1. What is Growing on These Tree Leaves? (Image)

  2. Does the middle portion of the nucleus remain hollow before the development of the embryo sac?

  3. Can plants suffer from CO2 poisoning?
  4. What is the difference between the function of sporophyte and gametophytes?

  5. What can give rocket salad (Eruca Sativa) a fish smell?

  6. Child just chewed this plant and is in pain please help

  7. Botany terms and definition

  8. What is the name of this big tree with look of banyan branches?
  9. Would using industrial carbon dioxide emissions to grow plants or algae pose a threat to public health?

  10. Ratio of oxygen produced / consumed by plants
  11. Do Vaccinium membranaceum plants need a minimum amount of darkness per 24 hours?

  12. What kind of lichen is it?
  13. Can a new plant grow from half a Succulent leaf?

  14. What happens when seeds are refrigerated before planting?
  15. Why do cherries sometimes grow as triplets?
  16. Moss Transportation System

  17. How to measure the biomass of hydroponic plants in netpot/rockwool DWC system?

  18. Succulent Plant identification
  19. Borax wood preservative is drawn into fresh cut poles better from the top end than the butt. Why?

  20. Why Isn't mineral transport in xylem multi-directional?
  21. plant crossing for creating breeding population
  22. How can I find a fern gametophyte in the wild?
  23. What might a supposed “tree enzyme” be — injected into a Morton Bay Fig tree?
  24. How does acacia affect the growth of nearby plants?
  25. Plant determination: Lilium monadelphum versus L. szovitsianum

  26. What is the primary energy source for sprouting plants?

  27. Banana peel bruises after a hit

  28. Peach pits with two seeds: Are the seeds identical twins?
  29. What chemicals/substances exist in green capsicum (peppers) that do not exist in red capsicum?

  30. Are agave plants perennial?

  31. What is this Californian shrub?

  32. What causes plants in the prunus genus to reach anthesis?
  33. Apical dominance in plants
  34. Vine To Tree Root Grafting

  35. How do plants get their O₂ for respiration during the night?

  36. What is vascular cambium?
  37. Books or review articles on peptidase networks in plants?
  38. Trick fruit trees into flowering later in the spring

  39. Why do roots and shoots have different budding patterns?
  40. ATP generation during respiration
  41. Why do lychee seeds come in different shapes?

  42. What is a 1-flowered raceme?

  43. Is a microspore diploid?
  44. What amount of light energy is required to produce one O2 molecule? How about one molecule of NADPH?

  45. Putting C4 and C3 plants into a sealed chamber?
  46. Negative Phototropism In Plants

  47. The actual name of growth force

  48. What is the difference between apomixis, agamospermy and apospory?
  49. What's the difference between a simple and 1-foliolate (unifoliolate) leaf?

  50. How did hydrophilic plants become established on an isolated island with an arid coastal zone?

  51. Can plants photosynthesize all-day?

  52. properties of lamps for indoor plant growth

  53. How many ATP molecules are formed?
  54. How much oxygen does a plant use up at night?

  55. Can anybody identify this plant?
  56. Why are there no large animals with chloroplasts?
  57. Import of H+ ions into the thylakoid space during photosynthesis in plants

  58. Decision-making in tree limb growth?
  59. Potato Power. Self sustaining medium using a living potato plant possible?
  60. Do Black Pepper and Black Nightshade share specific characteristics?
  61. If animals die why dont plants?

  62. Why does the olive tree produce a bitter tasting fruit?

  63. How do trees grow?

  64. How does a pine cone open?

  65. How to cite a herbarium specimen
  66. Are mesophyll cells the same as parenchyma cells?

  67. What are pit fields?

  68. Help in identifying crusty formation on Eucalyptus leaves

  69. Looking to study botany, some general advice
  70. What roles does Imbibition plays in plants?
  71. Why do birches have a white bark?

  72. What is the relationship between the light and dark reactions of photosynthesis?
  73. Is Black mulberry always deciduous?

  74. What is the lowest pressure at which plants can survive?
  75. What is the scientific name of this leaf?

  76. Is it possible to graft plants from different families?
  77. Pest on fenugreek

  78. How do Venus flytraps reset their trigger mechanism when touched only once?

  79. Why do most plants reflect green and others other colors?
  80. species ID: garden bush from Bangalore, India

  81. Why have certain plants evolved to contain psychoactive compounds?

  82. Are trees still carrying their leaves more likely to be felled by an autumn storm?

  83. How to produce correct epithet of a species named in the honor of a person?
  84. What is the symbiotic relationship between truffle fungi and their host trees?

  85. Do leaves grow larger by adding cells at the centre or at the edge?

  86. Mutate from non-GM to GM?

  87. What is this fleshy-stemmed plant?
  88. Please identify this tree in the Netherlands
  89. What is a "standing crop"

  90. Potato with purple veins!
  91. Question about grafting

  92. Can Percent Cover (% cover) for a particular plant species be used to compute Shannon-Weiner Index?
  93. Is this a sentry palm?

  94. identify this plant

  95. If I graft two trees together while young, will they grow as one plant?
  96. identify this tree

  97. Does the Histogen Theory apply to plant roots as well as stems?

  98. Are there special pairs present in the RC of both photosystem I and photosystem II?
  99. "Higher plants" or "vascular plants"?

  100. How do trees use Adhesion and Cohesion to move water against gravity?