1. What is happening during somatic cell nuclear transfer on the molecular level?
  2. Why EtBr migrate toward the opposite direction?
  3. Western blotting quantification
  4. Backcrossing in Hybrid
  5. How can E. coli proliferate so rapidly?
  6. How do DNA-binding proteins recognize the correct DNA base pairs?

  7. How can you band wheat chromosomes using Giemsa dye?

  8. Do strictly anaerobic organisms use metabolic reactions requiring oxygen?

  9. Why is ATP the preferred choice for energy carriers?

  10. Cloning problem. Digestion test at the end of the cloning is always negative

  11. peptide MHC microarray
  12. What's the difference between using basal and insulin cells in a protein kinase assay?
  13. DNA quantification in a high school bio lab

  14. DNA centrifugation in water
  15. Why HIV need integrase enzyme to integrate their DNA into host cell?

  16. How can ionized amino acid form be important for the catalytic activity?
  17. Do cells communicate only in binary levels?

  18. DNA or enzymes — which came first?
  19. Biology Intuition and Origin of the "facts"

  20. Why are so few foods blue?

  21. Specific primer design
  22. Overexpression by integration of an additional copy vs promoter exchange
  23. Mathematical representation of "gene signatures"

  24. Differential Gene Expression

  25. Meaning of term ‘rapidly labeled RNA’

  26. Difference between 'fitness' and 'fitness effects'

  27. What is the lowest common denominator of cancer?

  28. How do membrane proteins find their target locations?

  29. Is there any way to make protein pass through cell membrane?

  30. Reaction centre in Photosystems of higher plants
  31. What is the shortest mRNA the ribosome can read to produce a peptide?

  32. Limit on the Number of Facial Phenotype

  33. How does salt concentration affect chromatin compaction?
  34. Why is liquefactive necrosis only seen in brain?

  35. Why is a T-to-C change assumed to be A-to-I in RNA-seq data? (RNA editing)

  36. How to Calculate how many times an enzyme would cut a plasmid

  37. What is a control in an enzyme question.

  38. What's the relation between Kinase, Phosphatase and ATPase, GTPase (GTP/ATP)?
  39. What happens if CI protein is removed from OR3?

  40. what if there is a door for which our immune system has no key?

  41. RNA isolation- role of pH

  42. Facial uniqueness of some animals of the same species

  43. MOPS Media Recipe Protocol - Well Defined
  44. relieving DNA super-coiling stress
  45. How could this molecule affect the body? (Lysergic acid derivative)

  46. Kallikrein 4 and stress granules

  47. microsatellite amplification for new species
  48. Concentration of plasmid and PCR product
  49. Downstream Promoter Element’s Role

  50. Why isn't photosynthesis catabolic reaction?
  51. Catabolic and Anabolic Reactions
  52. Why is the outer circle of human mitochondrial DNA ‘heavy’, whereas the inner circle is ‘light’?

  53. What causes us to see white light?
  54. Shell-less Chick development - Incorporation of Calcium carbonate instead of Calcium lactate pentahydrate powder?
  55. How can the immobilized ssDNA hybrid with another ssDNA in DNA Microarray
  56. What is the role of glycine in the running buffer for SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
  57. Hebbian theory "fire together" clarification

  58. Why do you get an increase in bicarbonate ions after vomiting?
  59. Expressing bacterial proteins in mammalian cells
  60. E.coli fermentation - process flow
  61. Some question about materials for PCR
  62. How does the contractile vacuole conserve homeostasis?

  63. What does having no consensus symbols in a ClustalX2 alignment mean?

  64. What are the chemical characteristics of cofactors that functionally differentiate them from the side chains of amino acids?

  65. Which of the three is true for insulin receptors?

  66. Speed of molecules in human cells?

  67. Is spliceosomal RNA called snRNP or snRNA?
  68. How to design primers and transform a cell using amplified cassettes from designed primers?

  69. Can a phosphodiester bond form between RNA and DNA?

  70. Why do most organisms have negative supercoiled DNA?

  71. Why should you use an annealing temperature about 5°C below the Tm of your primers?

  72. Drosophila experiment - Fru gene
  73. What do you call mRNAs that translate to the same protein?
  74. Dsx protein and Drosophilia
  75. Is female the default sex in humans?
  76. Is the size of the genome across species roughly the same?
  77. How does RNA transcription determine which half of the DNA to use?

  78. Does any molecule other than DNA have a double-helical structure?

  79. Why difference in degree of folding in a cell?

  80. What's the best source characterizing proteolysis cleavage sites in the phagolysosome?
  81. Why does sequence of amino acids presented on the Catalytic Site Atlas from a given protein differs from the sequence on the RSCB Protein Data Bank

  82. Is `product` dissociation constant in Micael-Menten model the same `Kd`?

  83. Why do we need to replicate incomplete DNA fragments by PCR from a crime scene?
  84. Why is freezing bacteria not a problem?
  85. Does sample buffer require EDTA for protein separation on SDS PAGE?
  86. Where did H2 come from at pyruvate oxidation?

  87. What are the structural factors affect enzyme's Km?
  88. Is there any difference between hydrogen acceptor and hydrogen carrier?
  89. Does ribosome associated with RER separate from RER after finishing protein synthesis?

  90. How can histidine be classified both as positively charged and hydrophobic?
  91. why is DNA antiparallel? Can it be parallel?
  92. After converting sticky ends to blunt ends with t4 DNA polymerase, are the ends phosphorylated?

  93. Why does methylation not occur in viral DNA?

  94. My comet assay slides have a white outgrowth a fungus may be..I dont know what it is and would it affect the results?
  95. Meaning of acceptor/donor splicing sites?

  96. RNAse H / Polymerase I
  97. Cancer and Evolution

  98. Where do all the NAD+s come from?

  99. How can I determine the mRNA sequence from a given template DNA strand?
  100. What are the advantages using SUMO vector for expression?