1. Why is Christmas on December 25th?

  2. Why did Jesus wear the crown of thorns?

  3. Why was Jesus condemned for blasphemy by the Jews?

  4. Why did the high priests try Jesus on charges of Blasphemy if He fulfilled their prophecy?

  5. Is any of Jesus' carpentry still around?

  6. What does it mean to be "poor in spirit"?
  7. What does the LDS Church teach about Jesus being married, having children, and His position on polygamy?
  8. Which Jesus' movie is shown in this image?
  9. How does "Lead us not into temptation" need to be interpreted?

  10. How does the life of Joseph (son of Jacob) foreshadow the life of Jesus the Messiah?
  11. What did Jesus actually get up to in America (according to Mormons)?

  12. Reason for the references to Christ hundreds of years before first century, in Book of Mormon

  13. What does mean the fact of washing the feet of the disciple by Jesus?

  14. Given that Mormons believe the father has a physical body, what is the significance of the incarnation?
  15. Did Jesus celebrate Hanukkah?

  16. Why was it not necessary to break Jesus' legs during crucifixion?

  17. is it possible to practice Christianity without believing Jesus is the son of God and that he died for your sins
  18. What is the significance of position of fingers in Jesus' hand as shown in his images?

  19. How did the man with leprosy come into the city?
  20. What is the significance of what Jesus ate after his resurrection?

  21. At what time of day was Jesus crucified?

  22. Was the near-stoning of the adulterous woman something to be considered common practice, or was it strictly to trick Jesus?

  23. Immortal soul concept: afterlife and the sentence spoken to Adam (Catholic perspective)

  24. According to Catholic Tradition - Was Jesus' experience on Earth scripted? Or did human actors shape it?
  25. Is the 'Ho' in Hosanna! connected in any way to the 'ho' in Jehovah?
  26. How is Jesus descended from David?
  27. Relationship between Mary/Elizabeth or Jesus/John?
  28. What did Jesus mean by saying "the works of God might be displayed" in the man born blind?

  29. Did Paul hear Jesus teach in person?
  30. In John 8, were the scribes and pharisees guilty of the sin of Fornication / Adultery?

  31. How many hours does Jesus speak in the New Testament?

  32. Did God still dwell in the temple while Jesus was on Earth?
  33. What is the Biblical basis for thinking that Jesus died for me specifically?

  34. What is significant about the title of "Son of David" that was attributed to Jesus?
  35. Did Jesus work for a living?
  36. Has any prominent theologian ever explained why Jesus let a thief be in charge of the money?
  37. Did the virgin Mary worship Jesus?

  38. Was Jesus Circumcised for the Romans to nail the plaque 'King of the Jews' above his head on the Cross?
  39. Is Mary, "Mother of God," the mother of the Son or of the whole Trinity?
  40. Did Jesus ever directly say he would die as a voluntary sacrifice? If so, was it double sense?
  41. In which language did Pontius Pilate communicate with Jesus?
  42. What is an overview of different denominations' beliefs about how Jesus Christ performed miracles? (By the Holy Spirit or by something else?)
  43. Have any Christian theologians discussed whether Jesus resembled Joseph?

  44. Is there a Christian equivalent of the Muslim hadith, but for narrations relating to Jesus?

  45. How do JWs respond to Jude 9 in light of Matthew 4:10?

  46. John 1:18 - "No one has ever seen God" - How do Trinitarians reconcile this scripture with the belief that the Lord Jesus Christ is God?
  47. Jesus' completed messianic prophecies
  48. Were the Jews expecting the Messiah to suffer at all?

  49. Why does God say we shouldn't eat Crab & Pork but Jesus says that doesn't really matter

  50. Why did Jesus use the expression, "I tell you the truth"?
  51. Don't understand the Trinity doctrine

  52. Did Paul preach Jesus's message?
  53. What is the Biblical basis for the belief that the Jews rejected their king?
  54. What are the written signs referred to in John 20:31?
  55. In John 1:45–51, did Jesus prophesy that Nathanael was one of the 144,000 Jews in Revelation 7 and 14?
  56. Did Jesus really had to be God for the atonement of sin to work?
  57. Why did Jesus say he came to create division?
  58. What is the significance of the name "Jesus"?

  59. What is the significance of the name, "The Word"?
  60. If A = x and B = x and C = x then why isn't A = B = C? (Trinity)

  61. What was the most likely method of crucifixion that was used on Jesus?
  62. What is the earliest reference to the notion that we killed Jesus?

  63. What is mortal sin? Is agression a mortal sin?
  64. What was Jesus wearing while drying the disciples' feet?

  65. Why is it said that the Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as the King of the Jews?

  66. Why is Jesus portrayed and remembered in a state of suffering?
  67. Since Mormons believe in multiple earth-like planets, do they believe that the "fall" was likewise needed on each of them?
  68. How do Mormons interpret Psalm 110:1 and Matthew 22:41-45?
  69. Weight of importance on the belief that Jesus is Michael for Jehovah's Witnesses?
  70. Did Jesus own a home as an adult or was He a nomad?
  71. If Anger is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, how could Jesus have been angry yet still be sinless? (Catholicism)
  72. Does Jesus ever claim to be God, or the son of God?
  73. Have there been any Christian writings on the genetics of Jesus?

  74. Where were the magi from?

  75. Did the conversion of Paul occur before or after the Ascension?

  76. Did Jesus have suicidal thoughts?

  77. Is there any significance to the aside in Luke 23:12, regarding Pilate and Herod?

  78. How does the Swedenborgian Church interpret Psalm 110:1 and Mark 15:34?

  79. Why didn't Jesus give proof to the priests?

  80. Did Jesus forgot that he was asked by his disciples where he was going?

  81. Has there been any major discussion in Catholicism about whether Christ smiled or laughed?

  82. Why is Jesus' lineage different in Matthew and Luke?
  83. Do we have any more information on Jesus's Sisters?

  84. According to Catholicism and/ or Protestantism, how many times was Jesus of Nazareth, whether pre-incarnate or incarnate, begotten?
  85. How much time did Jesus spend in Gethsemane?
  86. Why is the term Immanuel/Emmanuel considered to be a title rather than a proper name?
  87. How much time elapsed between Jesus's betrayal by Judas and His crucifixion?
  88. Will good, God-fearing people who don't believe in Jesus' divinity be excluded from Heaven?
  89. Does Christianity Cherry-pick the Old Testament?

  90. Why is Jesus never portrayed as a child or as a teenager?
  91. What is the difference between Baptism of Jesus and Baptism of others?

  92. The New Testament teaches that Christ was baptized to “fulfill all righteousness” (Matthew 3:14–15)--what does this mean?

  93. Why did Jesus use parables to teach?

  94. Why did Judas need to identify Jesus?
  95. Why do some Christians object to images of Jesus?

  96. Did Paul actually report anything about the life of Jesus?

  97. A woman's testimony was considered inadmissible in a court of law. Whose law?
  98. Who witnessed the crucifixion?

  99. How do Jehovah's Witnesses explain Thomas's exclamation, "My Lord and my God"?
  100. What views are there about the necessity of Jesus' murder?