1. What max Mach number of the blade tips on Concorde's engines?

  2. What is the transient bleed valve in a gas turbine engine?
  3. Could the An-225 use Trent 500 engines?

  4. Why isn´t TOGA thrust always 100% N1 or N2?

  5. Afterburner nozzle effect on compressor
  6. Why do most military aircraft use different engines than commercial aircraft?

  7. For any given modern turbofan engine, does bypass ratio stay approximately constant during a typical flight?

  8. Do the spinning parts of the tail mounted jet engines produce yaw on pitch changes?
  9. Do jet aircraft have an emergency propeller?

  10. What type is this aircraft and engine at Munich airport?

  11. Why are the B-52 thrust levers advanced inside-out?
  12. Why isn't the APU a standard diesel generator?

  13. Why are ambient pressure and burner can pressure always the inputs on a hydromechanical fuel controlling system?
  14. Can an experienced airplane spotter identify planes only by sound?

  15. Would it be feasible to use graphene in the gearbox of a large turbofan engine?
  16. Why do the MiG-15 and MiG-17 have a split air intake in their noses?
  17. What are Water Vapour Resistant (WVR) engine bags made from?

  18. What material is used to make engine covers for passenger airliners?
  19. What are the pros and cons of adding a gearbox to larger jet engines?
  20. Where can I find detailed dimensions of an aircraft engine compressor blade?
  21. Why does it take so much fuel to start a jet engine?
  22. What does the area around the fan blades in the engine nacelle contain?

  23. Is it possible to create a direct supersonic airflow to a turbofan's afterburner in order to enhance the performance or reduce the fuel consumption?
  24. Could adding a gearbox to the Trent 900 improve the efficiency of the A380?
  25. Can bird strikes be dealt with by throttling down engines to idle?
  26. How can engine positioning affect flutter tendency?
  27. Does a trent 900 engine have the ability to spin extra or more fans?

  28. What engine are these fan blades from?

  29. What would be the effect on thrust if engines of an A380 and or 747-800 were close together

  30. What throttle setting does an airliner use while cruising?
  31. Is it possible for an airliner to cruise at engine full thrust?
  32. What is the diameter of a Trent 900 engine?

  33. How are fuel injectors in a jet engine monitored to detect malfunction?

  34. What is the purpose of blades on a compressor?

  35. How much water is carried for jet engine water injection?

  36. What are the spiral marks in the center of the engines?

  37. How dangerous would it be to start a jet engine with coins inside?
  38. Why are there curved blades on jet engines?
  39. Can heat from the engine inlet be used to produce thrust?

  40. What materials are suitable for making a mini gas turbine engine?

  41. In what way are the Concorde's engines considered efficient?

  42. Can a turbofan maintain torque when spinning fast?

  43. Why are propeller airplanes still made?

  44. What is the highest operational ceiling for an air breathing jet engine?

  45. What is a TAPS combustor and how does it differ from any other annular combustor?

  46. Why use jet engines instead of propellers when designing new airplanes?
  47. What is the origin of the term "military power"?
  48. Can a jet engine benefit from nitrous oxide boost?

  49. Would a tumbleweed sucked into a jet engine on takeoff cause a serious problem?
  50. What is Engine Pressure Ratio?
  51. What are the merits of an inlet cone/spike/centerbody vs. a 2D inlet?

  52. Did some early jet engines catch on fire at higher power settings?
  53. Is it practical to integrate turbofan or ramjet engines into an airliner wing?
  54. Do propeller planes give contrails like jets do?

  55. How does the FADEC prevent compressor stall during rapidly increasing thrust demand?

  56. Jet engines: are they owned by the airline or just rented?

  57. How does the EPR reading behave in reverse, and in reheat modes?

  58. Why are turbine blades not made out of titanium, only compressor blades?
  59. Why do some fighters have two engines and other have only one but still give the same performance?

  60. What is the future of manufacturer independent jet engine maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) services?

  61. What is the link OR difference between change in momentum & pressure difference?

  62. Why does lower atmospheric pressure produce higher EPR (thrust)?

  63. Does an increase in inlet temperature affect fuel flow and power output?

  64. Do turbine engines on multi-engine aircraft rotate in opposite directions to offset torque?
  65. Why wasn't a scramjet used for the Concorde?
  66. How are APUs started?
  67. Why are the 747-8 engines placed differently than on the older versions?

  68. Why do jet engines use kerosene rather than gasoline?
  69. Is water a possible fuel for jet engines?

  70. Is hypersonic flight possible with a Busemann's Biplane?

  71. What equation describes the relation between engine thrust and EPR?
  72. What would be the drawbacks of using a rotating engine as thrust reverser on airliners?
  73. Scalloping the outside engine cover at discharge end

  74. Bypass ducts and spinning blades
  75. What is the material composition of aircraft compressor blades?
  76. How much weight does a thrust reverser add?
  77. What material is used to make the hot sections of jet engines?
  78. How do jet engines work?
  79. Where is the generator in a large turbofan of a commercial airliner?

  80. Are there turbofan/turbojet analogues to a centrifugal-compressing jet engine?

  81. What are the mass flow rate and exhaust velocity for a CF6 or GE90 turbofan?

  82. What is the operating temperature of a turbo bypass engine, and how is it kept at that temperature?

  83. What is the difference between a turbofan and a turboprop engine?

  84. Will manually removing nicks from compressor blades significantly affect the operation of the compressor?

  85. Why is water-contaminated fuel bad, but water-injection is not?
  86. What defines a cycle on a jet engine?

  87. What fraction of air intake becomes bleed air in airliner engines?

  88. What is the longevity and replacement schedule for turbine engine blades?
  89. Why are there fewer stages in the turbine than in the compressor of a turbine engine?

  90. Why do jet engine fan blades have a twisted shape?

  91. What is a flat rated engine?
  92. How to remove clogging in aircraft fuel nozzles?
  93. What are N1 and N2?

  94. What does Elon Musk mean by "electric jet"?

  95. Viability of Magnetically started engines
  96. How do the engines of a multi-engine airplane shut down after fuel starvation?

  97. How common is engine failure?

  98. Why do turbofan engines not have a contrarotating second fan?

  99. Does windmill restart often work for airliner engines?

  100. Are flame holders made of a special material other than that used in combustion chamber?