1. Did the myth of the holy grail originate from Catholism?
  2. Following the Doctrine in Council of Trent, does God gave a soul to human at conception deprived of sanctifying grace?
  3. Ancient Western Christianity & Indian Christians

  4. What is the earliest extrabiblical teaching of baptism using a trinitarian formula?
  5. "The Devil hates Latin," is this true?

  6. Which biblical verse was used against Galileo
  7. Why do many old churches face east?
  8. What is the difference between classical and revised dispensationalism?
  9. What was the earliest reference to the 3 States of the Church?

  10. When did the use of formal, seminary-type education begin and why?

  11. When did tradition become first used as Tradition?
  12. Why does Methodism exist?
  13. In Roman Catholicism, how far back in history does the process (Sacrament) of Confirmation go?

  14. Perseverance of the Saints – Historical Interpretations before Calvin
  15. What was the socioeconomic makeup of early Christian Gnostic sects?

  16. Catholic Church and the Critique of Pagan Worship?

  17. Did the early church accept lifelong, faithful concubinage?

  18. Did the church use stories like the Holy Grail to attract pagans?
  19. What reforms did Erasmus seek for the church?
  20. Did Philip Melanchthon teach penal substitution?
  21. When was Sunday first called the Sabbath?
  22. What did early Christians say about apostolic succession?
  23. When did the word "Catholic" become a proper noun?

  24. Where did the idea of the inerrancy of the King James Bible come from?

  25. Aren't the Nicolaitans the guys who formed the Roman Catholic Church?
  26. Who was the first Devil's Advocate?
  27. How did the early church respond to the accusation that Christianity forbid ‘all uses of images’ even if only ‘representing the Divine Being’?

  28. What was first, sola scriptura or sola fide?

  29. Historical evidence for a separate Jewish branch of Christianity?
  30. Are there any followers of Catharism today?

  31. Why does Judaism celebrate Sabbath on Saturday and most Christians celebrate Sabbath on Sunday?

  32. What does 'ages of ages' mean, specifically?

  33. Did a Seventh Day Adventist start the Jehovah Witness organization?
  34. Why is the KJV frequently said to be the "true" translation?
  35. What is the origin of the idea that Matthew, Mark, and Luke didn't mention Lazarus in order to protect him?

  36. Does any church still provide a pension for widows?

  37. Did Saint Paul attend the council of Nicaea? Which other councils did he attend?
  38. Did John Calvin observe Christmas?
  39. Did Martin Luther teach penal substitution?

  40. Is there any evidence that Paul was a descendant of Jonathan?
  41. Did Martin Luther really nail his 95 Theses to the church door?

  42. Missing work of St. Augustine in Latin?
  43. What is a priest of Rome?
  44. What is the oldest hymn (with music) that is still sung in churches today?

  45. In which writings does Tertullian apply the concept of satisfaction to salvation?
  46. What, if any, are some first-millenium mentions of prohibitions or approval of interracial or international marriages?
  47. Did any of the Church Fathers think the current-day Gospels were not inspired?
  48. Are there any surviving writings by Marcion or is everything we know of him what his enemies wrote of him?

  49. What is the background of the words "notitia," "fiducia," and "assensus" and how do they relate to the biblical notion of "faith"?
  50. When was the number of the beast, 666, first identified as referring to Emperor Nero?

  51. Which Protestant Christian denominations accept the Deuterocanonical books?

  52. Has any church organization refused lottery winnings as donation?

  53. What was the first recorded near death experience of a Christian claiming to have one?

  54. How prominent was "prosperity theology" in the early church?

  55. Epiphaneus: “Martyrdom of Peter and Paul”
  56. What are the Church fathers' arguments that Peter is the rock?
  57. Why did Katarina von Bora need to hide in a barrel to escape from her convent?
  58. Were celebrations for the 400th Anniversary of the Reformation held in Germany during World War I?
  59. Which Roman Catholic figure(s) has/have accused the Church of Mariolatry?

  60. Apostle John lived in Ephesus - what sources claim that?
  61. What is the extra value of the body of Christ in the Eucharist when someone is already full of the Holy Spirit?
  62. Where is it documented that some people didn't want Gospel of John to be included as canonical?

  63. Who was Theophylact?

  64. What are the historical arguments against a literal interpretation of Luke 22:44?
  65. Was Tetzel robbed by a man who had preemptively bought an indulgence?

  66. What was the difference between Berengar's view of the Eucharist and that of Zwingli?

  67. Were there indulgences sold for those who had no family when they died?
  68. Why are there Sybils and Prophetesses in the Sistine Chapel?
  69. How did Karl Barth justify his relationship with Charlotte von Kirschbaum?

  70. Why Was Jesus Represented as Being Born in a Cave?
  71. Did any other early church fathers besides Origen teach the pre-existence of souls?
  72. What passages of Scripture were used by the popes and crusaders to justify the Crusades?
  73. What evidence is there that Peter was a bishop in Rome?
  74. Who first addressed a religious male or female with "brother" or "sister," respectively?
  75. What was Martin Luther's perspective on the early Christian church?

  76. When/where did the practice of giving abbreviated names/initialisms to Bible translations begin?
  77. What record is there of a canon of Scripture having been set at the First Ecumenical Council?
  78. Who first understood the "authorities" in Romans 13 as spiritual, not secular, authorities?
  79. When, how, and why did the Moravians stop praying 24-7?
  80. When was papal supremacy accepted by the entirety of the Catholic Church?
  81. What is the Catholic Church's official position on the Spanish Inquisition?

  82. Why was the Bible not available to common people in the Medieval period?

  83. What was the earliest Papal condemnation of slavery?

  84. Did the early church devote themselves to prayer or to "the prayers", and if the latter, which prayers?

  85. What is a brief history on the idea that the Papacy is the Anti-Christ?

  86. Romans 6:5 and "Where's Wolfius?"
  87. Which 20th-century Orthodox Christians said that the crusades were more oppressive than the Marxist anti-religious campaigns?
  88. At what point did the Eastern Church start self-identifying as the Orthodox Church?

  89. When and why did the Catholic Church first start issuing annulments?

  90. Why were Anabaptists called Anabaptists?

  91. Are Anabaptists' re-baptisms really conditional baptisms?
  92. In Western communion services, when was the origin of the practice of consistently offering only the bread to the laity?

  93. What scriptural arguments for the Trinity were used in the First Council of Nicea?

  94. Have cardinals ever been deprived of revenue or rations for taking too long to elect a pope?

  95. What were the circumstances behind the loss of the "True Cross?"

  96. When and how can a pope revoke the decrees of an ecumenical council?
  97. How did the Crusades affect the Pope's power and authority?

  98. What is the case against seeing the Medieval Catholic Church as oppressive?
  99. What role did the Donation of Constantine have on the development of the doctrine of Papal supremacy?
  100. When were the early Christians no longer considered a sect of Judaism?