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  1. What is the scriptural basis for "Love God and do whatever you please"?

  2. Is there an "official" Septuagint; that is, one that is univesally recognized as such?

  3. Is there extrabiblical first-century documentation of sadducee theology?
  4. What do Jehovah's Witnesses believe about evolution?

  5. What original text is the King James Version (KJV) translation of the Old Testament based on?

  6. Do Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the 1918 influenza was caused by Satan?
  7. What is the point of multiple devotions according to the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican faiths?
  8. Does everyone "know" God according to Romans 1:21?

  9. A Question Regarding the Variation of Doctrines within Christendom

  10. Why is Christmas on December 25th?
  11. Why are evangelicals more likely to excuse poor conduct by politicians?

  12. Are there gaps in the genealogy from Adam to Noah?

  13. How much of the Bible's original manuscripts are from the Greek, Hebrerw and Aramaic?

  14. Why did Jesus wear the crown of thorns?

  15. Did Martin Luther teach penal substitution?

  16. Why was Jesus condemned for blasphemy by the Jews?
  17. Why did the high priests try Jesus on charges of Blasphemy if He fulfilled their prophecy?
  18. According to the Jehovah's Witnesses, why was Jesus likely not born in December because of Levite temple service schedule?

  19. Is the OT translation in "The Apostolic Bible - Polyglot" based strictly on the LXX or MT text?

  20. Why is Christ often shown with long hair in Christian iconography?

  21. Is any of Jesus' carpentry still around?
  22. Why is there the word dragon in the bible

  23. Are there any English Bible translations whose primary text for the OT is the Septuagint?

  24. What are the six OT quotes in the NT, which are not from the Septuagint?

  25. What denominations, besides JWs, hold that the Star of Bethlehem was sent by Satan?
  26. Why does Roman Catholicism reject reincarnation?

  27. Is there any evidence that Paul was a descendant of Jonathan?
  28. Is there an English translation of the OT, which is strictly based on the Septuagint?
  29. Do any Christian groups consider divorce sufficient cause for excommunication?

  30. What does it mean that Apollos only knew the "baptism of John?" Acts 18:25
  31. What kind of characteristics does the Great Tribulation have in LDS eschatology?

  32. What is the basis for the belief that the name of the Messiah is יָהוּשׁוּעַ (Yahushua)?
  33. How do JWs reconcile the belief that Satan was cast to earth in 1914 with Job 1:7 and Job 2:2?
  34. How can the existence of other species of the genus Homo be reconciled with Christian belief in the uniqueness of humankind? (Catholic perspective)

  35. Any indication of a one world language?

  36. What Scriptures was Paul referring to in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4

  37. What is an overview of Protestant explanations of the difference between dead faith and perfect faith in James 2?

  38. Why did the KJV translators translate יהוה on the extremely rare occasion as IEHOVAH rather than LORD?
  39. Is David's lie a sin? Or is white lying justifiable?

  40. Why are Lussekatter served on St. Lucy's day (i.e. why cats?)?
  41. Can a bishop allow Marriage between cousins?

  42. What are the major criticisms of the NIV?
  43. Who is Mammon whom Jesus warned of in Sermon of the Mount?

  44. What is the age at which Peter the Apostle died?

  45. Why doesn't Satan and his demons just overrun us right now?

  46. Why are relics that can perform miracles not idols?

  47. Looking for Primer on the History and Structure of the Roman Catholic Church
  48. What are some scholarly biblical arguments for theistic evolution?

  49. How do theistic evolutionists explain moral reasoning?
  50. According to theistic evolutionists, at what point did humans evolve enough to be considered special to God?

  51. Is there a particular order in lighting candles on an advent wreath?

  52. Why do Protestants not refer to Mary by the title "Mother of God"?
  53. A Question Regarding the Divinity of Jesus the Messiah

  54. What are the "Beatitudes"?

  55. Origin of La Madonna Del Gatto
  56. Is brethren a currently used plural for brother (monks)?
  57. What does "one another" mean in John 13:35?
  58. Is Any New Testament Book Undisputed In Its Authorship?

  59. Are modern Amish much more dissimilar from society than the original generations of Amish?

  60. Does the Chicago Statement meaningfully support a doctrine of Biblical inerrancy?

  61. Are we blessed when people hurt us?

  62. What does it mean to be "poor in spirit"?

  63. What is the Catholic Church's interpretation of 'hunger and thirst for righteousness'?

  64. What is the "Magnificat"?

  65. Learning Greek and Hebrew?

  66. How is the Vulgate rendering of Romans 5:12 explained (Roman Catholic perspective)?

  67. Was Luke an eye-witness to the crucifixion?

  68. Since the universe is either deterministic or in-deterministic, why would a loving God NOT save all souls?
  69. What does the LDS Church teach about Jesus being married, having children, and His position on polygamy?

  70. How do Christians reconcile 1 Peter 3:15 and Luke 21:13-15 which appear to be contradictory commands?
  71. What is the difference between icons and idols in churches that permit icons?

  72. How do Catholics answer the question of idol worship within the faith?

  73. Who has the authority to change the wording of the Lord's Prayer in the Catholic Church in the United States?

  74. In what sense do Presbyterians consider Christ's sacrifice "perfect"?

  75. Was the full Sign of the Cross prevalent in entire Catholic Church?
  76. What do proponents of "Free Grace" theology believe about the salvation of Judas?

  77. Citation for KJV Quotes
  78. What support is there for the Jehovah’s Witness translation of John 1:1?

  79. What did Jesus mean by his apparent racial taunt to the Canaanite woman in Matt 15 when he inferred that they were "dogs"?

  80. Is there a historical reason why the liturgical colour purple eventually replaced black to symbolise penance?

  81. Does 1 Corinthians 8:6 prove Unitarianism?

  82. What was the weight of Noah's ark before and after the animals were loaded on to it?
  83. How are the Decretive, Preceptive, and Permissive wills of God defined?

  84. Did Martin Luther really nail his 95 Theses to the church door?
  85. Prayer never worked, should I keep praying?

  86. How to make a trusted and understanding friend
  87. What is the difference between classical and revised dispensationalism?
  88. Which Jesus' movie is shown in this image?

  89. Is it only Catholicism that says grace on food?

  90. Did Martin Luther write his own Bible?

  91. Did Martin Luther preach against key doctrines of Christ?
  92. Who told Eve about the fruit?
  93. Does answering an altar call require a new baptism if one was previously baptized?

  94. Can the human spirit remember anything without a physical body? (LDS perspective)

  95. Which church father first taught the perpetual virginity of Mary?

  96. Marriage between syrian catholics and roman catholics?
  97. Missing work of St. Augustine in Latin?

  98. How big was the wilderness in which John the Baptist lived and preached?

  99. What is the status of Catholics who reject Vatican II? Are they considered heretics?

  100. Did Samuel act as a priest on top of being a prophet?