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  1. Why can Molybdenum and Krypton be Ionized so many times?

  2. Chemical reaction in photosynthesis
  3. Why does HNO2 not have resonance?
  4. Lanthanides react with mineral oil?

  5. Reaction of Diols with HX hydrohalic acids, Competing SN2 Reactions
  6. Why H2O is a liquid (water) and H2S is a gas?

  7. Can ATP be synthesized and consumed?

  8. Is selenocysteine C3H6NO2Se or C3H7NO2Se?

  9. Mass of monomer needed to obtain a polymer of a given molecular weight

  10. Product of primary amine and acid anhydride

  11. Order of reaction greater than molecularity?
  12. What is reaction between isopropyl alcohol and acetone?

  13. Organic Chemistry : Alkly Groups , is CycloAlkyl a subgroup

  14. Prop-2-yn-1-ol NMR spectrum differences

  15. Is there a method to recover camphene from sublimation at ambient conditions?

  16. do organic- compounds can be synthesized from inorganic compounds?illustrare with example

  17. Irreducible representations and system states connection
  18. Combining amphetamine and MAOIs
  19. Why are not all metals included in the reactivity series

  20. Half time, first order reaction
  21. What is sigma pi double bonding and what on what criteria does it occur?
  22. Calculating the pH of a ammonium hydrogen sulfate solution

  23. calculate the percentage weight of an atom in an alloy
  24. What pH indicators are commonly used for non-polar medium?

  25. How to derive the rate laws for three consecutive reactions?
  26. How does Nuclear Bomb work?
  27. Radius of iridium atom from crystallographic data
  28. Calculation of equivalent weight
  29. Neutralization of alkali solution by a mix of strong acids
  30. How to visualize a crystal from a unit cell PDB and how to draw the unit cell's axes?
  31. Reaction between magnesium metal and sodium hydroxide: Does this even happen?
  32. How to tell 'orthokinetic' apart from 'perikinetic' based on their prefixes?
  33. Which functional group is more polar in a drug: Primary amide or a carboxylic acid?
  34. How to get a structural formula from compounds such as 3-chloro-4-methylhept-1-ene
  35. Stereoisomers of alkenes

  36. To which block of the periodic table does helium belong?

  37. Reaction between chlorobenzene and methyl chloride

  38. Is (2R,3S)-butane-2,3-diol chiral?
  39. why enalapril amino group neutral at ph 7.4?
  40. When does esterification dominate?

  41. What causes electrons to move from zinc to copper?
  42. Is there a difference between (2S,3S)-2,3-dibromobutane or its enantiomer and (2S,3R)-2,3-dibromobutane?
  43. Chirality of molecules

  44. How do inter & intra molecular hydrogen bonding effect acidity of a compound?

  45. Synthesize camphene
  46. Can you estimate actual phytase activity from measurements of phytase activity
  47. Thermochemistry
  48. Charge separation and stability in resonating structures
  49. Resonance in Organic Compound
  50. Home test for magnesium carbonate
  51. What is the electronic configuration of Cr (+1) ion

  52. Does dinitratomethane exist?
  53. Effective rate constants

  54. All about hydrogen peroxide in details

  55. Can suspensions be separated by centrifuge or by separatory funnel?
  56. Formal charges on polyatomic ions

  57. How to prepare hydrogen peroxide

  58. How does aqua regia dissolve gold?
  59. Clemmensen's reduction with a beta keto acid
  60. Detecting fake gold

  61. Why is gold golden?
  62. Does a gold detector exist?
  63. Why is gold unreactive when only one electron is in the outer shell?

  64. A glass of water with ice-cubes in it. Where's the water the coldest; at the top or bottom?

  65. Loss of aromaticity vs low entropy of activation

  66. Chemical reaction to produce 5 liter of gas

  67. Possible causes for flawed results of an EDTA titration for the Ca content of milk
  68. Using HCl to dissolve Iron ore powders.. Did I stop too early after the solution started 'spittiing'....?
  69. Clemmensen's reduction with ring expansion

  70. How many valence are in each molecule?
  71. Comparing two oxidizing agents using electron configuration

  72. How to calculate amount of nonanoic acid needed to prepare sodium nonanoate salt

  73. What is the meaning of "equivalent weight" and its formula?

  74. Why does benzene undergo substitution reaction?

  75. Explain!"An orbital of smaller size means there is more chance of finding an electron near the nucleus"

  76. Clarification of Crystal Field Splitting Energy for the Thiocyanate Ion Depending on Bond Location

  77. Have I inadvertely diethyl ether peroxides?

  78. A problem in solubility of salts with multistep hydrolysis of an ion possible

  79. Refining Sterling Silver

  80. How can I lower the flash point of stearic acid (Palm Based Fatty Acids)

  81. In the electrolysis of water in a closed container, is autoignition possible due to the current from the electrolysis process?

  82. Steric Inhibition of resonance vs. Steric inhibition of protonation
  83. Determine the Ka value of ethanoic acid
  84. Mechanism of hydrogen evolution on metal-oxide electrodes

  85. Finding the percent void of the crystalline structure of NaCl
  86. Elements in the lanthanide and Actinide series
  87. Significant Figures Help
  88. Why is the bond angle of N-N-N in hydrogen azide not 180 degrees?

  89. I tried to dissolve Iron ore into HCl. Some powders stuck on the bottom of the beaker. How do I remove?
  90. Does this compound show geometrical isomerism?
  91. In rovibrational spectra, when exactly is the Q branch forbidden?

  92. How to calculate molarity and the number of molecules for a mixture in a simulation box?

  93. Henderson Hasselbach question help

  94. Can an atom have more than 8 valence electrons? If not, why is 8 the limit?

  95. Is the energy inserted by electron is equal to the change in energy after transition ie ∆E
  96. Oxidation of Fe to Fe3+ (corrosion)

  97. Absorption spectrum of Hydrogen molecule in UV region 200 nm - 300 nm (not Atomic Hydrogen)
  98. Calculating pH of a solution

  99. Stability of extended enolates
  100. What is difference between aluminium mercury alloy and gallium aluminium alloy?