1. What is LDS church view of a baptized member owning machine guns?

  2. In Mormonism, do persons ordained as Teachers in the Aaronic Priesthood have actual teaching duties?

  3. On the topic of marriage in heaven, how does the LDS church reconcile Matthew 22:23-33?

  4. Which non LDS Christian denominations believe in baptism after death?
  5. The LDS perspective on the Four Horsmen
  6. Does anything different happen during General Conference when there's a new president?

  7. If a Mormon man turns from Mormonism, what happens to his Mormon wife when she dies?

  8. Do Mormons believe that marriage is eternal?

  9. (LDS view) Do animals have a possibility to eternal life and is this dependent on Jesus atonoment applied to them?
  10. Does the LDS Church teach that murder is unforgivable?

  11. (LDS) What kind of payment can a murderer make to receive a pardon?

  12. Do Mormons have Sunday services?/What does the regular Mormon liturgy look like?
  13. What actions does the LDS church (Mormon) take when a member does not pay tithing?

  14. What constitutes a "serious" crime for the purpose of LDS baptism preparation?

  15. Similarities and differences between the priesthood in the Catholic and the LDS Church
  16. Are Mormons Protestants?

  17. What is the basis for the LDS belief that religious truth is confirmed by what you feel?

  18. I've read that 19th Century and early 20th Century Mormon Utah was very feminist for its time. What evidence supports or contradicts this?

  19. What is the Mormon position on keeping weapons and on war?

  20. In the LDS church what is the process of calling a new prophet?
  21. Where are the LDS revelations published?
  22. What kind of characteristics does the Great Tribulation have in LDS eschatology?

  23. Are (or should be) the resolutions of the SDA General Conference public?

  24. How do the LDS interpret Matthew 19:12?
  25. Similarities and differences between the priesthood of all believers and the LDS priesthood

  26. Do modern descendants of the Levites need to be ordained with the Aaronic Priesthhood?

  27. What did kids of polygamous Mormon parents call their half-sibling's moms?
  28. According to the LDS, do Michael and Gabriel have resurrected bodies?

  29. Can the human spirit remember anything without a physical body? (LDS perspective)

  30. Has there ever been an exorcism conducted by the Mormon Church?

  31. How do Mormons interpret Isaiah 43:10?

  32. What problems, if any, do Mormons have with the Apostles' Creed?
  33. LDS belief in pre-existence of the human person vs. human physical deformities
  34. How does LDS handle doctrine changes?

  35. Did Job hold the priesthood according to LDS teaching?

  36. What is the difference, if any, between elders and priests in the LDS church?
  37. Why are there so many priests in the LDS Church?

  38. LDS Church view: was the earth and all life on it created in six 24-hour days?
  39. From a LDS perspective, when does the Holy Ghost get a Physical Body?

  40. LDS Church view of 1 Timothy 3:2 and 3:12 when they supported polygamy

  41. How do Mormons view events like the Holocaust considering that they view Adam's fall as a move forward?

  42. Do the LDS believe in the Hypostatic Union?

  43. Can a Mormon wife be unsealed from her husband, and what is required for it?

  44. What power do spirits have that resurrected beings do not?

  45. Which manuscript was the LDS Book of Moses translated from?
  46. What does the LDS Church teach about Jesus being married, having children, and His position on polygamy?
  47. Why do Mormons/LDS refer to God as "Heavenly Father" rather than "Our Heavenly Father"?

  48. When would a Mormon choose to go to the temple instead of the church?

  49. (LDS perspective) How would people before Mormonism have entered heaven since they would not have known the masonic handshakes?

  50. Do Mormons view the LDS Church as a pure restoration of first century Christianity?

  51. What did Jesus actually get up to in America (according to Mormons)?
  52. What fancy word describing a church's stance on the Eucharist most closely applies to Mormonism?

  53. Reason for the references to Christ hundreds of years before first century, in Book of Mormon

  54. Assuming the Book of Mormon is historically accurate, does this necessarily imply the Great Apostasy?
  55. After resurrection, which one (if any) of the Mormon heavens will be here on earth?
  56. What do mormons believe about eschatology?
  57. Do mormons have a doctrine of afterlife preaching and repentence?

  58. Given that Mormons believe the father has a physical body, what is the significance of the incarnation?
  59. What are the main differences between Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses?

  60. LDS expected future relationship with God after exaltation

  61. What is the Book of Mormon equivalent of John 3:16?

  62. Do Mormons consider participating in game shows to be gambling?

  63. Would Mormons accept communion, administered by a representative of another Christian denomination, as valid?
  64. What is the LDS Church's instruction concerning debt?

  65. Do LDS believe other churches to be the church of Satan?

  66. How will Satan rage in the hearts of the children of men? (LDS perspective)

  67. Why did Joseph Smith return the golden plates to the angel to be buried?
  68. Why isn't there a Joseph Smith Translation of Luke 23:43?
  69. In LDS doctrine, what is the difference between the Holy Ghost and the Light of Christ?

  70. Under what conditions can one experience the power of the Holy Ghost?

  71. Have LDS missionaries stopped preaching door-to-door?

  72. Do Mormons celebrate Christmas on/or around the 25th of December?

  73. In Mormon theology, why didn't John the Baptist baptize Joseph Smith?
  74. 1852 Das Buch Mormon text

  75. In Jerusalem around 600BC, who was Laban?

  76. According to the LDS faith, did Noah build the Ark in America?

  77. Did the Community of Christ denounce the Book of Mormon?

  78. How do Mormons view this prophecy Joseph Smith seemingly added about himself in Genesis 50:33?

  79. To what extent do Mormons believe that miraculous healing happens in our days?

  80. What has the LDS Church (Mormons) historically taught about the Curse of Cain and dark skin?

  81. Why did Joseph Smith translate the Book of Mormon into Jacobean English, not in use in 1830?

  82. Do Mormons in European countries also sing patriotic American songs?

  83. Do Mormons believe that we currently live near the time when Jesus would return?
  84. Is there an Arabic translation of the Book of Mormon?
  85. What makes the spirit and body inseparable after the resurrection?

  86. Why are LDS missionaries instructed to stay away from bodies of water?

  87. Mormon concept of 1 Timothy 6:16
  88. Why is the name Jehovah not used more in the Book of Mormon?

  89. Do Mormons believe in the immortality of the soul?

  90. According to Mormons, what is the benefit received from paying tithes and following the temple ceremonies?

  91. Mormon view of the wrong action committed by angels according to 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude
  92. What were the "sons of God" in Genesis 6, according to Mormons?
  93. 3 Nep 20:24 - Why does Jesus Christ mention Samuel specifically?

  94. On the body of Satan and Holy Ghost and angels according to Mormons

  95. In accordance to LDS doctrine, would Mary & Joseph need to be sealed (by proxy) in the temple?
  96. What is the Mormon view of Matthew 7:13-14?
  97. Did Mormons have a "blood oath" ceremony before April 1990?

  98. What does the LDS Church (Mormon) teach about marriage and polygamy in the afterlife?
  99. What is the LDS stance on John 14:9-10?

  100. Did the LDS ever recognize non-LDS polygamous marriages?