1. What was the literal meaning of the term 'stone rejected by builders'?
  2. Origin of the (mis)translation "Ten Commandments"
  3. How were missionaries able to convert native populations?

  4. What evidence is there that the Apostle Paul had been a member of the Sanhedrin?
  5. How long did David live?

  6. What is an issue of blood?

  7. Why were Catholic fasting obligations steadily relaxed?
  8. How many people were killed by Protestant Inquisition style tribunals? Asking for references

  9. Marks of the true church in Protestantism or Catholicism?

  10. What was the socioeconomic makeup of early Christian Gnostic sects?

  11. How is the ‘Resurrection of the Holy Ones’ in Mt.27:51-53 understood by those who consider it a literal, historical event?
  12. What's the Greek manuscripts of John with the oldest discovery date?

  13. What extrabiblical sources support the existence of Jesus in history?

  14. Why did Paul VI strip József Mindszenty of his archbishopric?

  15. How many New Testament manuscripts do we really have?

  16. When & where did the word "Christian" originate?
  17. On which date was Christ born?
  18. How many people saw Christ Jesus rise from the dead?

  19. Why was Paul allowed to write in jail?

  20. How were the books of the New Testament chosen?
  21. What prompted the change in Christian attitude towards usury?

  22. What exactly was the purpose of the Council of Nicea?

  23. How long was David on the run from Saul?

  24. Why is the word "dragon" in the Bible?

  25. The right to read a Catholic church's sacramental register

  26. Why is Christmas on December 25th?

  27. What is the meaning of the bronze serpent used to save the Israelites?

  28. Is there any evidence that Paul was a descendant of Jonathan?
  29. Is Any New Testament Book Undisputed In Its Authorship?

  30. What, if any, are some first-millenium mentions of prohibitions or approval of interracial or international marriages?

  31. Has any church organization refused lottery winnings as donation?
  32. How much time did medieval Christians devote to prayer?

  33. How did Christians cultivate their knowledge of the Bible before mass-printing of the Bible?

  34. Where can I find sources showing ecclesiastical vestments of the 1200s?
  35. What was the difference between the Pharisees and Sadducees?

  36. Apostle John lived in Ephesus - what sources claim that?

  37. When was the OT canon as used by Protestants finalized?

  38. What year did the Hebrew nation with Joshua cross the Jordan river into the promised land?
  39. How did Moses write the events which happened ~2000 years before him?
  40. How can I understand the rise of the Egyptians as a race in the Old Testament?

  41. Testimonies of the existence of Mary and Joseph

  42. Who was Darius the Mede?
  43. How did attitues to the deutero-canonical books in the Western Churches change during the second millenium?
  44. Was Paul's Relationship with Jewish Leadership Close Enough to Act as Their Agent?

  45. Did medieval European monasticism provide a release from certain societal pressures?
  46. When did a Catholic church council first recognize the need to forbid forcing or outwardly compelling unbelievers to the Christian faith?

  47. Annals of John Hyrcanus

  48. Tombs of Mattathias and Sons
  49. Who was the Egyptian that led the revolt of the Assassins in Acts 21?

  50. The "eye of the needle gate" today

  51. Was the temple built in 46 years or was it 46 years old during Jesus' time?

  52. Is there any extra-Biblical 'evidence' of Herod's murder of babies?
  53. How has Roman Catholic Confession changed throughout the centuries?
  54. Is there evidence that Isaiah 53 was viewed as a Messianic prophecy within Judaism, or is it an exclusively Christian interpretation?
  55. Was baptism practiced before Christ?

  56. Are there any surviving hymns from the Valdensian movement?

  57. St Mary of Cleopas - a wife of the junior brother of St Joseph?

  58. What role did the Donation of Constantine have on the development of the doctrine of Papal supremacy?
  59. At what point did Judaism and Christianity diverge?
  60. Could a lowborn during the middle ages read the bible?

  61. Persecution of Jewish people by Christians in Middle Ages?

  62. The Resurrection: early Jewish writings on it?
  63. How did the Crusades impact modern Christianity?

  64. What is the evidence that Thomas Aquinas was assassinated?

  65. Before St. Thomas Aquinas, who laid the foundation for the existence of God?
  66. Where do Catholics believe the historical narrative of the Bible begins?

  67. Does a comprehensive list for apostolic succession exist?
  68. Did William Cowper believe himself to be saved at the end of his life?

  69. What is the significance of Palm branches?

  70. What biblical and historical support is there for the practice of child communion?
  71. Are there documented reports about Jews around the time of Jesus? And what did they say about the first christians?
  72. When did the split in crufix/empty-cross sybolism occur and why did it happen?

  73. Was Voltaire's house being used by the biblical society?

  74. Was it just Daniel who prayed toward Jerusalem or did all exiles do so?
  75. Did Jesus own a home as an adult or was He a nomad?

  76. What day and year was the first public and general confession held in the Church of England?

  77. What did Christians write about Muhammad during his life?

  78. Is every single minute of the year a mass being celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church? If so, since when?
  79. Is there any reference to Abraham building a house of worship? Where is Bakkah?
  80. Why is St Martin "in-the-Fields"?

  81. What are the duties of a Pope? Can a pope be "good" or "bad" in this perspective?

  82. How did the Virgin Mary's title "Mirror of Justice", used in some Catholic prayers, originate?

  83. What is the origin of throwing dust over head (as a sign of mourning) in the Bible?

  84. When was the first African American ordained in a US Presbyterian denomination?
  85. What is the historical reason the King James Version was created?

  86. What evidence is there for the Resurrection of Jesus?
  87. Biblical era gesture signifying peace between two parties?

  88. In Matthew 23:35, who was “Zacharias son of Barachias”?

  89. Was there doctrinal difference between Lollards and Waldenses?

  90. Did those feet in ancient time walk upon England's mountains green? (Origin of the story)

  91. How did the monastic tradition evolve?
  92. When did the idea of a scriptural "canon" originate?
  93. How possible is it that the Septuagint / LXX wasn't specifically quoted in the NT?
  94. Acts 11:26 regarding the word Christian?
  95. When will be the end of the Catholic Church on earth by definition?

  96. What oil was used at the time of James?
  97. Reason for drawing water at unusual time

  98. What liturgical languages were used in the worldwide church/broad christiandom around 500AD?

  99. In what order were the books in the New Testament written?

  100. If Noah's Flood was a historical global flood then how is the evidence that Egypt was founded before the Flood explained?