2. Parse the Parcel

  3. Output with the same length as the code
  4. Easy-to-multiply numbers
  5. Stay away from zero
  6. Golf you a quine for great good!
  7. Mirrored Digital Clock
  8. A very long Terza Rima

  9. Characteristic polynomial

  10. Generate a Texting Dictionary

  11. Eigenvalues of a Matrix
  12. Modulus Summation

  13. Determine Superabundance
  14. XKCD Calendar Facts

  15. Not too hard to code this right?

  16. cool untitled sequence thingy

  17. Diagonal Alphabet

  18. Print the alphabet without using each vowel
  19. Don't google "google"

  20. ASCII Triangles

  21. Generate ;# code

  22. Semi-Diagonal Alphabet
  23. Decomposing into primes
  24. Let's draw Mona Lisa

  25. Output the language name times the number of characters

  26. Count up diagonally!

  27. Weaving in ASCII

  28. Electron Configuration

  29. Communistic Substring Normalization

  30. Help me with my chemistry homework!

  31. Find the minimum and maximum integers in an array, without using builtins

  32. From Programming Puzzles to Code Golf

  33. Play a game of Dice Cricket
  34. The leading zeroes challenge

  35. "Hello, World!"

  36. Diagonal Alphabet To the Input
  37. Is it a pleasing number?

  38. Find the unique twins
  39. Shortest Node.js one-liner to dump result of HTTP GET request

  40. What's my IP Address?

  41. Be as fair as possible

  42. Boustrophedonise
  43. Greatest Common Divisor
  44. Pick-flatten a list

  45. Golf all the 16 logic gates with 2 inputs and 1 output!

  46. Alphabet Staircase

  47. Advent Challenge 5: Move the presents to the transport docks!
  48. Random Pixel Poking
  49. Different ways of defining primes

  50. Create a regex to match a given range of integers in a given radix

  51. Is it a substring of itself?

  52. Quining a Pristine World
  53. Unicode Fractions

  54. Make the PPCG Favicon
  55. Parse a list of signed unary numbers

  56. First and last prime numbers with prime digits of range

  57. Foam Bath Letters

  58. Raise integer x to power x, without exponentiation built-ins
  59. Append and erase

  60. N-bit Variation on Subset-Sum
  61. Snakes all around

  62. Full Width Text
  63. Goto the Nth Page
  64. Sample the Pareto Distribution
  65. Happy Birthday, Finland!

  66. Write a brain-flak classic interpreter!
  67. I double the source, you double the output!
  68. Determine dice value from side view

  69. Sum of all integers from 1 to n
  70. Black and White Rainbows
  71. Am I a Fibonacci Number?
  72. Is this word Lexically Ordered?

  73. Count of relatively prime partitions

  74. Is this a three-digit number ending in one?
  75. Is a number divisible by each of its digits?
  76. Print a flag in as little lines as possible!
  77. You've got a book to make!

  78. Delete the first periodic digit
  79. Clearing the most significant bit from an integer

  80. Cartesian product of two lists

  81. String Permutations - case and order
  82. Frequency Distribution of Multiple Dice Rolls

  83. Numbers that are actually letters

  84. Partition a list!
  85. Is this a valid variable name?

  86. The last stage of contamination
  87. Parity of a Permutation

  88. 0.0000000000000000001
  89. Duck, Duck, Josephus

  90. Recamán's fibonacci is triangular
  91. Help the dealer rebuild the deck
  92. Tips for golfing in C++

  93. Subtract my odds from my evens
  94. Find the closest palindromic number

  95. Random Capitalization

  96. Is this site down or is it just me?
  97. Make a ;# interpreter

  98. Detect rotated strings

  99. Tips for golfing in Haskell

  100. Balance chemical equations!