

  81. HTTP request parser in C

  82. Send command and get response from Windows CMD prompt silently

  83. Sending AT commands via switch case in Arduino

  84. Array of linked lists in C
  85. Simple backtracking code
  86. Moving median filter (medfilt) in C
  87. Beginner's Sudoku solver in C

  88. Classifying lexemes in a given C program
  89. fgets() Alternative
  90. Calculate weekly net pay
  91. Finding the shortest path (between source and destination) with the least number of edges

  92. OpenMP workaround for barrier in loop
  93. Checking for pangrams in C
  94. Parse Mach-O binding info
  95. C function to find and delete a node from a singly linked list
  96. Abbreviate a string using dictionary in C

  97. Implementation of atoi()

  98. Minesweeper in C
  99. Simple atomic pseudo-random number generation

  100. Quick general purpose linked list in C