1. Can the theory of natural selection distinguish between two correlated phenotypic traits?
  2. How does heredity work with Endogenous retrovirus?
  3. What is the probability that there are no substitution between an ancestor and a modern individual?

  4. Oocyte cryopreservation: genes from three parents?
  5. Pedigree Probability, Autosomal Recessive Trait
  6. When analyzing whether selection favors an allele that allocates indiscriminately, should the initial frequency of the allele be considered?
  7. Backcrossing in Hybrid

  8. How does allele dominance work in polyploid organisms?
  9. A missing endogenous retrovirus in humans, but present in gorillas and chimpanzees?

  10. Trying to extract DNA with an incomplete kit
  11. Condition for a genetically modified group of cell to remain and to spread?

  12. Which information can be extracted from time course RNA-Seq Data?

  13. Do men and women have the same number of genes?
  14. Why GC-rich region is less condense?

  15. The genotype of a hybrid plant from a cross and its determination?

  16. How many Endogenous Retroviruses do we share with other primates?

  17. Is it theoretically possible to treat filaggrin deficiency with a dietary supplement?

  18. DNA centrifugation in water
  19. Genotype result of double fertilization

  20. Mendel crossing chart: TTRR w/ ttrr - gametes

  21. What exactly is a centimorgan?

  22. What's the difference between germ line and germ cells?
  23. How many ERVs found in Lebedev's study?
  24. What is used to notate an allele?

  25. Is there any biological basis for the emphasis on the value of the firstborn son?
  26. Please explain this sentence from Hardy-Weinberg principle

  27. Role of homology arms in CRISPR
  28. Question about phylogenies and DNA sequencing

  29. How does selection affect allele frequency?

  30. How does Artificial Selection work?

  31. genetic difference subpopulations vs movement rate

  32. I'm trying to unserstand Yamanaka's iPS cells paper

  33. Bottleneck effect

  34. How to watch a Zebrafish embryo in detail?
  35. Monohybrid Cross word problem about widow's peak Punnett Square

  36. Mutate from non-GM to GM?

  37. What determines the number of chromosomes an organism carries?
  38. Can chromosomal crossover undo itself?
  39. Career advice for a bachelor of biology with russian STEM diploma
  40. Are a child's traits truly random?
  41. Measure of relatedness between two animals

  42. How does sexual reproduction generate more genetic variation?

  43. what happens when you put enhancer and caat box in prokaryotes

  44. Is the DNA different in each type of cell? What DNA is passed to offspring?
  45. Barr body Giemsa staining
  46. Tryptophan Operon Working Mechanism
  47. Linkage Disequilibrium - What does it mean when D < 0?

  48. Are pheromones capable of activating changes to the Phenotype of a complex organism?

  49. How many nucleotide pairs code one gene?

  50. Difference between 'fitness' and 'fitness effects'

  51. Are drug-gene interactions predictable?

  52. Does polyploidy concern homologous chromosomes alone?
  53. Is it possible to determine what tissue a DNA sample came from based solely on its sequence?

  54. How do epigenetics influence fat distribution?

  55. What are some examples of interbreeding between species that are separated by 5 million years or more?

  56. Why are hybrids infertile?

  57. Human Demography - Where can I find this statistic?
  58. Horizontal gene transfer and Botulinum toxin

  59. What is mean by the term "an organism's genotype is its specific combination of alleles for a given gene"?

  60. Do apes and humans share 99% of DNA or 99% of genes? What is the difference?

  61. Limit on the Number of Facial Phenotype

  62. Behaviour of chromosomes and genes

  63. How does salt concentration affect chromatin compaction?

  64. Reason for name "Motile sperm domain-containing protein 2" if it has nothing to do with sperm

  65. At what level of relation does inbreeding become dangerous?
  66. When is gene density an important parameter in experiments?
  67. Meiosis and combinations of chromosomes

  68. Question on the concept of mitochondrial Eve
  69. What determines sex in birds?

  70. Why babies cry after they are born?

  71. Facial uniqueness of some animals of the same species
  72. Does the given pedigree show a Y-linked dominant trait?
  73. What is the opposite of a mutation (the regular state)?
  74. What is the definition of a mutation?
  75. Can we detect the origin of a 1000 year old dead body after grave excavation?

  76. What would be the molar concentration of human DNA in a normal human cell?
  77. Is the barcode COI sequence the sense or antisense strand of DNA?
  78. Barr bodies in males?
  79. How come most animals never seem to evolve over millenia?
  80. Why are animal mitochondrial genomes so conserved and small in comparison to those of plants?

  81. Does the number of base pairs between the end of one gene and the start of the next gene have to be a multiple of 3?

  82. Why is a heritability coefficient not an index of how "genetic" something is?

  83. Genotype of e.coli that can be used as host for amplifying mouse DNA
  84. Use of genetics discoveries made in model organisms

  85. Downstream Promoter Element’s Role

  86. Question about different gametes that can be produced

  87. Why do ladybugs have a different number of points on their backs

  88. How is incomplete lineage sorting distinguished from permutations in one clade?

  89. Do men have a higher genetic variance than women?

  90. Indirect lineage sorting between human, gorilla and chimpanzee, does it exclude loci reversals (for example on chromosome 12?)

  91. How do you determine linkage by counting associated markers within a bin of contiguous markers?

  92. How much does genetic distance vary between humans?

  93. Correlation between genetic distance and birth defects

  94. Hybrid between Homo Sapiens and Gorilla?
  95. Monohybrid Cross
  96. Why is an HIV infection considered "incurable"?

  97. Gene distance and Recombination Frequency: Mechanism

  98. What is meant by bars above parental genome map?

  99. Do DNA viruses have their own DNA dependant DNA polymerase?
  100. What impact do genetic engineering techniques have on seed breeders?