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  1. Western blotting quantification

  2. Why does Edema occur in Kwashiorkor?
  3. Why EtBr migrate toward the opposite direction´╝č

  4. Can the theory of natural selection distinguish between two correlated phenotypic traits?

  5. Phoresis and mechanical vectors

  6. My friend Originally from India has never eaten meat in his life, should he be dead?

  7. What is the modern state of the theory of evolution?

  8. Are there any animals that are both poisonous and venomous?
  9. What is this grainy surface on my two-week-old sourdough starter?

  10. Goose bumps and body control
  11. snake identification

  12. Has autogamy been observed in any animals?
  13. What is the minimal focal length of the human eye?
  14. Why are there so few multicellular anaerobes?

  15. Are all/most/any membranes comprised of lipids from the smooth ER?

  16. I need help identifying a bug
  17. Help in identifying an unknown Golden Worm/Larvae
  18. Questions About Human Growth Hormone

  19. What defines a microbial species?

  20. Pedigree Probability, Autosomal Recessive Trait

  21. How do I score differential activity of cellular pathways in microarray data (not enrichment)?

  22. Which of the following lacks DNA?
  23. When analyzing whether selection favors an allele that allocates indiscriminately, should the initial frequency of the allele be considered?

  24. The membrane folds of dendritic cells
  25. How does heredity work with Endogenous retrovirus?

  26. What is the function of multiple nuclei in syncytial cells?

  27. Is Black mulberry always deciduous?
  28. Blue light in a fridge. Is it really beneficial or just marketing?

  29. What's read depth in VCF?

  30. Question about Colon and small intestine size
  31. Backcrossing in Hybrid
  32. Can you tell if a corpse was male or female by only examining its skull?

  33. What is the name of this yellow / orange fungus?
  34. Can a twin get cancer through physical contact with a sick sibling?
  35. Number of serotonergic neurons in mouse/rat DRN
  36. What is the scientific name of this leaf?

  37. Are there any bacteria, virus or mold that can withstand ozone?
  38. How does allele dominance work in polyploid organisms?
  39. How does the lymphatic system filter blood?
  40. Why do we have more male infants born?

  41. What would happen if you combined the world's deadliest diseases & viruses?

  42. How do leukocytes reach the site of necrosis when there is no blood supply to the necrotic tissue?

  43. A missing endogenous retrovirus in humans, but present in gorillas and chimpanzees?

  44. Molecular genetics textbook (free?) suggestion for first time

  45. Nerve excitability and K+ concentration

  46. How do Venus flytraps reset their trigger mechanism when touched only once?
  47. How can E. coli proliferate so rapidly?
  48. Determining heritability from phenotype data?

  49. Limitations of Gibson Assembly method
  50. Trying to extract DNA with an incomplete kit

  51. Do ectotherms think slower when they are cold?

  52. Re-breaking up a leg?

  53. Why do most plants reflect green and others other colors?

  54. If a hand was suddenly chopped off while holding something, would the severed hand still hold a grip?
  55. Why are stem cell therapies more preferred (theoretically) over current measures?

  56. How can we draw a graph of refractometer?
  57. What is the difference between Reservoir and paratenic hosts?

  58. Condition for a genetically modified group of cell to remain and to spread?

  59. Biological significance of network parameters

  60. Why gout attacks mostly big toe?

  61. Manipulating phylogenetic trees

  62. do tumour cells begin with abnormal characteristics?
  63. cloning problem?

  64. When did birds and mammals diverge?
  65. Why is cancer more lethal than (hypothetical)infections?
  66. Picture of spider for identification
  67. How do I retrieve electronic annotation from Uniprot and GO records that relates to molecular function?
  68. How do photoreceptors overcome the ambiguity of wavelength vs intensity to determine brightness?
  69. How do DNA-binding proteins recognize the correct DNA base pairs?

  70. How can you band wheat chromosomes using Giemsa dye?
  71. How do firing patterns arise from the activity of many ion channels?

  72. Is there any database to find housekeeping genes with two and three copy number in mouse?

  73. Do strictly anaerobic organisms use metabolic reactions requiring oxygen?
  74. What are the most common causes of death in mice and why?

  75. Is there any protocol to isolate and separate astrocytic and neuronal mitochondria from cryopreserved mice brain for western blot analysis?

  76. How is excess semen removed if ejaculation does not occur?

  77. Finding phylogenetic distance between sequences?

  78. What kind of snake is this? Seen on Koh Lanta, Thailand

  79. How much damage is caused by smoking 2-3 cigarettes on a healthy body?

  80. Do Tardigrades preserve water or replace water?

  81. Is the suicide of a moribund individual to be considered group selection?

  82. Why is ATP the preferred choice for energy carriers?
  83. What is the minimum area of an isolated habitat with healthy ecosystem?
  84. Cloning problem. Digestion test at the end of the cloning is always negative
  85. What is the neural coding of rod and cone cells?

  86. Is a single polynucleotide necessarily and always a nucleic acid?
  87. Is there a way to determine how far and how fast an animal can run for based on geometry?

  88. Has generation time influenced the efficiency of the energy generating system in different aerobic organisms?

  89. Does bone structure/shape play a role in men and women differences in strength/resistance?

  90. How lion can carry the cub without harming it?
  91. de novo assembly applications

  92. Excretion of various wastes and water requirement

  93. peptide MHC microarray

  94. Cell division and replication

  95. Why does an increased heart rate mean increased blood pressure?
  96. How much time do INS1-E and MIN6 cells need after splitting?

  97. Which human cell lines do not express the GLP-1 receptor?
  98. centipede? millipede? Costa Rica
  99. Do temperate climate plants need a minimum amount of darkness per 24 hours?

  100. Has any flying creature evolved into a sea creature?