1. Prime factorization of a natural number greater than 1

  2. Basic calculator program in Python as a beginner

  3. Big integer class in C++
  4. Tic Tac Toe in C++11

  5. 92 Spoons AI, sort of an AI in C++
  6. Nagios service alert HTML email builder

  7. Script that makes an API call to and parses the response to get a URL from where to download another file
  8. Word count and most frequent words from input text, excluding stop words
  9. Move-aware noexcept stack in C++

  10. Bisection search game

  11. In-Progress Unnamed "D&D" Style Game (Python 3.5)

  12. Sorting algorithms and command-line interface

  13. Render SVG background with Gradient
  14. Implementing Singly Linked List using C++
  15. iOS game of drawing sticks with AI and scoring
  16. Password Checker in Python
  17. "Guess number" game Java Swing app

  18. Bernstein polynomial type for quadratic clipping
  19. Convert decimal to binary and find the maximum number of consecutive 1's in the binary

  20. Joomla PHP Template Logic

  21. Personal HTML page for beginner CS lab

  22. Deaf grandma doesn't allow me to leave until I say bye three times

  23. Beginner FizzBuzz in Python
  24. Program to implement Merge Sort Algorithm
  25. MIPS assembly string to int function

  26. Selenium script that books a room
  27. Calculate knight moves

  28. String finder function

  29. C++ - algebraic expressions calculator by addition
  30. Pascal's Triangle - Java Recursion
  31. Echo in Prolog with single print (new version)

  32. Interpret English as Math and Perform Operations

  33. Sending text and HTML email using smtplib & MIMEText

  34. Cleaner way to add elements to list

  35. Checks if a job exists, and appends a bid to that job

  36. Building a Breakout game from scratch

  37. Extending Exception: avoiding code duplication

  38. Share object instance between projct packages golang

  39. Caesar cipher implementation
  40. 64-bit Mersenne Twister random-number generator; follow-up #1

  41. A scroll to top button with fixed positioning

  42. Determining goal with knn from scratch in R
  43. Bash script to extract wifi password from NetworkManager
  44. Changing background color of HTML elements based on user input
  45. Structure the MaxCPC automation code

  46. Swing application to compute the area and perimeter of shapes
  47. JavaScript calculator using inputs value
  48. Get a grouped list with relational data
  49. Implement a vending machine V3
  50. Read stock files, gets the candles sequence and makes a report - follow-up

  51. Check if there are exactly 3 question marks, in the input string, between the pair of two numbers that add up to 10
  52. Simple Battleship written in Python
  53. High performance exponential of a skew Hermitian matrix in Fortran 95
  54. Read, calculate, write

  55. Find the sum of the digits in factorial of 100 in Erlang

  56. Restart network-manager service if connection down on wake shell script
  57. Blood type compatibility GUI

  58. Count number of even and odd numbers from input

  59. Tic-Tac-Toe class and methods

  60. K&R exercise 1-19, reverse line

  61. Optimizing a Solution to an Overdetermined System

  62. Binary search algorithm in Clojure
  63. Radix-2 FFT in C

  64. New To Java - HackerRank Graphing Algorithm
  65. Recursive BFS solution for tree traversal
  66. A program which adds 2 integers in the range of 0 to 10^100

  67. Manipulating images and text on a canvas using Fabric.js
  68. Speed up generate excel file

  69. Implement a Vending machine
  70. Change the title attribute of summary if details is open
  71. OOP Critter Caretaker program from "Learning Python for the Absolute Beginner"

  72. MySQL client for my local database with login screen

  73. Chess game in Python
  74. Follow-up: Script to create symlinks for dotfiles in a Git repository

  75. Ruby Linked List implementation

  76. Pong game in C++ SFML

  77. Python application to create Google Map image

  78. Searching for data from file1 in file2

  79. Simple request/response server
  80. Script to create symlinks for dotfiles in a Git repository
  81. Implement a working Vending machine

  82. Number Guessing Game in C++ without global varibles
  83. Calculation of Reynolds number for a pipe

  84. Classifying the aspect ratio of the screen dimensions
  85. Matrix Implementation using struct in C

  86. Object-oriented RPG in Java, determining the data of a generated location
  87. Dictionary iteration with many loops
  88. Basic password authentication system app
  89. Employee lookup with hard-coded database entries

  90. 4-stage pipelined RV32I CPU in Verilog

  91. Categorized Photo Albums
  92. Integer validation in C++
  93. Function to generate all subsets of size n

  94. Password Strength Detector

  95. TicTacToe and stack memory management

  96. Performing the Lychrel algorithm in Rust
  97. Acquiring a hash containing a key and a value
  98. Vigenere encryption assignment for CS50 C course

  99. Making Anagrams
  100. User registration and login program