1. Simple key-value store in C, take 2
  2. Modular square checker in ANSI-C

  3. Trying to mimic classes with structs in C, anything I should change/not do?
  4. Tokenizing all strings in a file?

  5. Program to generate numbers, finding average and largest values and rounding the largest to 100
  6. recursive without loops

  7. Self-contained SHA-256 implementation in C

  8. Non blocking delay for embedded systems in C

  9. How does this Binary Search Tree look?
  10. Searching an element in a sorted array
  11. memmem on Windows
  12. Rotating 3D bit board in C

  13. 355 - The Bases Are Loaded (math numbers conversion)
  14. Parsing an XML file into a linked list
  15. A program to find out the number of odd and even Fibonacci numbers between given range

  16. What does G_Define_Type mean in GTK?

  17. C linked list algorithms implementation

  18. Copying 80 bytes as fast as possible

  19. Implementation of MATLAB's `im2col`

  20. K&R exercise 1-19, reverse line

  21. Calculating Polynomial: Computing very large numbers emulating double using 2 floats

  22. K&R exercise 1-19: reversing each line of input

  23. Radix-2 FFT in C

  24. Simple fruit machine game for the Sinclair ZX80 (old ROM)

  25. A program which adds 2 integers in the range of 0 to 10^100
  26. Encryption/decryption by matrix multiplication in C
  27. Axiomatic Lisp interpreter in C

  28. A "templated" doubly-linked list implementation in plain C
  29. Classifying lexemes in a given C program

  30. Binary Tree in C

  31. Matrix Implementation using struct in C

  32. Connect Four game

  33. Memory allocation for linked list in C

  34. Magical sub sequence of a string

  35. C Implementation of dynamic mem allocation using first-fit algo

  36. Recursive function that reverse the words in a string
  37. Vigenere encryption assignment for CS50 C course
  38. C solution to "99 bottles" kata

  39. Convert complex C function to FORTRAN

  40. Creating and storing binary arrays

  41. Indeterminate progress bar with Raspberry Pi

  42. The 2048 game using C
  43. Battleship game in C
  44. Lightweight logging library in C

  45. XOR cipher C program

  46. Tests for palindromes in C and C++
  47. Code to fill PE import address table

  48. Termios/Xterm line editor for APL interpreter
  49. Loading... animating dots in C
  50. Singly linked list methods implementations
  51. Errno-like C global error handling
  52. Binary search large tree in C

  53. Taking 2 command line inputs and verifying that they are integers, within the correct range of values
  54. Knowing which way to iterate the for loop C

  55. Case insensitive sub-string search

  56. Changing window buffer and size in C with WinAPI
  57. Implementing softmax() in C
  58. Selecting a subset of strings by minimising a choice metric

  59. Basic shell in C

  60. performance of modulus operator vs if statement

  61. Sieve of Eratosthenes in C

  62. Simple JSON parser in C
  63. Basic string compression implementation in C
  64. intersection of two arrays
  65. CPU scheduling simulator

  66. Mapping Index to a String in C

  67. C code loop optimisation (without compiler optimisation)

  68. Find string length using pointers
  69. Measure distance using echo signal from Ultrasonic sensor
  70. Checking for parentheses balance in C
  71. Split device path string in C

  72. OpenCL implementations of IQZZ and IDCT for MJPEG

  73. Program that prints out the initials of a given name

  74. Fill a buffer up to its capacity and write() it out with minimal amount of work done
  75. Function to calculate the ordinal day
  76. Distance on a ring
  77. fgets() Alternative
  78. Function to scan input to string buffer in C
  79. Bloom filter in C
  80. Matrix multiplication using functions in C

  81. Fastest FIFO with macros for use embedded devices
  82. The correct way to calculate MIPs of a function on a microcontroller

  83. Scan the user input and then work with these letters

  84. Small database with a user defined size
  85. Assembler for the HACK assembly language
  86. LZW decompressor in C
  87. LZW decompressor in C (II)
  88. SIC C command checker programming fragment
  89. Minimum number of basic operations to convert str1 into str2

  90. Vectorized and Multi Threaded Image Convolution - How to Increase Performance

  91. Converting Array of Floats to UINT8 (`char`) or UINT16 (`unsigned short`) Using SSE4

  92. Remove odd valued nodes from linked list
  93. Finding the Minimum and Maximum Value in an Image
  94. Find spanning tree with maximum edges with the same weight
  95. Replace the content of a file by zero-bytes and keep the same filesize

  96. AVX SIMD in matrix multiplication

  97. Rewritten implementation of quadratic equation formula

  98. Mapping a robot's obstacles based on its position and sensor data
  99. Working around a Segmentation Fault for reading Files in C

  100. Simple expandable vector in C