1. Create an analogue clock
  2. Redraw an image with just one closed curve
  3. Proving you are the best StackExchange-User
  4. Do the needful?

  5. Recreate an xkcd graph procedurally with your favorite plotting tool

  6. Generate a 1920 x 1080 graphic with 2,073,600 unique colours

  7. Make an error quine!

  8. Paint by Numbers
  9. Limerick Hello World

  10. Programming Languages Through The Years

  11. Classic Proof Fallacy

  12. Make your language unusable
  13. Code that will only execute once
  14. Emulate an Intel 8086 CPU

  15. Implement map()...with bugs
  16. rotate bit array

  17. Confuse the Dakotas
  18. Halt with 50% non-Halting

  19. Computer Generated Cracked Soil
  20. Emulate a MOS 6502 CPU

  21. Valentine's day greetings card generator

  22. Rotate An Integer Array with an O(n) algorithm

  23. Code to display a string without calling any methods or functions
  24. American Gothic in the palette of Mona Lisa: Rearrange the pixels

  25. Images with all colors

  26. Patch the Image

  27. Divide Two Numbers Using Long Division

  28. Render a version of the BBC Micro owl logo

  29. Output ISO8601 date
  30. Hide a Brainf*** greeting in other code
  31. Breakout in half an hour

  32. Hello world! with limited character repetition

  33. Manipulate destiny, fake random numbers: Be Dirty Harry

  34. ASCII ART edge detection

  35. Create a flaky test
  36. Dither a Grayscale Image
  37. Maze Generation

  38. Reinvent the For loop
  39. Patch the Paragraph
  40. Artistic source code: Hello World
  41. Lorem Ipsum Generator

  42. "Write" a simple calculator without writing a single line of code
  43. Write a Programming language of Unknown Completeness

  44. Today (September 24) is HONDA birthday
  45. Execute prints backwards

  46. Sort a list and write some English!

  47. Print a Variable's Name

  48. Write a function that takes (x, y) and return x to the power of y WITHOUT Loops

  49. Create a User-Profile Mini-Game
  50. Create a programming language that only appears to be unusable

  51. Reversed language name

  52. Let us create a sonnet quine!
  53. Make a scalable Christmas Tree

  54. Making Future Posts Runnable Online with Stack Snippets
  55. Divide and stay Happy. Who cares about the Conquer part?
  56. Make a circle illusion animation
  57. April Fools Day!

  58. Warhol these pictures

  59. Function/macro that returns true if one of its arguments contains a call to itself

  60. Alphanumeric Hello World
  61. Olympic Games Logo - Free Style Edition
  62. The answer to life, the universe, and everything
  63. Write a program that always outputs "2012" - even if it's modified!

  64. Crash your favorite compiler

  65. Code Romanization
  66. HRNG - Human Random Number Generator
  67. Improvise a Hardware Random-Number Generator

  68. 8 ought to become Infinity

  69. Let's draw the flag of Nepal
  70. Build interpreter for non-existent language
  71. A boring version of yourself
  72. Factorial in haiku!

  73. The Smart Person's Mirage

  74. Unpixellate an image

  75. print "Hello, world!" without using literals

  76. Quine...but shifted by one
  77. Convert English to a number
  78. Transform number into 7-segment display pattern

  79. RPN calculator without pointers
  80. Help Me Count to Ten!

  81. Compiled quine variant
  82. 400th Question Celebration/Challenge
  83. Generating Binary shapes

  84. Write program in your favorite language in another language

  85. Print a smiley face
  86. ULTIMATE CODEGOLF!!! (Codegolf a turing-complete system)

  87. Rearrange pixels in image so it can't be recognized and then get it back

  88. JAxH obfuscated method, not text
  89. Generate groups for in-class work

  90. Correlation Coefficient of Words

  91. Hello world! with NO repetition
  92. "Hello world!", repeating each character n times

  93. Animations with all colours

  94. Draw random black-and-white forest
  95. Code Golf of Death

  96. Call a method without calling it

  97. Paint a still life (or a moving one) - draw an image in the Game of Life
  98. Generate unique non-sequential string of length n without memory of previously generated strings

  99. Non-idempotent Python

  100. Create a programming language interpreter