1. Why do most plants reflect green and others other colors?

  2. Why is ATP the preferred choice for energy carriers?
  3. Excretion of various wastes and water requirement

  4. peptide MHC microarray

  5. Producing 1,2 propanediol in engineered organism

  6. What is the most readily usable form of nutrients/energy source for heterotrophic microorganism in general?
  7. What factors may lead to a difference in whole-cell potency compared to cell-free potency?

  8. DNA centrifugation in water

  9. Find the concentration of free receptors in a solution of 90% free ligand and 10% receptor-ligand complex, knowing only the value of kD

  10. Why aren't the optimum conditions the same for All enzymes

  11. Reference article to typical Proteins in E.coli (identify bands in SDS-PAGE)
  12. How can ionized amino acid form be important for the catalytic activity?

  13. DNA or enzymes — which came first?

  14. What sort of biofiltration is best for a small, portable, biofiltration unit?
  15. Sulfate reduction

  16. Do squirrels and blue jays play a role in oak tree distribution?

  17. Why is insulin given in type 2 diabetes?

  18. How can dehydrogenation steps in some biochemical pathways produce ATP?
  19. Why does NAD+ become reduced if it gains a hydrogen proton?
  20. Is it possible to isolate and analyse intermediates of protein folding?

  21. Clatherin Mediated endocytosis is pinocytosis or phagocytosis?

  22. what happens when you put enhancer and caat box in prokaryotes
  23. Does a generator potential pass along a nerve the same way an action potential does?
  24. How is single nucleotide polymorphism denoted?

  25. Pharmac combination banned in India

  26. Are pheromones capable of activating changes to the Phenotype of a complex organism?
  27. how to compare to different enzymes with same Km?

  28. Is cancer caused by vitamin B17 deficiency?
  29. How are signalling pathways specific when secondary messengers are not?

  30. Reaction centre in Photosystems of higher plants
  31. What is the difference between the usages of bis-tris methane and bis-tris propane?

  32. What is the shortest mRNA the ribosome can read to produce a peptide?

  33. Why do the humans become sleepy after meals?

  34. Proteins that give color (without fluorescence)
  35. Regulation of Glycolysis and other pathways at ‘irreversible’ reaction steps
  36. How can some residues in the active site of enzymes be protonated with a pKa < 7?
  37. What do the Fermentation products have in common?
  38. Where happens MHCII coordination to a self-peptide, and what happens if the bond would be irreversible?
  39. MOPS Media Recipe Protocol - Well Defined
  40. Digestion of creatine polymer?

  41. Concentrations of ions in the mitochondria
  42. relieving DNA super-coiling stress
  43. Dyes that won’t bind to dna

  44. Does the leaves of papaya plant help in increasing platelets in a case of dengue?

  45. Brain tissue as an energy source
  46. Why isn't photosynthesis catabolic reaction?
  47. How to correctly preserve organic matter with ethylene and polyethylene glycol?

  48. ATP stoichiometry of the Na+/K+ pump
  49. is Xanthosine Xanthine plus ribose?

  50. Is it possible for Cytosine and Hypoxantine to make three hydrogen bonds?

  51. Catabolic and Anabolic Reactions

  52. Why cells have a membrane potential?
  53. Can the Na+/K+ pump backwards to generate ATP?
  54. Why is the outer circle of human mitochondrial DNA ‘heavy’, whereas the inner circle is ‘light’?
  55. Shell-less Chick development - Incorporation of Calcium carbonate instead of Calcium lactate pentahydrate powder?

  56. Schiff Base in Enzyme Mechanisms

  57. Why is GTP, rather than ATP, used in nuclear transport?
  58. What is the role of glycine in the running buffer for SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

  59. Why do you get an increase in bicarbonate ions after vomiting?
  60. Amount of molecule at equilibrium
  61. The difference between the beta-sheets and the quaternary structure of proteins
  62. Finding steady state concentration given half life and production rate

  63. Some question about materials for PCR

  64. Why are there exactly four nucleobases in DNA?

  65. What are the chemical characteristics of cofactors that functionally differentiate them from the side chains of amino acids?

  66. How do infants get their very first gut bacteria?
  67. Micelles/Lipoproteins

  68. Why cornstarch for athlete's feet?

  69. Why should you use an annealing temperature about 5°C below the Tm of your primers?
  70. Why the C6 intermediate molecule in the Calvin cycle is so unstable

  71. Does any molecule other than DNA have a double-helical structure?

  72. Homework question on chemically defined medium

  73. Is `product` dissociation constant in Micael-Menten model the same `Kd`?
  74. Diffusion of hydrophobic molecules through the cell membrane

  75. what is the major difference between flux enzymes and rate-limiting enzymes?
  76. How do lipid-soluble substances diffuse through the cell membrane?
  77. How do you read the histone code?

  78. Where did H2 come from at pyruvate oxidation?
  79. Why only 6 water molecules are formed in the aerobic degradation of glucose?

  80. Why can't pyruvate be used directly in the Krebs cycle?
  81. phosphorylation of Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate
  82. Histidine protonation

  83. What is the ultimate source of ADP/ATP in humans?

  84. How the glycogen accumulate intracellularly in the reversible cell injury?
  85. How many ATP are formed?

  86. How do disulphide bonds in hair cause curling?

  87. How many oxygen atoms are used up in aerobic oxidation of one pyruvate?

  88. Why are the no bioluminescent plants?

  89. Do enzyme inhibitors change equilibrium?
  90. Why do crocodiles have a lower affinity for oxygen?
  91. Energy transfer from chlorophyll molecules to reaction centers

  92. What is differential enzyme inhibition?

  93. Can streptavidin be conjugated with EDC-activated carboxylates?

  94. Primer design for 18S rDNA gene

  95. Can a novel protein domain arise de novo in nature or did all protein domains evolve from a single ancestor?

  96. What biproducts do vinegar eels produce?
  97. Enzyme kinetics at the chemical level

  98. Why does chromosome inversion happen?

  99. Why is the chemical of an hexose not sufficient to ID the molecule?
  100. Life of the adrenaline - final state