1. Does this leaf belong to carissa macrocarpa?
  2. Palm Tree Identification
  3. What is this whitish jelly-like substance on a branch?

  4. Fruit-producing water plant

  5. What is this apple's abnormality?
  6. Hybrid, Japanese or European larch please?
  7. If all animals were to die, would all plants die too?
  8. What's the (or some of the) minimum(s) amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide needed by plants?
  9. Identification of a young tree in the alpine region of southeastern France

  10. How to measure the biomass of hydroponic plants in netpot/rockwool DWC system?

  11. How can I determine the sex of a tree seedling?

  12. Effect of high temperatures on plant stomata

  13. plant crossing for creating breeding population

  14. Plants anti-aging process
  15. Can you identify this (possibly waterstoring) plant?
  16. Can someone identify this plant

  17. The colour of aquatic plants found deep under oceans
  18. Algae or Lichen identification. Coastal BC, Canada

  19. How different are these terms: Phylloclade, Phyllode, Cladophyll and Cladode?
  20. Are there any plants with nervous systems?

  21. Identify plant stem parts
  22. What is the relationship between the light and dark reactions of photosynthesis?

  23. Behavior of plant guard cells: open or closed stomata

  24. What species is this bushy thorny yellow-flowered angiosperm from Morocco?
  25. What is this Californian shrub?

  26. Can someone identify the species of this angiosperm?
  27. Can someone identify this species from the pea family?

  28. What is this thorny plant with cute leaves?

  29. Why does cut grass cause allergies?
  30. What is this species of asphodel from Morocco?
  31. What is this species of angiosperm from Morocco?
  32. What is this plant from Morocco?

  33. What is this pink angiosperm from Morocco?

  34. What is this plant with white-spotted thorny leaves from Morocco?
  35. What species is this yellow flower of angiosperm from Morocco?

  36. Identifying a possible pathogen of a succulent plant (Haworthiopsis attenuata) presenting with small brown scales

  37. What is this flat dry stick-like leaf that rattles?
  38. What is this angiosperm from Morocco?

  39. What are the names of these plants?

  40. Is a gametophyte a spore?
  41. Which plants are healthy to keep in the bedroom at night?
  42. Is this black locust?

  43. Why is it that guttation is most commonly observed in the morning?

  44. How to correctly preserve organic matter with ethylene and polyethylene glycol?

  45. Recent research in bioluminescence powering photosynthesis?

  46. What is the name of this big tree with look of banyan branches?

  47. What is vascular cambium?

  48. Is this a texas sage?
  49. How much pollen is needed to pollinate a flower?

  50. Please name this plant
  51. How exactly is the wood fossil process?

  52. How do plants grow year after year even though they die?

  53. Can you identify this flower?

  54. What's the minimum, if any, concentration of atmospheric nitrogen needed by plants?

  55. Will plants grow under a green light?

  56. What are the plants found in India that can be used for security purposes? Ex. Thorny plants-Architecture student
  57. Can roots have cuticle, especially aerial roots?

  58. Moss Transportation System

  59. Online course on Plant Taxonomy and Physiology

  60. Why does a coconut have exactly three "holes"?
  61. water loss from mesophyll cell wall (A-level)
  62. Gametophyte - Gametangium
  63. Can auxillary buds grow straight?

  64. Botany terms and definition

  65. Cattail seeds spring revitalization

  66. What is the primary energy source for sprouting plants?
  67. If I graft two trees together while young, will they grow as one plant?

  68. What do the qualifiers used in botanical species names mean?

  69. How to correctly and accurately identify a few species of trees from their leaves?
  70. Is there any example of living beings destroying their environment?

  71. Could alternatives to Photosynthesis be possible?

  72. What is this beautiful bush?
  73. Is this Quercus coccifera?

  74. Why all trees have cylindrical stems?

  75. Can plants suffer from CO2 poisoning?
  76. What could inhibit root growth in plants?

  77. Is it possible to extract tissue-culture material from a seed?
  78. What type of tree is this?
  79. At what point in the day do plants start to absorb light for photosynthesis?

  80. Can plants grow under extreme (>1%) carbon dioxide concentrations?

  81. What is Growing on These Tree Leaves? (Image)
  82. What can give rocket salad (Eruca Sativa) a fish smell?

  83. Ratio of oxygen produced / consumed by plants

  84. Do Vaccinium membranaceum plants need a minimum amount of darkness per 24 hours?

  85. What kind of lichen is it?
  86. Can a new plant grow from half a Succulent leaf?

  87. What happens when seeds are refrigerated before planting?
  88. Why do cherries sometimes grow as triplets?
  89. Succulent Plant identification

  90. Borax wood preservative is drawn into fresh cut poles better from the top end than the butt. Why?
  91. Why Isn't mineral transport in xylem multi-directional?
  92. How can I find a fern gametophyte in the wild?

  93. What might a supposed “tree enzyme” be — injected into a Morton Bay Fig tree?

  94. How does acacia affect the growth of nearby plants?
  95. Plant determination: Lilium monadelphum versus L. szovitsianum
  96. Banana peel bruises after a hit
  97. Peach pits with two seeds: Are the seeds identical twins?

  98. What chemicals/substances exist in green capsicum (peppers) that do not exist in red capsicum?

  99. Are agave plants perennial?

  100. What causes plants in the prunus genus to reach anthesis?