1. Help John watch movies!

  2. Triangle a number!

  3. Find the binarray!
  4. Implement Takewhile

  5. Find the longest word in an array

  6. Xorting an array

  7. Stitch Together a Palindrome from Palindromic Substrings

  8. How to print the below format in the fewest bytes?
  9. Sort by shuffling blocks
  10. Rebuild a rectangular array from a corner
  11. Am I an insignificant array?

  12. Random Golf of the Day #1: Shuffle an Array

  13. Is there a bump?

  14. Random Golf of the Day #8: Shuffle an infinite list

  15. Hollow out an array
  16. Visit and exit an array

  17. Generating a single string with an Oxford comma from a list

  18. 1D Hopping Array Maze
  19. There are two new sheriffs in town – Identifying DJMcMego pairs!

  20. We do tower hopping
  21. The modulo parity party

  22. Reverse a Rubik's Cube Algorithm

  23. The weight of a Zero
  24. Quickly regrouping lists
  25. Is my Matrix Arrowhead?

  26. Visualize Merge Sort

  27. Group these cells!
  28. Don't get your head in a spin!
  29. Minimally sort a list into a matrix
  30. Wanna See a Card Trick? (Part I)
  31. Duck, Duck, Josephus

  32. Selling electricity
  33. Maximum run between identical elements

  34. Post-determined Array Sorting

  35. An Array of Challenges #1: Alternating Arrays
  36. John's lost arrays

  37. Generate all square sub-matrices of a given size
  38. Column-wise summation of overlapping slices

  39. Block-diagonal matrix from columns

  40. Lossy Sorting (Implement Dropsort)

  41. Skip like a rabbit!

  42. Shortest power set implementation
  43. Tell me how to flop

  44. Remove entries from array to sort it and maximize sum of elements

  45. Turn an integer n into a list containing it n times

  46. Am I a golfy array?

  47. Circularly moving sum

  48. Reverse columns while preserving shape
  49. Determine if an Array contains something other than 2

  50. Is it true? Ask Jelly!

  51. Rotation summation
  52. Compare Two Lists by Their Maximum

  53. Rotating a 2D Matrix

  54. Determinant of an Integer Matrix

  55. Invert a boolean array
  56. Enumerate an array, grouping duplicates

  57. Alternatively shift columns and rows of a 2D array
  58. Add an array with itself
  59. Regrowing trees
  60. The tedious array of 7 rules

  61. Find the shortest unique sublist

  62. The forbidden built-in

  63. Compare the averages of my lists

  64. Compress a sparse matrix
  65. Help me do my washing
  66. A Dance of Many Dimensions

  67. Operations with Lists

  68. Reverse a 1-dimensional array

  69. Advent Challenge 1: Help Santa unlock his present vault!
  70. Find the minimum and maximum integers in an array, without using builtins
  71. Compute the Optimal Square Matrix
  72. Rotate every 2x2 block in a matrix

  73. XOR sort an array

  74. Boustrophedonise

  75. An Array of Challenges #2: Separate a Nested Array

  76. Count Up, Replace, Repeat!
  77. Bit-Reversal Permutations
  78. Randomly Assign People to Tasks
  79. Flatten the Array!

  80. Counting in bijective base 62
  81. Advent Challenge 5: Move the presents to the transport docks!
  82. Pad a matrix with its sums

  83. Cover up zeroes in a list
  84. Shortest Code to Translate a PHP array
  85. Raise a single number
  86. Can this list be balanced?
  87. Discrete Convolution or Polynomial Multiplication
  88. Find the unique twins
  89. Pick-flatten a list
  90. N-bit Variation on Subset-Sum
  91. Partition a list!

  92. Sorting rectangular matrices

  93. Advent Challenge 8: Storage Cart Transport Planning!
  94. Stock Time Machine

  95. Increment an Array

  96. Normalize a Vector
  97. Halve the falses

  98. Advent Challenge 7: Balance the storage carts!
  99. Advent Challenge 6: Transport Dock Relabeling!

  100. Lisp Extraction Mission