1. The Missing Number - Version 2
  2. Stay away from zero
  3. The Missing Number Revised

  4. cool untitled sequence thingy

  5. Count up diagonally!

  6. Help me with my chemistry homework!
  7. Find the minimum and maximum integers in an array, without using builtins
  8. Find the unique twins

  9. Pick-flatten a list
  10. First and last prime numbers with prime digits of range
  11. Sample the Pareto Distribution
  12. Sum of all integers from 1 to n
  13. Make a Plain PIE!

  14. Numbers that are actually letters

  15. Recamán's fibonacci is triangular

  16. Subtract my odds from my evens
  17. Is the number binary-heavy?

  18. Notcalc (Calculate the wrong answer)

  19. Is this number a prime?

  20. Decode Factor Trees

  21. Find primitive semiperfect numbers
  22. Print the Nth non-palindromic number

  23. Generalized FiveThirtyEight Sequences

  24. Range, Reverse, Sum!

  25. Best Yahtzee score
  26. Increment an Array
  27. Count up forever

  28. Test if two numbers are equal

  29. Weird grading system
  30. How many Wazirs can be placed on an N×N Chessboard?

  31. Multiply two numbers

  32. Do n and n^3 have the same set of digits?

  33. Sum the means of the two integers
  34. How high can you count?
  35. Multiply a string by a number!

  36. Encode an integer

  37. Swap the Endianness
  38. Prime factors buddies

  39. Composite Factorization

  40. Is it a whole number?
  41. Generating a random alphanumeric string of length N

  42. Largest Number Printable
  43. What is the smallest positive base 10 integer that can be printed by a program shorter (in characters) than itself?

  44. Save American Society!

  45. Is this relationship creepy?

  46. Triangular Dependencies
  47. Electrical outlet

  48. Golf a number bigger than TREE(3)

  49. Proper Divisor mash-up

  50. Chicken McNugget Numbers

  51. In which number set do I belong?

  52. Am I an Automorphic Number?

  53. Where does the pivot belong?
  54. Compute the result of an equation, but with selectable operator precedence
  55. Am I divisible by double the sum of my digits?

  56. Given a number, program must return the alphabet letter correspondent
  57. Fibonacci function or sequence

  58. The sequence of range-exponentiated integers
  59. "Early bird" squares

  60. Distance between two points in n-dimensional space

  61. The sum of consecutive odd numbers
  62. Levenshtein distance & OEIS (Cops)
  63. How long should my microwave run?
  64. Quadrants passed through by a line
  65. What is the standard scratch?

  66. Scroll Word's font size selector

  67. Output the sign

  68. Print all integers

  69. Superstitious hotel elevator
  70. Alternating Sign Sequence

  71. What is the reverse (binary) bit number?
  72. Print Numbers from 1 to 10
  73. Divide one number by another

  74. Basic ASCII Tallies

  75. Is it a completely even number?

  76. Running second maximum of a list

  77. Largest number in ten bytes of code

  78. Output the largest number with the fewest digits

  79. The versatile integer printer

  80. Take a byte out of it!

  81. Levenshtein distance & OEIS (Robbers)
  82. Pandigital Doubling
  83. Find the next 1-sparse binary number

  84. FIBonacci sequence
  85. The cyclic sequence of even digits, with odds in between

  86. Simple integer operation calculator

  87. The lowest initial numbers in a Fibonacci-like sequence
  88. Find the highest unique digit

  89. Turn an integer n into a list containing it n times
  90. Seqindignot sequence

  91. Bijective function ℤ → ℤⁿ

  92. Expand a number
  93. Output all distinct permutations of a vector
  94. Palindromic numbers with a binary twist

  95. Different Way Forward

  96. Random sampling without replacement

  97. Concatenative counting
  98. Pentagonal numbers made from pentagonal numbers
  99. Factorials and never ending cycles!

  100. Is this number a repdigit?