1. Eiffel Towers: Create a large "A" from "A"s
  2. Output the legendary Yggdrasil

  3. Help Trump build the wall!
  4. Factory workers
  5. 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 in PHP (or anything else, for that matter)

  6. Is this string a square?
  7. Bake a slice of Pi

  8. Alphabet cannon

  9. Horizontally Aligned ASCII Art
  10. Print the Stack Exchange favicon

  11. In The Jailhouse Now

  12. Create an "H" from smaller "H"s

  13. Sierpinski Carpets

  14. 8 8's make 1000

  15. Create a binary wall

  16. Make a hammer animation

  17. Print a layered cake

  18. Display Scrolling Waves
  19. Draw HyperNeutrino's benzene hegaxon icon in ASCII

  20. Random ASCII Art of the Day #5: Diamond Tilings

  21. ASCII Art of the Day #1 - Double Knot

  22. Create a square of increasing size by replicating the initial code

  23. Verifying a horizontal ASCII pet snake
  24. Code Golf: Your own pet ASCII snake
  25. Code Golf Christmas Edition: How to print out a Christmas tree of height N
  26. Falcon Heavy stages

  27. Is my prison secure?

  28. Counting Sheep to Fall Asleep
  29. Pizza, Pizza, Deep Dish Pizza!

  30. Counting Goats to Sleep

  31. Code Golf: Your own horizontal pet ASCII snake

  32. Little Boxes on the Hillside

  33. Happy Birthday, Finland!
  34. Picture of an old friend in ASCII art

  35. ASCII Dragon's Curve

  36. Screenshot Tiler

  37. Turn Your Program into a Snake!

  38. Lossy ASCII art compression

  39. Heightmap of Boxes

  40. Draw my downslashes
  41. Draw diagonal positions of me squared
  42. Make me an upside-down Christmas tree!
  43. Create your own Gym Exercise and follow along irl

  44. Chaos is an ASCII ladder

  45. Circular Keyboard Spiral

  46. It's raining in my terminal!

  47. ASCII art square affine fractals

  48. Draw the Hilbert curve using slashes

  49. ABAA/ABBB: Generate this recursive 2D pattern

  50. Generate fractals from bit patterns in ASCII
  51. ASCII art Bresenham line drawing
  52. Draw Concentric ASCII Hexagons
  53. Recreate the ASCII-table as an ASCII-table

  54. Kill it With Fire
  55. Bottom part of the Hourglass
  56. Output: Calendar Month (without native calendar generating functions)
  57. 5 Favorite Letters
  58. 5 Day Weather Forecast
  59. Fit a word into an alphabet grid

  60. Make an alphabet searchlight!

  61. Can I burn the farmers too?

  62. Draw An ASCII Double Helix

  63. Build a sandpile
  64. Visible Buildings
  65. Semi-Diagonal Alphabet

  66. Print a Christmas Tree

  67. LED Numbers and Letters
  68. Alphabet triangle strikes again

  69. Addition/Multiplication table generator
  70. Generate me a QFP chip!

  71. What does this button do?

  72. Simple complexity

  73. Simple ASCII Gantt

  74. Words with Blocks
  75. Create a scissors animation!

  76. It's my Birthday :D

  77. The Eyes are Following You

  78. Simulate a Rubik's cube
  79. A keyboard so real you can almost TASTE it
  80. Golfing ASCII-art

  81. A crowd of blank stares
  82. Programming Languages Through The Years

  84. Visualize Visual Eyes
  85. Embedded Diamonds!

  86. Code a code page
  87. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood (part 1)

  88. Spiral out the Alphabet!

  89. 3D ASCII Block Building
  90. Draw an asterisk triangle

  91. Print a Lego piece
  92. Draw an hourglass

  93. Golf an Advent Calendar

  94. Convert a HTML page into a mountain

  95. Loading... Forever
  96. Print the alphabet Christmas tree
  97. Output a Pyramid (or Highway)

  98. Golf Your Language's Identicon
  99. Generating a soccer team!

  100. Scoop me an icecream please