1. Expression calculator in Python
  2. Good thread programming - Solving exercises within 20 seconds

  3. TODO app in Kotlin
  4. Hangman game in Ruby

  5. Grab data from one sheet and insert/format it into another sheet
  6. Find matching image and metadata files, pull data and rename both

  7. Blackjack in Python (using Turtle)

  8. Beginner Java Counter code

  9. Custom Day of the Week Manipulation

  10. (Python) Use IMAP lib to download attachments and email details

  11. Guides the User with Prompts to go through a procedure and Records User Input

  12. Positioning a container next to its menu

  13. Outputting a logo from the Wordpress Customiser
  14. aspiring coder looking for place to begin

  15. The sniper: a Zombie searcher for specific tags

  16. A wounded Zombie finder, or: how to find the almost dead undead?

  17. Three Haskell functions to show filtered results from a list of films

  18. Simple application for the game "Mad Lib"
  19. Invoice Calculator Averages

  20. 3D Connected Component in Cython
  21. Clojure "Game of Life"

  22. Signed integer-to-ascii x86_64 assembler macro
  23. Number guess game program in python 3

  24. Accepting user input for tickets and tips
  25. Texas Hold'em in Java
  26. Concurrent hero vs monster program

  27. Generate and validate EAN-13 barcodes

  28. Decrease execution time in updating rows in PHP
  29. Sorting a JavaScript array with a Regex

  30. Transposing a 2D array
  31. Checking if all questions were answered with javascript
  32. Stats classes for a text-based adventure
  33. GameManager class for a Breakout clone
  34. Stopwatch class
  35. Coding Decision Trees in VBA

  36. Best practices concerning the gulpfile
  37. HTML/Javascript Hex to RGB and RGB to Hex Color Converter

  38. Is this FizzBuzz Swift-y?
  39. UnitTest strong exception guarantee
  40. Render SVG background with Gradient

  41. Simple String class with operators

  42. Non-greedy match of regular expression not in effect

  43. Simple line editor
  44. Searching online English dictionaries

  45. State and Borg design patterns used in a Telegram wizard bot

  46. Two-player battle game with options for spending and earning points

  47. Program to count common words in documents

  48. Reading vertex data from a file

  49. Simple average grade calculator
  50. Process a list of instructions and output the max value reached

  51. unable to predict behaviour of input().split() in python

  52. Parsing Z80 assembler in C++

  53. CRUD operations for a contact list using PyMySQL

  54. C++ quiz game with 25 questions

  55. Prime Studios + Splash Out! Project Page using HTML/JS/CSS
  56. EntityFramework Core Setup

  57. jQuery plugin to toggle a fullscreen menu open/closed
  58. Rock Climbing Simulation Game
  59. Multiple-choice questionnaire
  60. Find substrings in string
  61. (Final)Simple Decryptor/Encryptor

  62. If a regex match is found assign it to a variable
  63. Basic Java Android app for computer data logging in an SQLite database
  64. Calculating (\$a^2\$ + \$b(2c-d)^2)/(3e)\$ in assembly

  65. Breakout game in JavaScript

  66. A simple AngularJS application for counting the number of gallons of paint

  67. React.js MVC to-do app

  68. Simple Decrypter/Encrypter

  69. Customer lookup system
  70. Gathering articles from an articles database

  71. Populating a list with user input

  72. Setting PHP variables for 2 years back and 2 years in the future
  73. Spicy's Ultimate Computer Utility Version 4.0

  74. Accessing a list of dictionaries in a list of dictionaries

  75. A program to evenly divide pizzas
  76. Minimum number of steps to move from one city to another
  77. Swing application to compute the area and perimeter of shapes

  78. Simple memory game in JavaScript

  79. Read employee number and salary (exercise to use static keyword)

  80. Beginner solution to basic quiz exercise, a la Gophercises
  81. Monopoly simulator

  82. Read and write Game Save data
  83. Extracting specific words from PANDAS dataframe
  84. JavaScript: Strings and regular expressions
  85. Fetching and parsing JSON data from the Oodle API

  86. Retirement Calculator

  87. Using node bin/www with twits
  88. Storing games item types

  89. A method that shows maps users are a part of

  90. Common styles in React-Native
  91. FizzBuzz in F# with functional programming
  92. Performance concerns when solving sliding-tile-puzzle via A* algorithm
  93. C++ number-guessing game (computer tries to guess user's chosen number)

  94. Very simple Python RPG
  95. Python sum of multiples of some numbers in a range

  96. PrintF and Scanf result is zero
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