1. Was the "Air Berlin" lap of honor over Düsseldorf problematic?

  2. What is the purpose exactly of a ‘Control Check’?

  3. What are the design parameters for airliner safety?
  4. Why are parts safety wired together?
  5. Was there ever an accident from in-flight smoking?

  6. What effects to controllability are there when the rear doors are opened on a KC-130?

  7. FAA BasicMed - Who will do these exams?

  8. Does the Boeing B787 have safety issues with its battery and windshield?
  9. How is it safe for Helicopters and Ospreys to refuel in mid-air?

  10. Does a stopper (chock) really prevent the plane from moving?
  11. Was John F. Kennedy Jr.’s accident airplane equipped with an autopilot?
  12. Can rotorcraft pick up a dangerous electric charge?
  13. Why isn't cabin air quality in airliners directly monitored with sensors?
  14. Is there any limit to how many times an aircraft evacuation slide may be deployed?

  15. A little of all of us goes with every pilot we lose: who said it?

  16. Is it possible to use reverse thrust while airborne?

  17. Is (or was) it acceptable to throttle up for takeoff before being aligned with the runway center line?

  18. How many landings per year are performed using the integrated standby instrument system?

  19. What can happen if a bird strikes the engine during landing?
  20. Can an Autogyro with wings survive a rotor mechanical failure? Will it be safer?
  21. What about hours flown solo without a student pilot certificate?
  22. Where can I find Boeing 777 safety records?

  23. Can bird strikes be dealt with by throttling down engines to idle?

  24. How does a jet fighter with water-skis land safely?
  25. Do the operations practices of low-cost airlines represent an increased safety risk?
  26. Apart from Kenya, what are the current dangerous / unsafe airspaces?

  27. What materials are plane windows made of?

  28. How can air travel be so safe if the aircraft skin is only 1-2 mm thick?

  29. Would an A320 override the autothrottle due to an erroneous radio-altimeter?
  30. Why aren't bird radars placed on the front of commercial aircraft?

  31. Why would flares be fired into the air after a flight lands?

  32. Why the pilot in command sits on the left?
  33. How serious is an impact like the 10/2017 Delta Airlines suspected bird strike?
  34. How many emergency/abnormal checklists are there for a typical airliner?

  35. Why do airlines not use direct routes?
  36. Why can't flight management systems receive instructions directly from the controller?
  37. What are SIDS and STARs?

  38. Do flight attendants do pinch-hitter training?

  39. Is there any kind of removable ELT on board an airliner?
  40. What lights are used on top of a building or structure near an airport?
  41. What is the purpose of the extremely high cabin altitudes in military aircraft?
  42. Can a TCAS be alerted when the intruder aircraft has a transponder in stand-by mode?
  43. Why would only a specific model of drone be allowed to fly over crowds?

  44. Why is the take off speed and distance reduced by head winds?
  45. Do modern aircraft have sensors to determine weight of the aircraft?

  46. Why are airplanes sometimes led by a vehicle?

  47. Why don't pilots parachute from small planes that are in distress?

  48. Why is the GP7200-powered A380 fleet not grounded?

  49. How does a runway inspection radar work?

  50. How does TCAS work?
  51. How dissimilar are redundant flight control computers?

  52. Is it possible to become a commercial pilot if one suffered from depression in the past?

  53. How does decompression happen and what are our resistance limits?
  54. On the V2533 engine, what protections do the FADECs provide against uncommanded unstow?

  55. Do (or can) pilots observe religious fasts when flying?
  56. Was there a design flaw in the fuel tanks of the MiG-15/17/19/21?
  57. Are there rules about using the "Fasten seatbelt" sign outside of take-off/landing/turbulence?
  58. Is it legal to smoke in your own plane?
  59. Can passengers use headphones during takeoff and landing?

  60. How can a crew be warned of "Clear Air Turbulence" during the flight?

  61. Can experts identify the model using this part (FOD prevention purposes)?

  62. What were the safety recommendations following the Aeroperú Flight 603 crash?

  63. What is the difference between fail-safe and fail-soft?

  64. How low can a helicopter fly over the water with boats below?
  65. Is a helicopter ride unsafe for young children?
  66. What kind of batteries are allowed to be transported?

  67. If cabin lights are dimmed during night landing so that your eyes will get used to the darkness, why do they let you use the reading lights?
  68. Was there a historical requirement to announce altitude, temperature, etc?

  69. Are there cases of aircraft moved off runway by pushing them with vehicles?

  70. ATC interruptions, when is it okay/overlooked?
  71. How is fuel dumping safe?

  72. Do safety-critical avionics systems run Linux?

  73. What reasons exist for not designing airplanes with breakaway wings for crash safety?

  74. Is it okay to use magnetized tools on airplanes?
  75. Do airlines continue operating in the vicinity of a hurricane?
  76. Can I wear a helmet camera in an open cockpit?

  77. Where is the toilet smoke detection indication displayed for a B777-200/300?

  78. Has the design-flaw with the Boeing 737's cabin-pressure switch been fixed yet?
  79. Are there any regulations on who can sit next to emergency exits?

  80. Is it safer to have an airplane inspected twice a year?

  81. Why is the takeoff decision point based only on speed and not time or distance?
  82. How is fuel vapor dealt with at large airports?
  83. Why don't airlines provide smoke hoods?

  84. Why the safety of airplanes have not been developed long time ago?

  85. When is flotation gear legally required for pilots and passengers on a non-commercial flight in a small airplane over water?
  86. Why are the transition altitudes/levels different around the World?

  87. Why is it forbidden to wear glasses when leaving the plane during an emergency?

  88. Why does Turkish airlines still fly over Iraq, is it safe?
  89. Is it safe to fly on airplane with lithium batteries in cargo hold?
  90. How much FOD hazard can a Styrofoam drink cup pose?

  91. Measuring speed and altitude from personal phone midflight

  92. What level of information does a PIC have about a missile crossing their aircraft route?
  93. How do Ram Air Turbines get deployed?
  94. Can light aircrafts with no retractable landing gear make an emergency water landing?

  95. Why are passenger seats not facing backward on an airplane?
  96. When did airlines start using seat belts for passengers?
  97. Why don't commercial passenger safety videos ever explain policy instead of dictating it?

  98. Why weren't the Airbus A330 engines designed with a system to stop their fans?
  99. Where can I find reports of accidents/incindents happened on ground?

  100. What are the most significant risks to life for the airline passenger?