1. Means of protection against hunter-killer UAVs
  2. What is the purpose of the "Mirror-Thing" over the Mig-29 Cockpit?
  3. Is it legal to make a non-military stealth plane?

  4. Why do jet engines take a long time to throttle down?

  5. Was the intended purpose of the F-117 Nighthawk originally a stealth-fighter?
  6. Does the F-22 (or any other stealth aircraft) carry chaff?

  7. Why isn't the F-15E called F/A-15?

  8. Is joining the air force a good way to become an airline pilot?

  9. What is the difference between Bell AH-1Z Viper and Apache Longbow in terms of role?

  10. Why do Air Forces still use bombers?
  11. What waveforms are normally utilized in tactical air-ground voice communication?
  12. How does the target indicator on a jet fighter work?
  13. What do all the indicators on a HUD mean?

  14. Can a UAV defend itself?
  15. Could a fighter aircraft be operated indefinitely?

  16. Can someone/something other than the pilot trigger the ejection seat?

  17. Where do military aircraft carry flares?
  18. Why do (almost) all military transports have high wings and civilian transports low wings?
  19. Why is the Eurofighters nose gear door shorter than the bay?
  20. What is the average number of daily flights for all types of aircraft in use worldwide?

  21. Why/How is the B-52 still in service?
  22. Why do the missiles on an F-16 point slightly down?

  23. How much computing power is needed to keep commercial and military planes flying?

  24. What is this plane seen in Mobile, Alabama?

  25. How does the Mil Mi-35M compare to the Boeing AH-64D Apache?
  26. Can the Apache detect infrared (IR) lock?

  27. Why mount multiple autocannons on a fighter or CAS aircraft as opposed to a revolving barrel auto-cannon with a higher rate of fire?
  28. Why does it take so long to develop modern military jets?
  29. Does the cannon of the A-10 deliver more thrust than the engines do?
  30. How does the head-up display on a spitfire work?

  31. Is the A-10 Warthog being discontinued?

  32. Can an F-16 perform Pugachev's Cobra?

  33. Does the A-10 Thunderbolt fly without the GAU-8?

  34. What alternative designs competed for the C-130 in the 1950s?
  35. How much is airspeed reduced on an A10-Warthog when firing its cannon?
  36. What is the smiley face sensor at the stern of the F-4 Phantom?
  37. Has a C-130 ever been designated as "Air Force One"?
  38. Why are most weapons in AC-130 on the left-hand side?
  39. Was the F-4 Phantom the only fighter to be in service for the US Navy, Air Force and Marines?

  40. Why was the U-2 so different from the SR-71?

  41. Why is the F-16 still in service?
  42. What happens if Marine One's rotor blades fail?

  43. What is the feasibility of converting an F-22 to carrier use?
  44. Why didn't the U-2 spyplane have any chaff?

  45. Why do the MiG-15 and MiG-17 have a split air intake in their noses?
  46. Why don't bombers have close-in weapon systems (CIWS)?
  47. Why was the production of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird halted?

  48. Fuel jettison in Top Gun, is there any reason to do this other than show-boating?
  49. Can high-bypass turbofans cruise at high altitude?
  50. What is this aircraft that appeared at Oshkosh 2017?
  51. What are the criteria for classifying which generation a fighter aircraft belongs to?
  52. Why F4 Phantom II didn't have an cannon?

  53. Where can I find the flight path data for the Russian spy plane that flew over the US on 9 Aug 2017?

  54. What were the "Flap Pump" and "Gear Pump" on the F4E Phantom II?

  55. How does a combat aircraft handle the recoil force of a mounted gun?

  56. Has the United States Air Force used Contra-rotating Propeller Aircraft?
  57. Will manned aircraft have to defend ground targets against unmanned aircraft in the future?
  58. What are the flaps on the exhaust of military airplanes for?

  59. What airfoil design does the MQ-9 Reaper UAV use?
  60. How is a "fast jet" classified?

  61. Is the F-117 fleet at Tonopah Test Range being mothballed?

  62. Why were turbojets the first kind of turbo-engines, instead of turboprops?

  63. Does a military equivalent to civil ATC exist?
  64. When there is a holding pattern assigned by a civilian airports ATC, do military aircraft get first priority over landing?

  65. What is the purpose of the extremely high cabin altitudes in military aircraft?
  66. When is a steep takeoff appropriate?
  67. Why don't we see more aircraft with a variable (swing) wing today?

  68. Why does the US Marines continue to fly the AH-1 Cobra, retired by the US Army in the late 90s?
  69. What are these engine inlet devices used for?

  70. What are these sensors on the Night Stalkers' Chinook MH-47G?

  71. Is the "Red two standing by" dialog in Star Wars: A New Hope sensible for real fighter pilots?

  72. Did the Stuka Ju-87 really have a radio altimeter? If so, when?

  73. Can the signature of stealth fighters be uncovered, and then used for future detections?

  74. Did the F-8 have a stall speed of 1.6x its landing speed?
  75. How fast can an F-22 scramble?

  76. Can a jet engine benefit from nitrous oxide boost?

  77. Why is there a difference between military parachutes and those used for skydiving?
  78. Why are there no Mach 4+ fighter planes?

  79. What aircraft did this canopy come from?
  80. What is this partially disassembled aircraft in the desert?

  81. Is it allowed to use an ex-military aircraft overseas?

  82. How do aircraft carriers treat foreign Flight Information Regions?
  83. Is there any current knowledge of a 747 being used as a drone for military applications?
  84. Has a Russian Tu-95 ever had to make an emergency landing in Europe?

  85. What are the costs and labour hours for converting a B767 airliner to an aerial refueling aircraft?

  86. What are the main differences between Flares and Chaff?

  87. During WW2, were the fighter planes of America designed to takeoff and land on dirt airstrips?

  88. Can anyone explain why and how flames shot out of an F/A-18 as it crashed?

  89. What is the guy in green showing to the F/A-18E pilot before catapult launch?

  90. Where can I learn more about pilots' dreams during G-LOC?

  91. What was the takeoff run distance of a Fw 200 Condor bomber/transport?

  92. What is the call for when an enemy air-to-air missile has been fired?
  93. How did the gyro gunsights of WW2 get the range and lead of a target?

  94. How do jet fighters get to war?

  95. Was differential thrust used in the P-38 to improve turn performance?

  96. On the F15-E, can the WSO take over if the pilot is incapacitated?

  97. Can you identify this aircraft photographed during solar eclipse 8/21/2017?

  98. What call sign does Marine One use when the president is not on board?

  99. What is breaking away/peeling off in military lingo?

  100. How often are drop tanks actually dropped?