1. Why are a Catholic bishop's Coat of Arms green and not purple?

  2. Did Mary know she was sinless, according to Roman Catholic teaching?
  3. What is the Biblical and Traditional basis for doing Penance for others?

  4. How do Catholics answer the question of idol worship within the faith?

  5. Why practice multiple devotions according to the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican faiths?

  6. Has a pope ever visited Macau?
  7. Can a bishop allow Marriage between cousins?

  8. Why does Roman Catholicism reject reincarnation?

  9. How can the existence of other species of the genus Homo be reconciled with Christian belief in the uniqueness of humankind? (Catholic perspective)
  10. Why are Lussekatter served on St. Lucy's day (i.e. why cats?)?

  11. What is the age at which Peter the Apostle died?

  12. Why are relics that can perform miracles not idols?
  13. Looking for Primer on the History and Structure of the Roman Catholic Church

  14. Is there a particular order in lighting candles on an advent wreath?

  15. What is the Catholic Church's interpretation of 'hunger and thirst for righteousness'?
  16. How is the Vulgate rendering of Romans 5:12 explained (Roman Catholic perspective)?

  17. What is the difference between icons and idols in churches that permit icons?
  18. Who has the authority to change the wording of the Lord's Prayer in the Catholic Church in the United States?
  19. Was the full Sign of the Cross prevalent in entire Catholic Church?

  20. Is there a historical reason why the liturgical colour purple eventually replaced black to symbolise penance?

  21. Is it only Catholicism that says grace on food?
  22. Marriage between syrian catholics and roman catholics?

  23. What is the status of Catholics who reject Vatican II? Are they considered heretics?

  24. Does Catholicism allow the possibility of new books being added to the Bible?

  25. Can Saints in Heaven Refuse to Pray for us?

  26. What is a priest of Rome?

  27. How does Catholicism contradict Brene Brown? (Lev 19:18) Practical implications?
  28. Is it permissible for a Catholic to pray the Salat?

  29. According to Catholicism, will those who are alive on the Day of Judgement die physically?

  30. How does a Catholic church support itself without Tithe?
  31. Relics of Noah's Ark?

  32. Am I still Catholic?
  33. Can a person be forgiven outside of confession? (Catholic)
  34. What is the purpose of the Penitential Rite in a Catholic Mass?

  35. Is it possible for an Eastern Rite Catholic to change over to the Roman Rite and become ordained as Latin Rite priest?

  36. According to Catholicism, if someone receives last rites, is everything forgiven?

  37. Why were two different attributes of creation juxtaposed in Genesis at 1:27?

  38. Can anybody identify from which order these nuns are?
  39. Assuming the Book of Mormon is historically accurate, does this necessarily imply the Great Apostasy?

  40. Catholics ordained as "mail order ministers"?

  41. Does Catholicism Share Some Beliefs with Deism?
  42. According to the Catholic Church, does God punish sinners?

  43. Are Catholics required to accept every article of Aquinas's «Summa Theologica»?
  44. Why is masturbation not allowed while intercourse without the purpose of offspring is allowed in RCC?
  45. Do the Orthodox and Catholic Churches allow participation in each others' services?

  46. Are there any declarations of canonisation (Saints) reversed in history in the RCC?

  47. Where did the Vatican declare that listening to certain rock bands is a mortal sin?

  48. Can we better love others by loving God? Catholicism
  49. What if Israel had accepted Jesus as their Lord? (Catholic perspective)

  50. What does the letters 'JHS' mean?
  51. According to Catholicism, is it a sin to participate in gambling such as State Lottery?

  52. How is the 'New Perspective on Paul' different from Catholicism with respect to good works?

  53. How was the term 'The Cross' understood by the audience of Jesus?

  54. How old were Joseph & Mary when they marrried?
  55. Where within Biblical Scripture does it mention anything similar to the official Catholic and/or Orthodox church's hierarchy of church officials?

  56. What do the Catholic officials intend to do for unity with the Orthodox Church? [2017]
  57. What are the reasons for fasting from midnight before Eucharist?
  58. Sponsors of converts to Catholicism
  59. Why was heliocentrism such a threat to Roman Catholic leaders that their proponents were threatened to be burnt at the stake?
  60. How much time did medieval Christians devote to prayer?

  61. What objective, foolproof method do Eastern Orthodox have for working out which side is correct in the case of a Schism?
  62. Does "Being in schism" merely imply mutual excommunication? (Catholic perspective)

  63. On what do Catholics base their doctrine of the eternal virginity of Mary?

  64. Who do Catholics say the Mary in Matthew 27:56 is?

  65. How do those who support the perpetual virginity of Mary doctrine harmonize the Protevangelium of James with the Gospel of Matthew?
  66. Does Catholicism teach that the Pope is God?

  67. Can Papal Supremacy be relinquished?
  68. Could there have been a different translation for Matthew 14:28? (Catholic perspective)
  69. Is being asexual considered the same as having the virtue of Chastity?
  70. Luke 16:19-31—Is the rich man in Hell or Purgatory?

  71. Can a Catholic priest adopt a child?

  72. Where is the martyrology in my breviary?
  73. What does the Catholic Church teaches about Hesychasm?
  74. What do the names of the different hours of the divine office mean? Where do they come from? (Etymology)
  75. Can a Catholic have communion if they married outside of the Catholic Church?

  76. How does the divine office compare between the different rites?
  77. Is an out-of-the body-experience (OBE) possible according to the Catholic Church?

  78. According to Catholicism, is our world the only one?
  79. What are the Church fathers' arguments that Peter is the rock?
  80. Does the Roman-Catholic Church recognize the Quinisext Council?

  81. Which Roman Catholic figure(s) has/have accused the Church of Mariolatry?

  82. According to Lutherans, under what conditions (or at what moment) do the consecrated species cease to be the blood and body of Christ?

  83. Has Madonna been excommunicated by the Catholic Church?

  84. According to Catholic theology are the Psalms suitable preaching/prayers/songs for Christians?

  85. What is the extra value of the body of Christ in the Eucharist when someone is already full of the Holy Spirit?
  86. Who is the oldest Blessed?

  87. What isn't spiritual communion?

  88. What's the new rite in Tantum Ergo?
  89. Who determines church dedications?

  90. Are there non-medical miracles that can get a person beatified/canonized?
  91. Why is Good Friday called "Good"?

  92. How long can the Catholic Church be without a pope?
  93. Does the Catholic Church teach that we can choose when to use an indulgence?
  94. In Catholic theology is Yehovah the Father or all three persons?

  95. Catholicism - Consequences of not believing in all dogmas

  96. What made Luther a heretic and not a schismatic?

  97. What to do with a Nun’s silver wedding band?

  98. Were there indulgences sold for those who had no family when they died?

  99. Do Evangelicals see Catholics as pagans?

  100. According to Catholicism, what is the difference between forgiveness and release from punishment?