1. Fibonacci function or sequence

  2. How high can you count?

  3. EASY to memorize numbers
  4. All non-empty finite sets of positive integers
  5. Find relevant digit groupings

  6. Print numbers from 1 to 10

  7. Is this number a prime?
  8. Triangle a number!
  9. Decompose Polynomials

  10. Golf a Custom Fibonacci Sequence

  11. Find The Local Maxima And Minima
  12. Optimal path through a matrix

  13. The Snail in the Well

  14. Calculate the sum of ILD

  15. How to print the below format in the fewest bytes?
  16. Finding Factorials with Gamma
  17. Compute the Kolakoski sequence

  18. Given a number, print out its "collective sum"

  19. Quartic Summation

  20. Am I an insignificant array?

  21. Are the numbers amicable?

  22. Say What You See
  23. Is there a bump?
  24. Random Golf of the Day #2: Numbers from a Normal Distribution

  25. Is it a whole number?

  26. Do n and n^3 have the same set of digits?
  27. Visit and exit an array
  28. Take a byte out of it!
  29. Square Triangles

  30. Golf a number bigger than TREE(3)
  31. Weird grading system

  32. 2016 Time Capsule String: Climb The Integer Ladder

  33. Opposite of the digital root!

  34. Show me the nearest demon
  35. Largest Number Printable

  36. Polygonal Numbers!
  37. Convert a number to Korean
  38. Count up forever
  39. Range, Reverse, Sum!

  40. Print all integers

  41. Print the numbers -1, 0, 1

  42. The first n numbers without consecutive equal binary digits

  43. General tips for representing large numbers

  44. Bertrand's Primes
  45. Recamán's triangular fibonacci
  46. Decode Factor Trees

  47. Infer geometric sequences
  48. Output the sign

  49. Can you outgolf Bill Gates?

  50. Let's decrease the monotony

  51. Palindromic numbers with a binary twist

  52. Test if two numbers are equal
  53. Pascal's Alternating Triangle

  54. Largest number in ten bytes of code
  55. Is my number Unique

  56. Maximum run between identical elements

  57. What is the smallest positive base 10 integer that can be printed by a program shorter (in characters) than itself?
  58. Multiply two numbers

  59. Verify Cyclic Difference Sets

  60. Form a list using prime numbers
  61. Make Zero From First 'n' Numbers
  62. Extension of the Game of Sevens

  63. Compressing the Atomic Ionization Energies

  64. Smallest palindrome divisible by the input

  65. How many Wazirs can be placed on an N×N Chessboard?
  66. Square pyramidal numbers

  67. Bottom part of the Hourglass
  68. Find the Missing Numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence Mod K
  69. Flipping pancakes

  70. Olympic Rings Sequence

  71. Letter, Number, Symbol, Space, Repeat
  72. Compare two numbers given as strings
  73. How many logs can you fit into a number?

  74. Block-diagonal matrix from columns

  75. Could They Be The Same Day Of The Week?
  76. Reciprocal of a number (1/x)
  77. Row of natural numbers

  78. Find Integral Roots of A Polynomial

  79. I want my book to be away from this table
  80. Addition/Multiplication table generator
  81. Turn an integer n into a list containing it n times

  82. Am I a golfy array?

  83. Quadrants passed through by a line

  84. Sum of all integers from 1 to n
  85. Rotation summation
  86. The best base is 10... Let's reach it!

  87. Back to the Basics of Math
  88. cool untitled sequence thingy
  89. Convert from base 10 to base 2 without built-in base conversions

  90. It's Hip to be Square

  91. Numbers that are actually letters

  92. Golf to find Boring numbers

  93. Stay away from zero

  94. Triangular Dependencies
  95. Sort the unique numbers in a multiplication table

  96. Finding Lonely Primes

  97. Find a multiple of a given number whose decimal representation looks like binary

  98. Write numbers as a difference of Nth powers

  99. Count like Chuck Norris

  100. Print the digital root