1. 2D array square board
  2. Multiplication Algorithme

  3. AVL Tree Implementation in C#

  4. setup ordering in priority blocking queue

  5. Asynchronous Queue

  6. MergeSort in Rust

  7. Merge consecutive numbers in array into a range

  8. Linear Regression in Tensorflow
  9. Computing most-cost effective loans in financial graphs using Java

  10. Kruskal Algorithm in C++

  11. Understanding Bubble Sort complexity calculation

  12. Linear time algorithm for Maximum contiguous sub-array sum

  13. Dijkstra's Algorithm implementation in C++

  14. generates start,end,label ranges based on sequence of predictions

  15. Merging and refactoring two variants of the same function with different behaviours

  16. Generating a string in a particular format by reading data from a map
  17. Conditionally replacing values based on two unequal files in Python
  18. Hash-optimization and Wilson-maze generation algorithm

  19. Benchmarking efficient inversion counting algorithms in Java
  20. Bellman Ford algorithm implementation

  21. Javascript drawing image with genetic algorithm
  22. Check Is Anagram Scala HashMap based implementation
  23. SPOJ Yodaness challenge

  24. finding boundary elements in cartesian grid

  25. Listing all possible names from a phone number
  26. Noughts and Crosses winner declaration in a game of variable square board size

  27. Process N lists simultaneously by doing permutations
  28. What to name while loop variable?
  29. Double linked list implementation in C

  30. Speed up a simple edge connecting algorithm

  31. Merge sorted lists, removing duplicates

  32. Palindrome algorithm
  33. C# recursive backtracker labyrinth generation & game

  34. Moving median filter (medfilt) in C

  35. Finding unique pairs in lottery tickets
  36. Vertically print a list of strings to STDOUT into 3 columns with column lengths as balanced as possible
  37. Aho-Corasick for multiple exact string matching in Java
  38. Matrix rotation

  39. Comparing Dijkstra's SSSP algorithm against Bellman-Ford in Java

  40. Count the letter repetition in a string

  41. Sparse matrix compressed sparse row (CSR) in Python 2.7

  42. 2-3 Tree in Python
  43. Checking for pangrams in C

  44. Simple parenthesis removal - JavaScript
  45. HashCompactor() keyword-value pair manager will become .hash()
  46. Longest substring in alphabetical order

  47. Prime reversion algorithm - JavaScript
  48. C++ edit distance / string similarity function based on the Jaro-Winkler algorithm
  49. Grouping orders by similarity (cluster) of their items

  50. Dijkstra finding shortest path satisfying given constraints

  51. Python AVL Tree

  52. Rotating a matrix in ANSI C

  53. Using range minimal query for lowest common ancestor (LCA) -- part 2

  54. Count the number of ways an integer can be represented as a sum of consecutive positive integers

  55. MySQL parser written in Python3
  56. Combine 2 overlapping rectangles

  57. Solving Robot Paths with Pascal's Triangle

  58. Sorting a 2-dimensional array with counting sort
  59. Poker equity calculation algorithm

  60. Make the smith watermann algorithm run faster

  61. Find the closest number to each given number

  62. Array's reverse vs simple arithmethic

  63. Task Scheduler - LeetCode Challenge

  64. A* search algorithm
  65. Calculating GCD for 2 integers
  66. Splitting a rectangular chocolate bar
  67. Find all differences between 2 strings

  68. Knapsack algorithm in JavaScript - Integer weights and values

  69. Modular exponentiation without range restriction

  70. Split a file into multiple files if it reaches a particular limit?
  71. Longest increasing subsequence algorithm
  72. Check if n-th root of product of numbers is a whole number C++

  73. Delete all elements from list whose sum with preceding element equals target value

  74. Accurate modular arithmetic with double precision

  75. Custom sorting algo / optimized bubble sort

  76. Minimal length of substring that forms cyclic string

  77. Backtracking maze traversal

  78. Simple maze solving algorithm
  79. QuickMergeSort — The power of internal buffering
  80. Finding first recurring letter in each string of a given set

  81. - A helper program for a cashier

  82. Greedy Best First Search implementation in Rust

  83. Calculating the sum of array elements to the left and right

  84. code to check if number is prime number
  85. A* Algorithm in F#

  86. Implementation of Permutation Algorithm A from Topor, 1982

  87. Age-Calculator Program

  88. Testing system, reading from Notepad files for VBA

  89. Create palindrome by rearranging letters of a word

  90. Naive implementation of the KnapSack algorithm

  91. Optimisation suggestions for Min Heap

  92. Priority queue implementation in C based on heap ordered (resizable) array - take 2

  93. Seven-segment display GUI

  94. Print all anagrams together in a sentence in Java
  95. Simple Graph in Python

  96. Guess user number between 0 and 100 (Binary Search)

  97. Representing relations between devices when presented with only one-to-many mappings
  98. Ukkonen's algorithm in C++

  99. Implementation of Wagner-Fischer-algorithm

  100. Priority queue implementation in C based on heap ordered (resizable) array