1. Build a random number generator that passes the Diehard tests

  2. BigNum Bakeoff Reboot

  3. How many calendar facts are there really?

  4. Google's Hopping Bunny
  5. Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Code Golf

  6. Make a Plain PIE!

  7. One OEIS after another
  8. Create output twice the length of the code

  9. Build a fewest-moves freecell solver

  10. I'm thinking of a number (Cop's Thread)

  11. Restricted Polyglot
  12. Fewest (distinct) characters for Turing Completeness

  13. Paint Starry Night, objectively, in 1kB of code
  14. How high can you count?
  15. Take a stand against long lines

  16. List of first n prime numbers most efficiently and in shortest code

  17. Brainf*** Golfer

  18. Create the slowest growing function you can in under 100 bytes
  19. Advent Challenge 1: Help Santa unlock his present vault!
  20. Build a working game of Tetris in Conway's Game of Life

  21. Largest Number Printable

  22. What is the smallest positive base 10 integer that can be printed by a program shorter (in characters) than itself?
  23. Most efficient cubifier

  24. Rubik's Revenge

  25. Circular Keyboard Spiral
  26. Same code different characters

  27. Programming with a Sporadic Shift Key
  28. Reuse your code!
  29. Find the password
  30. Generate the longest error message in C++

  31. Create a Flood Paint AI

  32. Determine your language's version

  33. Make the largest infinity that you can!
  34. The alphabet in programming languages

  35. Largest number in ten bytes of code

  36. The versatile integer printer
  37. Traveling on a flat Earth
  38. Let's make a word-search!
  39. Exit Code Golfing

  40. Hello World in Multiple Languages

  41. Display number of days in each months

  42. Finding the smallest sets

  43. Random sampling without replacement

  44. Concatenative counting

  45. The Bowlers-Golfers Fraction War
  46. Rube Goldberg Hello World
  47. Implement PCRE in your language.

  48. Make a golfing language

  49. Fuzzy distances to coordinates

  50. 1 character typo generating most error messages from C++ compilation

  51. Sharing (characters) is Caring!
  52. Build a Compiler Bomb
  53. Write a polyglot that prints the language's name
  54. Enterprise Quality Code Prime Sieve
  55. Fastest tweetable integer factorizer
  56. Generate all halting Smallfuck programs of length n

  57. Leet to English Translation

  58. Build a digital clock in Conway's Game of Life
  59. Output a program that outputs a program ... that outputs PPCG

  60. Unique is Cheap
  61. Code close to the challenge: Sum of integers
  62. Fast Topswops calculation

  63. Implement QuickSort in BrainF***

  64. Print the Golden Ratio

  65. Write a program to print the sum of the ascii codes of the program
  66. Disconnect 4 bits

  67. Mathematical Expression Showdown!

  68. I'm thinking of a number (Robber's thread)
  69. The greedy regex (robbers)
  70. Find an Illegal String

  71. Polyglot the (non constant) OEIS!

  72. Unrestricted Languages

  73. Is it a noun or not?

  74. All your base 97 are belong to us
  75. Write a java code to detect the JVM version

  76. "Hello, World!" (Robbers' thread)

  77. Radiation hardened cyclic quine polyglot
  78. When was this language released?
  79. Polyglot the OEIS!
  80. Solving Secret Swapping Sequences

  81. Swipe Type Converter
  82. Output a text that doesn't output any of the characters used in the instructions to output the text

  83. Program a 2048 AI using an existing Framework

  84. Solve the 15 Puzzle (the tile-sliding puzzle)

  85. 2048 Bot Challenge

  86. Write a semi-compact FizzBuzz that can scale handle to "unlimited" if cases

  87. TryItOnquine Challenge
  88. Hyper about quines

  89. Goodbye World! (Complete Obfuscation)
  90. Make a slow error quine maker!
  91. Make a valid error maker!

  92. Fake error message
  93. Write the shortest program that generates the most compiler warnings and errors

  94. Smallest chess game compression

  95. Make a Minecraft Crafting Table

  96. Shuffle a deck without local variables

  97. Interpret as many languages as possible

  98. Fault-Tolerant Hello World (a.k.a. the Interview)

  99. Smallest chess board compression

  100. Dodge your death!