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  18. How companies are accepting bitcoin for their products or services?
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  22. When and where to add extra information when signing P2SH raw transaction?

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  24. Mining on your own network, or creating your own mini pool

  25. Integrating an existing Sidechain

  26. Why are there no very low bids/very high asks on GDAX?

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  28. Purpose of token standard interfaces when implement smart contract

  29. How are utxos associated with a particular address?

  30. How to build Bitcoin binaries for Windows on Ubuntu using cross-compile
  31. How do I scan my bitcoin receipt into my wallet?
  32. How does Bitcoin Gold difficulty adjustment work?
  33. Has UTXO selection methods changed since activation of Segwit?

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  37. How do Schnorr signatures impact coin selection and the utxo growth?
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  39. How do instant exchange services work?
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  41. old wallet.dat from 2013/14 with some btc not confirmed or in mempool
  42. How to find out the requirements for spending an output script?

  43. witthdrawal of BCC to my luno account
  44. What is the name of the procedure of downloading and checking the ledger for a new node?

  45. Forks to be aware of other than Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold?
  46. Whats the minimum recommended output for a faucet-like system? (April 2017)
  47. bitcoin transaction is stil pending
  48. Has a consensus algorithm where temporary authorities are fairly “elected” via PoW been discussed?

  49. Can a ZCash shielded/deshielded transaction have values for both vpub_in and vpub_out

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  51. Understanding Bitcoin fees

  52. How can I get Electrum running under Debian with a restrictive firewall?
  53. Rest API for address index

  54. Jelurida Public License (jpl) and IGNIS ico

  55. How do you generate a NXT / Ardor address using javascript only?
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  57. I have lost my mail id
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  60. Halting problem

  61. Pools combine power, but all focus on a block? How do they all earn?

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  63. Lost Private Keys

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  75. Can I use root used to create multiple BIP32 addresses, to spend transactions belonging to these multiple BIP32 addresses?
  76. Does using different addresses affect subsequent transaction size, given the same number of inputs?
  77. Why were private keys made unrecoverable?

  78. How do I set the relay fee in the bitcore console?
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  80. What would happen if there were no full nodes?
  81. What stops a miner from including arbitrary transactions in their block?
  82. How can you check the amount in your blockchain or bitcoin address online?
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  84. Bitcoin success rate
  85. Why can't I use Electrum seed to recover my wallet on Trezor and

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  87. Why does the bitcoin functional test fail in tagged release 0.16.0?
  88. Unable to connect to peers nor synchronize the network

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