1. What is the scientific name of this leaf?

  2. What is this grainy surface on my two-week-old sourdough starter?
  3. Pest on fenugreek

  4. I need help identifying a bug

  5. Help in identifying an unknown Golden Worm/Larvae
  6. What is the name of this yellow / orange fungus?

  7. Picture of spider for identification
  8. What kind of snake is this? Seen on Koh Lanta, Thailand

  9. centipede? millipede? Costa Rica
  10. species ID: garden bush from Bangalore, India

  11. What kind of tree is this — why do its huge leaves change shape and "grow fingers"?
  12. What is the name of this big tree with look of banyan branches?

  13. Caterpillar identification: Peru
  14. Bug Identification: Is this small tubular, black bug a bed bug?
  15. Is this a bed bug or a book louse?
  16. What kind of insect is this? (seen in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo)

  17. Insect Identification (even the family name would do)

  18. what snake is this and is it venomous?
  19. Varied Carpet Beetle Larvae
  20. What is this fleshy-stemmed plant?

  21. bird identification by its singing
  22. What nocturnal animal sound am I hearing in the trees in Maine?
  23. What type of guatemala beetle is this?

  24. Please identify this tree in the Netherlands

  25. Help identify this tiny insect or spider?

  26. Could these be Mycetozoa?

  27. What is this small insect called?
  28. What kind of grasshopper-like insect is this?

  29. Identify a bird by its feather
  30. What is this insect from Brazil

  31. Could someone Identify this Insect Hive on my Balcony Grill

  32. Is this a sentry palm?
  33. Spider identification Delaware
  34. Identification of Unknown Insects found in landfill (spider like)
  35. What kind of spider is this and is it dangerous?
  36. Identify this spider
  37. What is this spider spinning a bright green web?
  38. What species is this large-ish spider?
  39. Species Identification: Beetle having trunk!
  40. identify this plant
  41. identify this tree

  42. Is this a bed bug?

  43. Which mushroom species is this?
  44. Identify this insect - genus, species
  45. Spider identification assistance Phoenix

  46. Please identify this creature found on the beach

  47. What is this insect? It has infested my room!

  48. Identify little green long legged bug

  49. What is this tree that displays sycamore like characteristics but appears to be too small?

  50. A weird-looking fish with a shield
  51. What is this creature I found in my pool?

  52. What are this designs which I found on curry leaves?
  53. What is this strange mantis-like coral reef dwelling creature?
  54. What are these creeping cacti tendrils?

  55. What is this strange horned, slug-like coral reef dwelling creature?
  56. ID Sunbird in Oman - White, Dark Grey, Yellow

  57. What kind of fruit is this? It is the size of a small avocado or a plum

  58. Help identifying this bird from Southern Brazil
  59. What is this rather large insect in northwestern USA?
  60. What is this bug I found at my house?

  61. Help me identify these two ants
  62. Identification of a spider from my basement

  63. Spider Identification: Is this an Arizona Recluse?
  64. What is this insect from Brasil?
  65. ID please.Small insect from Brazil
  66. What is this 2-3cm insect found in South-Eastern Brazil?
  67. What type of lizard is this?

  68. Species Identification: Snake, New Mexico

  69. And another insect from SE Brazil Oct 2017

  70. What is the name of this bird?
  71. I would like to know what this insect is please

  72. ID this insect please. SE Brazil Oct 2017
  73. ID please SE Brazil

  74. Spider identification: male black widow?
  75. This is the bone of which animal? And which bone?

  76. Mold identification

  77. Worm inside a millepede

  78. Help identifying tuber

  79. What is this insect that showed up after I left food out? How can I get rid of it?

  80. Help identifying fruit
  81. What kind of snake is this? Saw it in inca trail, Peru

  82. I want to know the name of this water plant?

  83. What is this spider?

  84. Hoverfly Identification Wing Resting Position

  85. Identify this tuber like object found on beach

  86. What is this salt-water worm?

  87. what type of insect is this? is this a moth? (southeast asia - Malaysia)

  88. Help identify this creature

  89. What is this fish?! Is it even real?

  90. What is this bizarre insect?

  91. What is this insect? Seems to be in Indonesia

  92. Identifying a weird Texas tree
  93. Need to identify this insect and ways to eradicate it

  94. Can anyone identify this spider?

  95. Can somebody identify this insect?

  96. Identification of a caterpillar from NY
  97. What kind of spider is this from Sydney, Australia?

  98. Are these images of carpenter ants?
  99. What animal is this (snake/slug/worm)?

  100. Can anyone identify this locust / grasshopper in Florida, USA?