1. Is there a legal maximum altitude?

  2. How can cargo be jettisoned from a C-124 in flight?

  3. Can aircraft depart/arrive after another aircraft has sprayed snow on the runway?
  4. Is it safe to takeoff with some ice and snow on the wings?

  5. How prevalent are anti-explosion bladders in fuel tanks?
  6. Would a roll cage plus a safety harness make a small GA aircraft accident more survivable?
  7. Is it allowed to listen to music while piloting a plane?
  8. Why disable stall warning based only on low airspeed, rather than multiple criteria?
  9. Is it illegal to partially block the aisle on a passenger airliner?
  10. What are the regulations regarding the safety briefings and harness designs for open-door helicopters?

  11. What is the purpose of long endurance test flights?

  12. a case for several pitot tube/alternative airspeed instrument designs on a single aircraft

  13. How do you report reckless pilots?

  14. Do safety-critical avionics systems run Linux?
  15. Is the Airbus Beluga's safety record comparable with the record of other Airbuses?

  16. FAA BasicMed - Who will do these exams?
  17. Are children safe when seated in lap during a flight?

  18. Are the bulletproof cockpit doors locked when pilots leave the plane?

  19. Why is water in the fuel tank bad?

  20. What other circumstances may cause the autopilot to trip out?

  21. Where can I find information about the safety record of Westwind Air Service in Arizona?
  22. How safe are airplane tours of the Grand Canyon?

  23. How hazardous is it if an engine cowl falls off?
  24. Why are so many ATR involved in accidents in the past years`?

  25. Are there cases of aircraft moved off runway by pushing them with vehicles?

  26. Why don't pilots parachute from small planes that are in distress?

  27. Why can the aircraft not turn on pitot heaters itself?

  28. How can civil ATC maintain safety with military aircraft around?

  29. "Airplane mode" does not disable GPS... is it safe to use GPS in flight?
  30. Why did flight NH175 divert back to Los Angeles?

  31. Would a slower speed and lower altitude reduce fatal incidents?
  32. What improvements did Airbus make as a result of the Air France 447 accident?
  33. Is a weak battery a valid reason to reject a rented aircraft?

  34. Why must some 'dangerous items' be in check-in baggage?
  35. Is it possible to create a specific crash site at every airport?
  36. Are new airliners less safe than older the two first years after they are marketed?
  37. What are the major non-pilot causes of GA accidents?
  38. Can passengers use headphones during takeoff and landing?

  39. What Caused the Engine-Failure of Southwest Airlines Flight WN-3472?
  40. Does a glider pilot with a PC canopy need to protect himself from UV radiation?

  41. What is a possible reason for an L-1011 wing fuel tank overflow?
  42. How dangerous was this approach of a Dash8 Q400 really?

  43. Are ETOPS rated planes denoted by a placard or other indicator?
  44. Is there any kind of removable ELT on board an airliner?

  45. Who said "A little of all of us goes with every pilot we lose"?

  46. Could the GPS be used to aid the autopilot with speed?

  47. Which airplane types never crashed?
  48. Do some flying techniques wear aircraft out quicker than others?

  49. Is flying during the day safer than flying at night?
  50. What noises are considered worrying on a passenger flight?
  51. How much safer does painting prop tips make a plane?

  52. Do any regulatory bodies require ISO 9001 QMS certification from airlines or service providers?

  53. Why do all airliners have life jackets?

  54. Is there any electrical component on an aircraft which can never be turned off by a pilot?
  55. What crash does FAA SAIB CE-10-11 refer to?
  56. Why did my business class seat have a three point shoulder harness?

  57. Are evacuation slides meant to be used as safety boats?

  58. Which airline will get me from Paris or London, to Japan, and has a zero fatality rate?
  59. How does a runway inspection radar work?

  60. What construction standards are used to increase impact survivability of passengers in case of a crash landing?
  61. Could a golf ball damage an airliner?
  62. Which jet airliner types have had the fewest accidents per million departures?

  63. What is this on a Su-27 helmet?

  64. Why are not all aeroplanes given the capability to glide?
  65. Why was a flight delayed because of a bird in the cockpit?

  66. Can a human get sucked into a jet engine?

  67. Can a passenger drone perform auto-rotation?
  68. Does the Airbus A350 have an Automatic Emergency Descent System?
  69. How do pilots protect their necks in jet fighters?
  70. Why do the engineers need to be on board during testing?

  71. Why are passengers not given the option of shoulder harnesses?

  72. Is it difficult for a GA aircraft to escape a thunderstorm?

  73. Was the miracle on the Hudson saved exclusively by the APU?

  74. Why is powering on the APU so low on the A320 emergency checklist?

  75. How does British Airways permit a 23 kg bag in hand baggage?
  76. How do pilots rest on long-haul flights?

  77. Do pilots of airliners and jumbos do a walk around preflight check for every flight?

  78. Do large aircraft accumulate water in their tanks?

  79. Post MH370, are there developments to improve the tracking of airliners?

  80. What is the most overlooked item during preflight inspection?

  81. What was the first commercial aircraft to have a 'built-in' oxygen system?

  82. Under what conditions would a helicopter be allowed to fly at low altitude over populated areas?
  83. What are the consequences of flying GA without a license (certificate)?

  84. What was the Vmca of the 2-engine 747 config the El Al 1862 crew faced, and could they have landed the plane at a corresponding Vref?

  85. Was the "Air Berlin" lap of honor over Düsseldorf problematic?
  86. What is the purpose exactly of a ‘Control Check’?

  87. What are the design parameters for airliner safety?
  88. Was there ever an accident from in-flight smoking?
  89. What effects to controllability are there when the rear doors are opened on a KC-130?
  90. Does the Boeing B787 have safety issues with its battery and windshield?

  91. How is it safe for Helicopters and Ospreys to refuel in mid-air?
  92. Does a stopper (chock) really prevent the plane from moving?

  93. Was John F. Kennedy Jr.’s accident airplane equipped with an autopilot?
  94. Can rotorcraft pick up a dangerous electric charge?

  95. Why isn't cabin air quality in airliners directly monitored with sensors?

  96. Is there any limit to how many times an aircraft evacuation slide may be deployed?
  97. Is it possible to use reverse thrust while airborne?

  98. Is (or was) it acceptable to throttle up for takeoff before being aligned with the runway center line?
  99. How many landings per year are performed using the integrated standby instrument system?
  100. What can happen if a bird strikes the engine during landing?