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  1. Trying to mimic classes with structs in C, anything I should change/not do?
  2. Basic calculator program in Python as a beginner
  3. Array splitting in sub-arrays of consecutive elements
  4. Recursive quicksort in Python

  5. Secure image upload class

  6. Prime factorization of a natural number greater than 1

  7. Bash script that checks for package dependencies and installs them if necessary
  8. Three clickable navigation elements, where only one should be active
  9. Shortest path challenge

  10. Building a dynamic dictionary mapper inside function
  11. Sliding window to solve "longest substring, no repeating chars"

  12. Program to generate numbers, finding average and largest values and rounding the largest to 100

  13. Countdown timer in every table cell

  14. Using async/await with Node.JS MySQL

  15. Using cluster in NodeJS
  16. HMAC Middleware
  17. Thread-safe hashset that enumerates according to insertion order

  18. Switch MongoDB databases dynamically per user
  19. Reference a MenuItem by it's Menu index
  20. Generate JSON for Map<String, Map<String, List<String>>>

  21. Bank ATM machine in Ruby

  22. SCOPE_EXIT implementation

  23. Looping through elements

  24. Function for formatting an array

  25. Web scraper for a webpage article
  26. Filtering queries based on the current user state

  27. Simple recursive web crawler
  28. Find kth largest element in the union of two sorted array (Follow up)

  29. C++ huffman encoding - constructing encoded bytes efficiently

  30. C++ template functions to partially implement Python numpy ndarray limited to 1d and 2d
  31. Loading same block of html code in multiple pages

  32. Kotlin function which counts standard deviation

  33. Vanilla JS Vigenere Cypher Decoder
  34. Poker game in JavaScript

  35. WebSocket based API library in Julia

  36. JavaScript recursive zip function

  37. File operations using Groovy
  38. Sum of square numbers in C++

  39. C++ implementation of the observer design pattern
  40. Big integer class in C++

  41. Java Text_RPG Game

  42. 2D Perlin noise generaton needs Perfomance

  43. recursive without loops

  44. Split Java ArrayList into equal parts

  45. Convert top-down subset sum to bottom-up
  46. Finding a Bash script's Runfiles as generated by Bazel

  47. Tic Tac Toe in C++11
  48. PHP PDO statements

  49. Disjoint set in Haskell

  50. Comparing two heap sift algorithms in Java
  51. C++ implementation of the decorator pattern

  52. C++ Dirent.h "Wrapper"

  53. Trigonometry Circle representation using Python and Pygame

  54. 92 Spoons AI, sort of an AI in C++
  55. Redis lock implementation

  56. Nagios service alert HTML email builder

  57. Converting a large number into something like: 4 Novemnongent

  58. ApiClient with http communication in Qt

  59. Yet another flappy bird clone

  60. Script that makes an API call to and parses the response to get a URL from where to download another file
  61. Is this a cryptographically-secure way to generate secrets in JS

  62. Validation for a CQS system that throws an exception
  63. Update the value of a user based on the click of a checkbox
  64. Sort by value in multidimensional array
  65. Min-Heap in JavaScript
  66. Word count and most frequent words from input text, excluding stop words

  67. Move-aware noexcept stack in C++

  68. Finding Second Largest Element in an Array

  69. Basic console game, with combatants and inventory items

  70. Java web application for sharing temporary notes
  71. The performance of the simulation for an ant's random walk on a 5x5 grid
  72. Leetcode Count of Smaller Numbers After Self solution

  73. MNIST Deep Neural Network in TensorFlow
  74. Maintainable networking layer architecture

  75. First quicksort algorithm

  76. ttyname() implemented in Go

  77. Best path using some intermediate points, where cost is either x-axis or y-axis distance

  78. Installer Script

  79. Chaining async functions of a module without Promises
  80. Hangman Python Game

  81. Semi-simple calculator

  82. Django Project for creating events

  83. Audio player in Angular 2
  84. Brain-flak interpreter in Go

  85. Set a UITableViewAccessoryType in a single UITableViewController used for two different purposes

  86. Getting products for category

  87. Simple state machine based command-line argument parser

  88. Interactive Linux upgrade script

  89. Bisection search game

  90. Python 2.7 quiz
  91. In-Progress Unnamed "D&D" Style Game (Python 3.5)

  92. Python library for interaction

  93. LockedValue implementation
  94. Shutdown-Script for Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server
  95. Finding the first position in a number spiral that's bigger than a target

  96. Recursive Ruby merge sort
  97. Type System in Golang
  98. Testing multiple logins using Selenium listed in a property file

  99. Simple chat room

  100. Performing several hundred raster multiplications