1. Spirit vs the soul distinction

  2. Were the Jews allowed to crucifie Jesus themselves?
  3. Does the Chicago Statement meaningfully support a doctrine of Biblical inerrancy?
  4. Why is there the word dragon in the bible

  5. Is David's lie a sin? Or is white lying justifiable?
  6. Does Catholicism allow the possibility of new books being added to the Bible?
  7. How many copies of the Bible are there per capita?
  8. What do Jehovah's Witnesses believe about other Bible translations?
  9. Did the pre-Christian Greek Bible contain only the five books of Moses?
  10. How is modern day Christian morality reconciled with the morality of the Bible?
  11. Is there any institution that has translated or is translating the Bible to Indian languages from Textus Receptus?
  12. How did Christians cultivate their knowledge of the Bible before mass-printing of the Bible?

  13. Are biblical laws supposed to be part of Government?

  14. Is there a trend toward not capitalizing the word "Bible"?
  15. If you are forgiven through the Grace of God, why do you need an Indulgence?
  16. What is the meaning of CCC-135?
  17. Is there a German version of the Message Bible?
  18. To the LCMS Lutherans, how is the Bible the word of God?

  19. To the Lutherans ELCA, how is the Bible the word of God?
  20. What record is there of a canon of Scripture having been set at the First Ecumenical Council?
  21. How did attitues to the deutero-canonical books in the Western Churches change during the second millenium?
  22. Why was the Bible not available to common people in the Medieval period?
  23. What is an overview of the perspectives on how a miracle is actually done?

  24. According to dispensationalism, who is 'the dragon' and what are the differences between 'the dragon' and 'the beast'?
  25. Is there a good Swedish Bible Translation that's not the equivalent of the NIV?

  26. According to full preterism, who is 'the dragon' and what are the differences between 'the dragon' and 'the beast'?

  27. Which kind of relations are considered incestous in Christianity?

  28. Does Christianity claim that the Bible is God's only Word?
  29. How many distinct Biblical canons are there?
  30. What is the translation methodology for the Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI)?
  31. What writings are held as "biblical canon" by Swedenborgians?

  32. Is healing with honey mentioned in the Bible?

  33. Modern Book of Jasher - Genuine?

  34. Could a lowborn during the middle ages read the bible?

  35. When was the Bible formally declared to be inerrant and/or infallible?

  36. What are the written signs referred to in John 20:31?

  37. Is there reference to Jesus or the main Biblical characters outside the Bible?

  38. When is Isaiah 11:8 supposed to be fulfilled?
  39. Where do Catholics believe the historical narrative of the Bible begins?

  40. Why is literary style not inspired?

  41. Why the Western European style names?

  42. What Bible translations are accepted by the Southern Baptist Convention?

  43. Why is the name Jehovah not used more in the Book of Mormon?
  44. When was the Biblical canon formalised?
  45. What Bible translations are accepted by Mormons?

  46. Into how many languages has the Bible been translated?

  47. Does the Catholic Church officially claim that the Bible is insufficient without tradition?
  48. What was the role of Christianity in establishing Monogamous societies?
  49. Are there passages in the synoptic gospels that could be used to support faith alone?

  50. Which is the book in the Protestant Bible containing most quotes of verses from other Bible books?

  51. They will see but will remain blind

  52. Was Mark a personal witness of the cursed fig tree?

  53. Why did Jesus use parables to teach?

  54. Good Urdu Translations of the Bible from the Masoretic and one of the Textus Receptuses, or just either?
  55. In what sense is the bible is "clear"/perspicuous?

  56. What does the Bible say about body art/tattos?
  57. Are there any active Christian ministries that preach from the Jefferson Bible?
  58. Why do Christians have different books in their Bible?
  59. What major discrepancies exist between "versions" of the Bible?

  60. Has the Bible ever been translated into Egyptian Hieroglyphics?

  61. In what order were the books in the New Testament written?

  62. What is a gospel, and how many gospels are there in the Catholic Bible?
  63. What books are in a modern Peshitta?

  64. Is there a difference between Scripture and inspired writings?
  65. Is the Vulgate the official version of the bible for entire Catholic Church, or just the Latin Church?

  66. Do protestants believe that the New Testament is the final covenant?
  67. What are common criticisms against using the KJV?
  68. What could be the reason for Jesus not telling His disciples to write down whatever He was teaching them?

  69. German Bible translation like NKJV, ESV, NASB.. etc
  70. Why in the Book of Exodus did God let the people travel for exactly 40 years?

  71. How is it that Georgian Orthodox Church are in full communion with the Eastern Orthodox Church when they have a different biblical canon?
  72. What are the details for the Catholic position on the inspiration of Scripture?

  73. What key differences should I be sure to cover when explaining how I study the Bible as a Catholic to my Episcopalian friend?

  74. Do Pentecostals include the Old Testament in their Bible? Or do they only follow the New Testament?

  75. How does the Catholic Church respond to the claim that its authority to interpret scripture is based on circular reasoning?

  76. What writing materials did the writers of the Gospels use?

  77. Is the Book of Mormon considered to be another Gospel? (LDS perspective)
  78. What is the origin of the doctrine of perspicuity?

  79. Why is there not a single date in the Bible?

  80. Will we experience heaven (or hell) with our consciousness?

  81. Are there any examples of sarcasm in the bible?

  82. Where can I find scans of original Biblical manuscripts?

  83. What was St Paul's age at the time of his conversion and what was his age when he died?
  84. Why sleep next to an open Bible?
  85. How can we be sure of the authenticity of the bible

  86. Why are days like "Sunday" or "Monday" not mentioned in the Bible?
  87. Old Roman Catholic Bibles having indulgence charts?

  88. Evidence of Jesus being either autistic or having difficulty speaking?
  89. Bible Memorization App

  90. Can any sin be forgiven? (According to the teaching of the Catholic Church)
  91. What word did Jesus use for God in Aramaic?

  92. What are the differences between the CRCNA position on infallibility and the ICBI position on inerrancy?
  93. In what specific ways does the content differ between the standard edition and the student edition of The Apologetics Study Bible?
  94. With whom did Abel and Seth marry?
  95. Is there any substantive difference between the verbal reference "second Corinthians" and "two Corinthians"?

  96. What specific scholarship is there behind the New World Translation?

  97. According to the bible, where did egypt arise from?
  98. What are the biblical arguments that the Bible canon is closed?

  99. What is the theological import behind genealogies?
  100. Where does the belief the Bible is written by the Holy Spirit come from?