1. Pest on fenugreek

  2. Is Black mulberry always deciduous?

  3. What is the scientific name of this leaf?
  4. How do Venus flytraps reset their trigger mechanism when touched only once?

  5. Why do most plants reflect green and others other colors?

  6. Do temperate climate plants need a minimum amount of darkness per 24 hours?

  7. How do trees grow?

  8. species ID: garden bush from Bangalore, India

  9. Why have certain plants evolved to contain psychoactive compounds?

  10. Are trees still carrying their leaves more likely to be felled by an autumn storm?

  11. What can give rocket salad (Eruca Sativa) a fish smell?

  12. What is the name of this big tree with look of banyan branches?
  13. How to produce correct epithet of a species named in the honor of a person?
  14. What is the symbiotic relationship between truffle fungi and their host trees?

  15. Is it possible to graft plants from different families?
  16. Do leaves grow larger by adding cells at the centre or at the edge?

  17. Mutate from non-GM to GM?

  18. What is this fleshy-stemmed plant?
  19. Please identify this tree in the Netherlands
  20. What is a "standing crop"
  21. Potato with purple veins!
  22. How to measure the biomass of hydroponic plants in netpot/rockwool DWC system?
  23. Question about grafting
  24. plant crossing for creating breeding population
  25. Can Percent Cover (% cover) for a particular plant species be used to compute Shannon-Weiner Index?

  26. Is this a sentry palm?

  27. identify this plant
  28. If I graft two trees together while young, will they grow as one plant?
  29. identify this tree
  30. The actual name of growth force

  31. Does the Histogen Theory apply to plant roots as well as stems?

  32. Are there special pairs present in the RC of both photosystem I and photosystem II?

  33. "Higher plants" or "vascular plants"?

  34. How do trees use Adhesion and Cohesion to move water against gravity?

  35. Which method of seed dispersal is the most common among the seed plants?
  36. What is this tree that displays sycamore like characteristics but appears to be too small?

  37. How long will a vegetable live for after being harvested?
  38. What are these creeping cacti tendrils?

  39. What kind of fruit is this? It is the size of a small avocado or a plum
  40. Why are newly grown leaves red?

  41. Basics of Electrotropism

  42. (A)sexual reproduction of plants

  43. Doubly-compound leaf examples?
  44. Is ivy (genus Hedera) a shrub or an herb?

  45. Is a walnut a nut or a drupe?
  46. How to selectively breed a plant?
  47. Plant growing inside a fruit

  48. Why upper surface of leaves is more green and shiny than the lower one?
  49. Why are these trees leaning, but no trees around them are?
  50. Organelles present in sieve tubes

  51. What is the purpose of DMT in plants?
  52. Why do plants have green leaves and not red?

  53. I want to know the name of this water plant?

  54. How to correctly preserve organic matter with ethylene and polyethylene glycol?

  55. What are those patterns found on the surface of wooden furniture? Are those growth rings of trees?

  56. What might a supposed “tree enzyme” be — injected into a Morton Bay Fig tree?

  57. Rhizosphere vs. Endorhiza?
  58. What are embryophytes? And how are they characterized?

  59. Optimal average plant absorption maxima/peaks of chlorophyll and photosensitive pigments?

  60. How can Valonia ventricosa cells get so big?

  61. What is the function of astrosclereids?

  62. How much cost would artificial pollination add to common products (fruits etc.)?
  63. What is the use of male plants in nature?

  64. Location of embryo development in angiosperms
  65. How do you sequence a tree genome?
  66. Do aquatic plants experience seasonal abscission?

  67. Where does a plant’s mass come from?

  68. Mangroves and desalination of sea water

  69. Do any plants grow leaves beneath the ground?

  70. Flora of Ice Age Europe
  71. What happens when seeds are refrigerated before planting?
  72. What is this tree in Sydney?

  73. Australian Tree Identification Help

  74. Location of male and female reproductive organs in fern (prothallus)
  75. What kind of fruit is this?
  76. Can a dead tree root still draw water?
  77. Do plants sleep under ultaviolent rays?

  78. Do the trichomes of Air plants enable it to absorb water vapour and if so, how?

  79. Help identify this Caribbean plant
  80. Do plants absorb toxins from the soil?

  81. How many ATP are formed?

  82. Feeding animals or plants with coffee?

  83. How many oxygen atoms are used up in aerobic oxidation of one pyruvate?
  84. Which one is true about sunflowers, "follow the sun across the sky" or "always face east"?

  85. Primer design for 18S rDNA gene
  86. What is the main difference between "Terminalia ivorensis" and "Bucida buceras"?

  87. How deep in the soil can a seed be placed and still develop into a plant/tree?
  88. identify some kind of vine
  89. Why isn't the sticky bud plant more widespread
  90. What's the cause of the scars on these cherries?

  91. Orange tipped plant found in Carden limestone plains of Ontario

  92. Species I.D. hardwood tree

  93. Health effect of worm in Guava
  94. What is vascular cambium?
  95. Negative Phototropism In Plants
  96. Why there is such low diversity of higher plants in sea?
  97. Can there be an equilibrium between humanity's increase of carbon dioxide output with plants since plants harness CO2?
  98. Which type of plants/mosses are these?
  99. What is this Californian shrub?

  100. Please help ID this plant