1. Sliding window to solve "longest substring, no repeating chars"
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  5. Finding Second Largest Element in an Array

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  7. First quicksort algorithm
  8. Best path using some intermediate points, where cost is either x-axis or y-axis distance
  9. Ada And The Game Of Divisors
  10. Traveling Salesman Solution

  11. Compute the number of ways a given amount (cents) can be changed

  12. Find max in-order difference in array
  13. Find the length of minimum sub array with maximum degree in an array

  14. Find the minimum value in a circular list of integers
  15. Find valid triples for a sorted list of integers (part 2)
  16. Optimize travel sales person algorithm
  17. Hex to Decimal converter
  18. Get the brightest rectangle within an image

  19. templated Depth-FirstSearch algorithm
  20. Find all differences between 2 strings

  21. Knapsack algorithm in JavaScript - Integer weights and values

  22. Rearranging numbers to get the largest number

  23. Dividing a range into N sub-ranges
  24. Convert decimal to binary and find the maximum number of consecutive 1's in the binary

  25. Beginner FizzBuzz in Python

  26. A fast integer key map in Java via a van Emde Boas tree

  27. Stock Monte Carlo Tree Search implementation to a simple connect 5 game in Python

  28. Min&Max Heap implementation in .NET
  29. Finding where column slices of elements in multi-dimensional array are equal
  30. Disjoint sets with path compression to keep track of component number

  31. Reducing memory consumption for Numpy array
  32. Optimizing Needleman-Wunsch algorithm in Java

  33. pancake sorting using python
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  36. Minimum window substring using python containing substr in any order

  37. Implementation of a new algorithm for sklearn

  38. Project RoboNest - Nestable/Breakable For Loops + Basic While Loops for Robot Framework

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  40. The longest subsequence with specified difference between min and max

  41. Rating normalization algorithm
  42. Implemented heapsort algorithm in Java
  43. Longest common prefix
  44. Hash-optimization and Wilson-maze generation algorithm

  45. Implementing Karatsuba Multiplication Algorithm in Python
  46. ADACOINS - Ada and Coins TLE (SPOJ)
  47. Efficiently Generate Subset of all Permutations or Combinations with and without Repetition (C++)

  48. Calculating Polynomial: Computing very large numbers emulating double using 2 floats
  49. Binary search algorithm in Clojure

  50. Generic trie implementation in Java
  51. Noughts and Crosses winner declaration in a game of variable square board size
  52. Implementation of Wagner-Fischer-algorithm

  53. Quick Sort Implementation on Python

  54. A* Algorithm in F#
  55. SPOJ Fast Matching challenge

  56. A semaphore implmentation with Peterson's N process algorithm
  57. Is there a better way to write insertion sort?
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  60. Finding duplicates between n Sets
  61. Function to generate all subsets of size n
  62. Matrix rotation

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  66. Visualization of sorting algorithms
  67. "Camera Purchase" challenge
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  69. Making Anagrams

  70. Buying Apples - SPOJ
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  77. HashCompactor() keyword-value pair manager will become .hash()

  78. Infix to RPN converter using the Shunting-Yard Algorithm

  79. Transform String a into b

  80. Grouping orders by similarity (cluster) of their items

  81. Python AVL Tree
  82. The median of the given AVL tree

  83. Quick Sort - implementation

  84. Find duplicates in a list of tuples

  85. Table join in DAO and delegating ResultSet reading
  86. Generalizing std::minmax_element

  87. Loading... animating dots in C
  88. Using range minimal query for lowest common ancestor (LCA) -- part 2
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  90. Newton's algorithm for a polynomial of arbitary degree

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  97. Mastermind: Evaluating the guess

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