1. Alphabet Staircase
  2. Communistic Substring Normalization
  3. A very long Terza Rima
  4. Output the language name times the number of characters

  5. Parse the Parcel
  6. Parse a list of signed unary numbers

  7. Append and erase
  8. Snakes all around
  9. Full Width Text
  10. Goto the Nth Page
  11. Is this word Lexically Ordered?

  12. You've got a book to make!
  13. The leading zeroes challenge

  14. Is this a valid variable name?

  15. Random Capitalization

  16. Detect rotated strings

  17. It's a double+ header!

  18. Answer to life, the universe, and everything

  19. The shortest code to invert a binary string
  20. Reverse two sections of a string around a pivot
  21. Print a word clock

  22. Dutch Burgerservicenummer (BSN) eleven-test

  23. This isn't rocket science

  24. Convert exponents into ASCII art

  25. Select the word around the given index in a given string

  26. My device malfunctions... Abuse its undefined string behaviour!

  27. The Third String

  28. "Hello, World!"
  29. Uncomment a COBOL program!

  30. Golf an Advent Calendar
  31. Parse the comments out of my esoteric code

  32. Remove single line and multiline comments from string

  33. Esolang-Comment-Template-Generator

  34. Bernardino identifies unaltered dollar words

  35. The Missing Number - Version 2

  36. Case Permutation

  37. Watson-Crick palindromes

  38. Print invisible text

  39. Is it an emoji?
  40. Cases variations of a string

  41. The Curious Case of Steve Ballmer

  42. Output code-sized Lorem Ipsum

  43. Generate alphabet with 4 copies of each letter
  44. Gif - Jif, Jif - Gif

  45. When do I get my sandwich?
  46. The Missing Number Revised
  47. Pour me a drink, will you?
  48. Aligning Lines!

  49. Multiply a string by a number!

  50. Simple cat program

  51. Print the Russian Cyrillic alphabet

  52. 1, 2, Fizz, 4, Buzz
  53. Directory calculation
  54. "Multiply" two strings

  55. Stringsplode the String!
  56. Who has a comma for a middle name?

  57. Mark My Mail! - ASCII Barcodes

  58. Create a simple line editor

  59. Animate the text in your terminal

  60. Scoop me an icecream please
  61. Hello, World! (Every other character)

  62. Generating a random alphanumeric string of length N
  63. Halloween Golf: The 2spooky4me Challenge!
  64. Convert n strings of m length to m strings of n length

  65. Uncollapse digits
  66. Element-wise string multiplication

  67. Where should I put my mirror?
  68. Build me a brick wall!

  69. Remove Spaces, Maintaining Capitalization

  70. Save American Society!

  71. Parse my Esperanto!

  72. Cheating a multiple choice test, part 2

  73. An A , or An An?
  74. Alphabet Diamond

  75. Spiral out the Alphabet!
  76. Reverse a Rubik's Cube Algorithm
  77. Random Golf of the Day #7: A distinctly random character

  78. Print the Oscars Best Picture Winner

  79. Don't google "google"

  80. Find all the Anagrams!

  81. Determine whether strings are anagrams

  82. StringgnirtSStringgnirtSStringgnirtS

  83. Unfold in all directions

  84. 'abc' and 'cba'
  85. Is it a lipogram?
  86. Draw my downslashes

  87. Ain't no thang! ...or is it?

  88. Thanksgiving Feast
  89. Carve a square from a string

  90. Print three columns vertically separated by space(s)

  91. Find my polyphthongs!
  92. Reverse a string by chunks

  93. Same length, different string

  94. Regex: Match an egalitarian series
  95. ASCII art for torrent UI
  96. Simple markdown rendering
  97. Better Hex Color Codes for Your Internet
  98. Randomly select a character, plinko-style

  99. Output an Anagram! No Not That One!

  100. Expand a C array