1. What is the significance of colour purple in the robe that Jesus was made to wear?

  2. Was it possible for Catholics to express their faith openly in England during the time of persecution?
  3. Does purgatory have a symbol?
  4. Besides St. Casimir, are any other saints portrayed with three hands in iconography?
  5. Why are a Catholic bishop's Coat of Arms green and not purple?

  6. Is there a historical reason why the liturgical colour purple eventually replaced black to symbolise penance?
  7. What does the letters 'JHS' mean?
  8. When was the number of the beast, 666, first identified as referring to Emperor Nero?
  9. Which denominations regulate how a cross is worn on the body?

  10. The rules on how and when people can wear a cross

  11. What is the significance of what Jesus ate after his resurrection?
  12. What was the difference between Berengar's view of the Eucharist and that of Zwingli?

  13. Nuns wearing wedding bands?
  14. Why are there Sybils and Prophetesses in the Sistine Chapel?

  15. Why are thighs important?

  16. Was it common in Biblical and Early Church times to use sports for illustrating sermons and lessons (as Pope Francis and Paul did)?
  17. The unicorn as a Christological figure

  18. Prior to 1900 were there any depictions of Satan in Christian art as a woman/female?
  19. Why did Magdalena use her hair to dry Jesus' feet?

  20. Who symbolizes Christ in J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings"?
  21. Is it known when and why Christians began to sign themselves and impart blessings with the Cross?

  22. Why is the interlocking-squares (gammadia) a symbol of the Melchizedek Priesthood?
  23. How did the cross come to be a symbol for Christianity?
  24. Hearing Bell sounds - What does the Bible say about bells?
  25. According to the LDS church, why was Jesus Christ born when he was born?
  26. What is the origin and meaning of this symbol?

  27. Blessings of objects by the Priest

  28. How did the four living creatures become associated with the Gospel writers?

  29. What is the significance of water from Jesus' side?

  30. What is the significance of the three different gifts (gold, frankincense and myrrh) given to Jesus by the Magi after his birth?
  31. What does this Catholic symbol mean?

  32. What is the significance of a double cross?

  33. When did the "upside down cross" become a symbol of anti-Christianity?

  34. What is the biblical basis of the "goats are evil" trope?

  35. Lutherans: Shells, baptism, why?
  36. What is the symbolism of the Peacock?

  37. Why is beating one's breast used to show sadness and guilt?
  38. What does "therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves" mean?
  39. Why do Carmelite nuns change headwear?

  40. Why are babies dressed in white during a Roman Catholic christening?

  41. What does the abbreviation "RNIO" mean in a painting of the Virgin and Child?

  42. Why do Popes have seven candlesticks on the altar at Mass?

  43. Christian Flag symbol
  44. What is the significance of the donkey Jesus rode on Palm Sunday?

  45. What is the meaning of 'the Sun and the Moon' in Joseph's dream?

  46. What is the meaning of the large statue of a pine cone in Vatican City?
  47. What is so special about a fig tree. Is it the tree of life?

  48. What is the "veil" that covers the heart when the Old Testament is read?
  49. What is the purpose and meaning of the Christian Flag?
  50. What symbols are unique to the various denominations?

  51. What is the reason for the absence of the Cross as a symbol in the LDS Church?
  52. Christian significance of Tolkien and C. S. Lewis putting "heaven" across the sea?

  53. Do Christians have secret handshakes?

  54. What is the Christian symbol of the unicorn, and what does it suggest?

  55. Is the Holy Spirit the 'Seven Spirits' in Revelation 1:4?

  56. From an idealist perspective, what are the "seven spirits of God"?
  57. Why did this Early Version of the Watchtower Magazine include Crosses, and what do these other Symbols on the Magazine Represent?
  58. How did the Roman Punishment "cross" became a holy symbol to Christians?

  59. What is the significance of Jesus' spitting on the ground in the book of John?
  60. Should protestants not make the sign of the Cross?
  61. Is the beast of Revelation 13 the same as the beast of Daniel 7?

  62. What is this symbol (cross with P loop atop)?

  63. What is the reason and meaning of the symbols on the garments worn by Temple-worthy LDS members?

  64. Was the serpent in the wilderness a foreshadowing of Jesus?
  65. Do the angels in Ezekiel 1:10 represent the 4 aspects of creation according to evangelicals?

  66. What is the significance of the inverted pentagram symbols on the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City?

  67. Is this a christian symbol?

  68. Counterarguments to "Numerology"?

  69. Why the difference in depiction of the cross between Catholics and Protestants?
  70. Why are many protestants hesitant of the reappropriation of symbols?

  71. Why is the fish often used as a symbol of Christ?
  72. Relevance of the word 'ICTHUS'
  73. What's the deal with oil?
  74. How widely used is "beehive" imagery?

  75. Can indirection bring us closer to Christ?

  76. What symbols have represented Christianity through the years?