1. How to correctly and accurately identify a few species of trees from their leaves?
  2. What type of bee/wasp is this?
  3. Insect Identification. Moth or dragonfly or?
  4. Help identify this small spiney praying mantis?
  5. Worm inside a millepede

  6. Is this a firefly?

  7. Is it possible to identify this chrysalis?
  8. Identify this smooth-cocoon worm from Southern India

  9. Are there species that occupy several roles in the food hierarchy?

  10. What kind of insect is this? (seen in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  11. Approx 1cm, white and brown insect feeding on fruits, what are they?

  12. Can you identify this flower?
  13. A strange insect

  14. Is this Quercus coccifera?

  15. What is this Californian shrub?
  16. Is this a shell operculum? If yes, can I get more info on operculum

  17. Which spider is this? Is it dangerous?
  18. What is this thorny plant with cute leaves?

  19. What is the name of this yellow / orange fungus?

  20. What is this plant called?
  21. What type of tree is this?
  22. Could these be Mycetozoa?
  23. Spider identification please

  24. centipede? millipede? Costa Rica
  25. I found a bug on my bedroom floor. Is this a bedbug?
  26. Does this recording sound like the pulses emitted by bats?
  27. What is Growing on These Tree Leaves? (Image)

  28. Could someone please identify this insect?
  29. what is the classification of this stream insect?

  30. Identify caterpillars and, if possible, parasitoid (Sabah, north Borneo)
  31. Peruvian insect identification
  32. Bird identification from Nepal

  33. Request for an ID of two spider species found in Australia, NT
  34. What is this strange horned, slug-like coral reef dwelling creature?
  35. What spider is that in south of Brazil?

  36. Please Help Identify These Bugs

  37. Insect identification (Brazil, orthoptera?)

  38. Insect identification: Fly with eye strip
  39. found this flying ant like insect in pune, help me identify it?

  40. Can different Chromobactierum strains have completley different colony morphology?

  41. What is the name of this big tree with look of banyan branches?

  42. Caterpillar identification: Peru

  43. Does anyone know what are these birds?

  44. need to identify species of this Leaf-footed bug?
  45. Insect Identification (even the family name would do)

  46. What kind of lichen is it?
  47. Help me identify the following insect

  48. Identifying a thin, black, worm-like creature with a hammer-shaped head

  49. What insect could this be?
  50. Succulent Plant identification

  51. Where can i find a compendium of microorganisms

  52. What spider is this? Found in Hawaii
  53. What kind of spider is this and is it poisonous?

  54. Identifying a spider from coastal Virginia

  55. What spider is this? BOLIVIA

  56. What kind of ants are these? Are these venomous?

  57. Could someone identify this insect?

  58. A weird-looking fish with a shield
  59. Identification of Unknown Insects found in landfill (spider like)

  60. Costa Rican Centipede Species
  61. Is this a bed bug or some other bug?
  62. Which mushroom species is this?

  63. Is this a bed bug?

  64. Snail species identification from the United Kingdom
  65. Insect ID Montreal, Qc Canada
  66. Spider identification assistance Phoenix

  67. What is this beetle looking fly creature?
  68. What species is this "talking" bird?
  69. Identify the bird

  70. Identification of Unknown Insects found in landfill (tiny, full of hair on body)

  71. What insect is this, large swarms?

  72. What's this black, white and orange beetle?
  73. Identification of an Australian pigeon in the NT

  74. Can someone help me identify this spider?

  75. Picture of spider for identification
  76. Does anybody know what kind of snake is this?

  77. Can someone identify this Brazilian bird?
  78. Apple-seed-sized black bug, not very leggy - (Canada)
  79. What is this insect in Southeast Idaho?

  80. Can you identify this bee?
  81. Does anyone know what insect is this?

  82. Is this silverfish? My apartment very dry
  83. What is this small insect called?

  84. Spider identification Delaware
  85. Could someone help identify these insects
  86. I found this in my refrigerator water filter. Is it a biofilm? Is it a sign of dangerous bacteria?
  87. What is this whitish jelly incrustation on a plastic tube?
  88. What species is this bug (Czech Republic)

  89. Identify this insect - genus, species
  90. Can anyone identify this beetle?
  91. Can anyone identify this garden orb weaver spider?
  92. Trying to identify this insect
  93. Small black slow-moving insect showing up in the home
  94. What is this white stuff inside apples?

  95. What is this (water-loving) bug?

  96. Identify vegetable with stalks coming out of it
  97. Is resource partitioning a type of character displacement?

  98. Black insect with antennas and large abdomen

  99. I found this on the beach at Breamlea in Vic Australia and wondered if you could tell me what it is please
  100. identify an unknown crustacean found in Vietnam