1. Running gene crossover algorithm

  2. Compute the Kolakoski sequence
  3. Add without addition (or any of the 4 basic arithmetic operators)

  4. Sheffle tho vawols ureund!

  5. Matrix trace for any matrix through... Bresenham’s line rasterisation

  6. Output programming language name

  7. Golf you a quine for great good!

  8. Shape Identifying Program
  9. The repetitive byte counter

  10. Create an array with repeated numbers

  11. Compute the Binary Sierpinski Triangle Sequence
  12. Generate alphabet with 4 copies of each letter

  13. Lossy Sorting (Implement Dropsort)
  14. Code Golf: Mix the nuts so that none of the same kind are touching

  15. How long will it take Santa to deliver his presents?

  16. Alice and Bob have a fight

  17. Is it a valid 7-seg solution?

  18. Finite Field Multiplication

  19. Turn an integer n into a list containing it n times
  20. The world ends in ed

  21. Emoticon facial expression recognition

  22. Converting ISBN-13 to ISBN-10

  23. Output the legendary Yggdrasil

  24. There, I broke it (with scissors)

  25. Eiffel Towers: Create a large "A" from "A"s
  26. Golf a golf-scorer

  27. 1, 2, Fizz, 4, Buzz

  28. Kolakoski Reduction
  29. "Hello, name!";

  30. Duck, duck, goose!
  31. Find the longest word in an array

  32. Given a grid, starting at the center and spiraling out, and an ID what is the Position?

  33. Tips for golfing in C
  34. Horizontally Aligned ASCII Art

  35. How to print the below format in the fewest bytes?
  36. This code errors on *this* and *that*, is it really written in them?

  37. Blue duck, red duck, gray duck
  38. Implement Lazy Drop Sort

  39. Print your code backwards - reverse quine

  40. Tips for golfing in Sesos

  41. Woody words, tinny words

  42. Am I a Self Number?
  43. Add Rainbow Pairs

  44. Duplicate & switch case

  45. The next colour

  46. Produce the number 2014 without any numbers in your source code
  47. How old is it roughly?
  48. Equality in the sum of digits

  49. There, I fixed it (with rope)

  50. Help Trump build the wall!

  51. How many minimum days will he take to complete N units of work?

  52. Bernardino identifies unaltered dollar words

  53. Find the smallest number bigger than the input whose digital sum is the input

  54. Factory workers
  55. Replace twos with threes

  56. Read color in my way
  57. The Ackermann function

  58. Compile Quarterstaff to BF

  59. Divisibility test
  60. Confusing Alphabet Staircase

  61. Regex that only matches itself

  62. Write the shortest self-identifying program (a quine variant)
  63. Limit your numbers by your runs
  64. 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 in PHP (or anything else, for that matter)

  65. Codegolf the Hafnian

  66. Remove duplicates from a String

  67. Color count, sorted by occurences
  68. Randomize the scalars of an array

  69. Is this string a square?
  70. Shorten an already short mathematical expression

  71. Tips for golfing in Java

  72. Same Name, Lame!

  73. Generalized matrix trace
  74. There, I fixed it (with tape)

  75. Sequentially Divisible

  76. Print numbers from 1 to 10

  77. Flip It, Flop It, Mean It
  78. Is this number a prime?

  79. Reciprocal of a number (1/x)

  80. Pretty Print Polynomials

  81. Golf a number bigger than TREE(3)
  82. Polyglot Anagrams Cops' Thread

  83. Find the number in the Champernowne constant

  84. Golf the Chinese 9*9 multiple table
  85. PKCS#7 padding validation
  86. Plumbing Random Paths

  87. Rubik's Cube Scrambles
  88. Three-Dimensional Chess

  89. Letter, Number, Symbol, Space, Repeat

  90. Script that outputs a script that prints a given input
  91. No A, just CAPS LOCK
  92. Triangle a number!
  93. Calculate 6*9 in different bases

  94. Bake a slice of Pi
  95. Alphabet cannon

  96. What is my exponential potential?

  97. Exploding Cats!

  98. Get the best of two Arrays

  99. Self-growing code codee codeee codeeee

  100. The Snail in the Well