1. How did Elijah know he was going to be taken up to heaven?

  2. Have any Wesleyan theologians compared Outler's Quadrilateral to PaRDeS?

  3. Can the teachings of Jesus Himself be considered as Gnostic?
  4. What was evil about saving the human life of Jesus by the apostle Peter?

  5. What is an overview of Protestant explanations of the difference between dead faith and perfect faith in James 2?
  6. What does "one another" mean in John 13:35?

  7. Are we blessed when people hurt us?
  8. What does it mean to be "poor in spirit"?
  9. What did Jesus mean by his apparent racial taunt to the Canaanite woman in Matt 15 when he inferred that they were "dogs"?

  10. Who told Eve about the fruit?

  11. According to Catholicism, will those who are alive on the Day of Judgement die physically?

  12. Jesus' power going out
  13. Why did Moses have the sons of Levi run about with swords slaying family and friends?
  14. Why were two different attributes of creation juxtaposed in Genesis at 1:27?
  15. Who is Augustine arguing against in his Confessions, book 12?

  16. Did Jesus celebrate Hanukkah?

  17. How does one "leave his wife" for the Kingdom of God?

  18. For what kind of help was Eve given to Adam?

  19. What is the biblical basis for the idea that the Bible cannot be understood without aid from God?

  20. What was the general opinion of the Early Church Fathers concerning the giants/nephilims?

  21. How do Protestants interpret Malachi 1:11 and Isaiah 66:20-21?

  22. Why did the slave girl at the gate stop Peter but not John?

  23. What is the difference between "love one another" and "love your neighbour"?
  24. What if Israel had accepted Jesus as their Lord? (Catholic perspective)
  25. What does Paul mean by "witchcraft" in Galatians 5:20?
  26. Who first associated the fourth beast of Daniel 7 with the Roman Empire?

  27. What does Matthew mean by "if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out", etc.?
  28. How do proponents of the Prosperity Gospel interpret Matthew 19:24?

  29. How did the man with leprosy come into the city?

  30. Who does John 6:40 refer to according to Reformed theology?
  31. Where is the dust of the earth?
  32. Does Acts 15:21 assume new believers would learn and follow the law from synagogues on sabbath?
  33. Did Jephthah sacrifice his daughter?

  34. What does it mean to not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?

  35. How do trinitarians interpret John 8:58?
  36. Reformed View of Titus 2:11 and Irresistible Grace
  37. Why were the apostles still going to the temple for prayer and rituals?
  38. What is the significance of verb choices in Genesis 1?

  39. How do Modalists interpret John 14:28?
  40. Is Genesis 18 regarded as a Theophany of the Trinity by any denomination?

  41. From reformed perspective, what does the oil in the foolish virgin's lamp represent?

  42. What does it mean for the Spirit to only speak of what he hears? (trinitarian perspective)
  43. Why did Peter advise Jesus in private against the latter's passion and death?

  44. How have Churches interpreted handing people over to Satan?

  45. Could Jesus have sweated actual blood in the garden of Gethsemane?
  46. In John 4:1-3, in whose name were Jesus' disciples' baptizing?
  47. Was the near-stoning of the adulterous woman something to be considered common practice, or was it strictly to trick Jesus?
  48. What is meant by "the first will be the last and the last will be the first"?
  49. How would a Calvinist interpret Matthew 13:37-40?
  50. Do we answer the arguments of fools or not? How are Proverbs 26:4-5 to be understood?

  51. Unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees

  52. Is the 'Ho' in Hosanna! connected in any way to the 'ho' in Jehovah?
  53. Denominations that interpret Matthew 5:32 & 19:9 as NOT permitting divorce in the case of adultery?

  54. Is there a hierarchy in the Trinity?
  55. What is the significance of one-third in Revelation?

  56. What is the take of Catholic Church on the dream of Pilate's wife?
  57. Did it ever happen that a Christian died simply because he had no food at his disposal?

  58. How does the Reformed tradition understand Philippians 2:6-9 as it regards the Hypostatic Union?

  59. What did Jesus mean by saying "the works of God might be displayed" in the man born blind?

  60. Why did Jesus not share the meanings of the parables? MARK 4:34
  61. What explanations have been offered for the "messianic secret" passages?

  62. How do "once saved, always saved" advocates explain the Parable about wise virgins?

  63. What does the Bible teach about "fire" in the phrase "Hell fire"?

  64. Sunday or Saturday?

  65. Who was Darius the Mede?
  66. What is the Catholic belief concerning Deuteronomy 24:16

  67. Who first understood the "authorities" in Romans 13 as spiritual, not secular, authorities?
  68. Why would God permit divorce because of Israel's "hardness of heart"?
  69. Did the early church devote themselves to prayer or to "the prayers", and if the latter, which prayers?
  70. What is joy? How is it different from happiness (or is it)?
  71. Anah contradictions in Genesis

  72. How can one "buy" oil and "buy" gold, garments, and eye salve if these things can only attained by grace?

  73. What do day-age theorists do with "very good" in Genesis 1:31?
  74. What did Jesus mean by 'going for a second mile '?

  75. What is the "Holy place" Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:15?
  76. What is the significance of Ehud being left-handed?

  77. Was everyone who worked on the tabernacle given the Spirit?

  78. To what are the scriptures referring when they speak of the books of the "chronicles of the kings"?
  79. How do Evangelicals explain when Paul writes "I, not the Lord"?

  80. What is the argument in support of personal interpretation of the Scriptures?
  81. No one has seen God
  82. How would different Protestant denominations reconcile Matthew 5:19 with the notion of being saved by grace?

  83. How do "once saved, always saved" advocates explain the Parable of the Sower?
  84. is Adam no longer the son of God?

  85. Since YHWH and the Bible acknowledge other gods, does that mean that they literally exist?

  86. What does it mean that all scripture is God-Breathed?

  87. Trinitarian Christianity and Numbers 23:19 - Was Jesus a man?

  88. Who is Wisdom in Proverbs?
  89. How do Jehovah's Witnesses explain John 8:58-59 in a way that accords with their doctrine?

  90. In what sense they don't have life in them? John 6:53-57
  91. What is the full meaning of Mathew 24:36-51 from a view of Methodists or Baptist

  92. Why did Jesus use the expression, "I tell you the truth"?
  93. Does Luke chapter 16 verses 9 through 13 warn us that there is no middle ground between serving God and serving mammon?

  94. If miracles stopped after the Apostles, then why are there admonitions to pray over people?

  95. Did Jesus wear tsitsiyot?
  96. What's the significance of this image for Jehovah's Witnesses?
  97. How do Evangelicals understand "holy children" in 1 Cor 7:14, with respect to the salvation of children dying in infancy?
  98. How do the LDS interpret Matthew 19:12?
  99. When was “pistis christou” first understood as a statement about Christ’s faith?
  100. According to Reformed - 1 Corinthians 11:29-30, the words [weak, sick, died] literal or not?