1. According to Eastern Orthodoxy, does Matthew 17:20 apply to all people?

  2. What about the story of the "Rich Man and Lazarus" indicates whether it is a parable or not?

  3. How do Evangelicals understand "holy children" in 1 Cor 7:14, with respect to the salvation of children dying in infancy?
  4. Why is blasphemy against the Son or Father forgiven but blasphemy against the Spirit isn't forgiven?

  5. Who is the "Seed of the Serpent" spoken of in Genesis 3?
  6. What does "one another" mean in John 13:35?
  7. Do you know any good topics for a 10 minute presentation?

  8. What does Paul mean by "witchcraft" in Galatians 5:20?

  9. Why did Nehemiah need to tell us that the Queen was sitting beside the King?
  10. Did Moses leave his wife and kids? If so, why?

  11. According to Catholicism, will those who are alive on the Day of Judgement die physically?
  12. What's the significance of this image for Jehovah's Witnesses?

  13. Where do Saints go after we return with Jesus (Pentecostal perspective)

  14. John 11:26 - the meaning of "die"?

  15. Does Jesus’ purification after death apply to all or just to him?

  16. What did Jesus mean by his apparent racial taunt to the Canaanite woman in Matt 15 when he inferred that they were "dogs"?

  17. What do day-age theorists do with "very good" in Genesis 1:31?

  18. What feast does Paul refer to in 1 Corinthians 5:8?
  19. How valid is the JEDP theory?

  20. Regarding the biblical phrase 'everlasting life', would Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox be able to explain how everlasting life destroys death?

  21. What does Isaiah 2:22 mean?

  22. According to reformed theology, who or what will the saints reign over during the millenium?
  23. What is Jehovah's Witnesses view of Revelation 20:10 since they do not believe in hell?
  24. Why was the name of St Joseph not mentioned at Luke 2: 19?

  25. What was the original word used to imply goodness at Mark 10:17-18?

  26. Literal or symbolic interpretation?
  27. Do we answer the arguments of fools or not? How are Proverbs 26:4-5 to be understood?

  28. How does Luke 11:5-13 fit as corollaries to the Lord's teachings on prayer [Luke 11:1-4]?
  29. What does it mean that Eve was beguiled?

  30. According to the gospel of John, on which day of the week was Jesus crucified?

  31. Who does Paul consider to be "Saints" in Romans 1:7?
  32. What is the significance of Ehud being left-handed?

  33. What does it meant that Jesus "breathed on them"?
  34. Does the Bible make a distinction between Christian and secular love?
  35. How do Jehovah's Witnesses understand Hebrews 1?
  36. How do Jehovah's Witnesses explain Mark 1:1–3?

  37. Is Jesus eternally the Son of God the Father?
  38. What did the Centurion mean by ' the word '?

  39. Why did the slave girl at the gate stop Peter but not John?
  40. What is an overview of the interpretations of Acts 16:31 "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household."?
  41. In John 1:45–51, did Jesus prophesy that Nathanael was one of the 144,000 Jews in Revelation 7 and 14?

  42. Lot's virgin daughters had husbands

  43. What was the literal meaning of the term 'stone rejected by builders'?

  44. How do Jehovah's Witnesses explain Paul's apparent equating of Yahweh and Jesus in Romans 10?
  45. What is the Eastern-Orthodox interpetation of Romans 3:10-20?

  46. How have Churches interpreted handing people over to Satan?
  47. How do the LDS interpret Matthew 19:12?
  48. How do Anglicans interpret the great crowd (144,000) of Revelation 7?
  49. Who told Eve about the fruit?
  50. What did Paul mean when he called Jesus the "firstborn from the dead"?
  51. Why was there a 'governor' at the Wedding in Cana?

  52. How do "once saved, always saved" advocates explain the Parable of the Sower?
  53. What is the Protestant interpretation of Philippians 3:12?
  54. How do Arminians interpret God's reserving of a remnant in Romans 11:4?
  55. How do Jehovah's Witnesses interpret verses like Isaiah 9:6 which call the messiah 'God'?

  56. How do Mormons interpret Isaiah 43:10?
  57. How do Jehovah Witnesses explain the anger of Caiphas?
  58. What explanations have been offered for the "messianic secret" passages?

  59. "living water" association with Feast of Tabernacles

  60. Did the metaphor of ' cup of suffering' as used by Jesus derive from OT?
  61. According to Catholicism, why was Adam alone given the charge of naming the animals and birds?
  62. Why did Jesus groan and use spit while healing the deaf man? (Mark 7)

  63. What was Paul's "revelation" (mentioned in Galatians 2:2)?

  64. What is the "Holy place" Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:15?

  65. Is Matthew 17:24 a reference to the Fiscus Judaicus?

  66. How do Jehovah's Witnesses explain Paul's apparent equating of Yahweh and Jesus in Ephesians 4?

  67. According to the Catholic Church, why does God hurt others to punish David in 2 Samuel:24?

  68. How do Trinitarians explain the Father granting life to the Son (John 5:26)?
  69. Who is Augustine arguing against in his Confessions, book 12?

  70. How do "once saved, always saved" advocates explain the Parable about wise virgins?

  71. Did God really "regret" making man? (Catholic perspective)

  72. How far was Peter from Jesus when he denied him?
  73. does sword in Matthew 10.34 mean a branch?
  74. Is there a difference between prayer and petition?

  75. What is the Catholic interpretation of Sirach 42:14?

  76. How do proponents of the Prosperity Gospel interpret Matthew 19:24?

  77. What is an overview of Protestant explanations of the difference between dead faith and perfect faith in James 2?

  78. The sacrificial perogative of the kings of Israel

  79. What does the 'will' of St. Paul mean?
  80. How could Cain have built Enoch?
  81. Matthew 5:13-16 is for the Israelites ONLY?

  82. What is the army in Joel 2?

  83. What is the protestant apologetic for James' explicit statement that we are justified by works?
  84. How could the person in Luke 9:49 cast out demons without Jesus' mandate?
  85. What does it mean for the Spirit to only speak of what he hears? (trinitarian perspective)
  86. What is joy? How is it different from happiness (or is it)?
  87. How did Elijah know he was going to be taken up to heaven?

  88. Have any Wesleyan theologians compared Outler's Quadrilateral to PaRDeS?
  89. Are we blessed when people hurt us?

  90. What does it mean to be "poor in spirit"?
  91. Jesus' power going out

  92. Why did Moses have the sons of Levi run about with swords slaying family and friends?
  93. Did Jesus celebrate Hanukkah?

  94. How does one "leave his wife" for the Kingdom of God?

  95. What is the biblical basis for the idea that the Bible cannot be understood without aid from God?

  96. What was the general opinion of the Early Church Fathers concerning the giants/nephilims?

  97. How do Protestants interpret Malachi 1:11 and Isaiah 66:20-21?
  98. What is the difference between "love one another" and "love your neighbour"?
  99. What if Israel had accepted Jesus as their Lord? (Catholic perspective)
  100. Who first associated the fourth beast of Daniel 7 with the Roman Empire?