1. Is it legal to make a non-military stealth plane?

  2. AFSP registration required for rotorcraft rating?

  3. Can a holder of a G4 Visa legally receive flight training and/or acquire a Private Pilot Licence?
  4. How to interpret 14 CFR Part 61 Requirements 61.129 on instrument training time?
  5. What is the optimal time to get from ASEL to ASES certification?
  6. Does a conversion for wheel to floats require an STC or Form 337?

  7. What is the official FAA definition of the term enroute?

  8. Why do the RNAV (GPS) approaches to KAPC not use the same missed approach procedure as the ILS/LOC approach?
  9. TAS, TCAS I, TCAS II requirements

  10. Can a modified aircraft be imported and certified in the US?
  11. How does a mechanic determine if a repair or alteration requires a Supplemental Type Certificate?

  12. What is this black symbol on a VFR chart?

  13. Does a LSA or better license count for drone use?
  14. Can I choose whether hobbyist or Part 107 rules are more advantageous when flying a UAV for fun?

  15. What would prohibit a T-38 Talon from being certified in the Acrobatic category?

  16. When do you contact ATC when departing from a non-towered airport into class B controlled airspace?
  17. How does the U.S. Overflight Fee system work?

  18. Are there any future regulations planned for electric multi-motor LSAs?

  19. What is the RNP requirement within the KZAK FIR?

  20. Does TCAS II equipment satisfy the required ADS-B installation?
  21. How to become Hybrid airship Pilot?
  22. Can I fly for commercial jobs with just my temporary certificate?

  23. What is Class E3 airspace?

  24. Is the standby altimeter required for day VFR flight in a C172 Nav III?

  25. Can an N registered aircraft operate scheduled service from USA to/from a Category 2 country?

  26. How accurate must fuel gauges be for VFR flight?
  27. Which FAA or EASA regulation does prevent a high wing to cross the passenger compartment?
  28. Where can I do an FAA IPC in Canada?

  29. At what minimum height above terrain does a vertical structure need to be indicated on a sectional map?
  30. Is it legal to compensate a CFI for more than 8 hours of his services per day?

  31. FAA: May I log as cross-country a flight with two or more short legs?
  32. Is it required to have an alternate airport if you don't have a WAAS GPS?

  33. Why must the long cross-country flight for a commercial rating be solo?

  34. How do ETSOAs/TSOAs expire?

  35. What's the difference between a TSO Authorization and a letter of TSO design approval?
  36. What is the requirement to become a flight attendant?

  37. What about hours flown solo without a student pilot certificate?
  38. Do you need an instrument rating to fly in Class G airspace?

  39. Could I use a powered parachute to fly around New York City?
  40. Where can I find the regulations on the minimum stall speed for a GA aircraft?

  41. Which altimeter setting should I use?

  42. How far can A&P mechanics operate aircraft under US regulations?
  43. Are there any apps for easy Part 135 Flight Time and Duty Period calculations?

  44. What is exemption 17347 in the context of dispatch for FAA domestic carriers?
  45. What is the meaning of sub-paragraph 3-9-6 j. in FAA JO 7110.65X?

  46. Does a multi-engine rating propagate down from commercial to private?

  47. Can you have an AME also sign off on your FAA BasicMed paperwork?
  48. Where does the 35 feet screen height come from?

  49. Why does the Dassault Falcon 7X's cockpit have ashtrays?
  50. What responsibility does a pilot have for people on the ground when making an emergency landing?
  51. What is the benefit or motivation for having Class G airspace?

  52. Can I fly part 107 in DC SFRA?

  53. How is a 14 CFR 101 sUAS NOTAM filed for an unregistered aircraft?

  54. How high can I fly a model aircraft under 14 CFR 101 rules?

  55. Is it allowed to launch powered paragliders from national parks?
  56. What are the restrictions on performing intentional spins?

  57. Can I count simulator hours towards a commercial flight certificate training?

  58. How do I log simulator time in my logbook as a CFI?

  59. Why do airlines not use direct routes?
  60. How can I get back up into flying after not flying for over 20 years?

  61. Which parts of class E airspace can an ultralight (part 103) fly in without prior ATC authorization?
  62. What information am I legally required to provide during a FAA ramp check?

  63. Is it legal to use RC quadcopters for commercial purposes?

  64. What are the US regulations applicable to park a private aircraft in a private aerodrome?

  65. What preflight passenger briefing items are required under Part 91?
  66. What is the FAA's definition of "for hire"?

  67. Do I need to register my drone?

  68. Can an A&P who is also a private pilot receive compensation for conducting maintenance test flights?
  69. Can a class 1 medical certificate be obtained when glasses are needed to achieve 20/20?

  70. Why would only a specific model of drone be allowed to fly over crowds?

  71. How are operators of small UAS craft supposed to know about flight restrictions?
  72. How can a sUAS operator contact ATC/identify themselves when contacting ATC?
  73. Do you need a commercial rating for aerial application work?

  74. Is the Bill Of Sale required for deregistration?

  75. What are the options for installing ADS-B OUT in a Cessna Citation to meet the regulations?

  76. What pilot certificates were needed to fly the Space Shuttle?

  77. During an IPC, is there any alternative to doing a precision approach?

  78. How do I get an FAA CPL from an EASA PPL?

  79. Do FAA knowledge test endorsements have an implicit expiration date? If not, can I add one explicitly?
  80. How should I request an IFR approach at the end of a VFR flight?
  81. Is it always required to calculate the fuel for an IFR alternate?
  82. Is it allowed to operate an aircraft when the Emergency Locator Transmitter has been removed?
  83. Can I take the FAA CFI knowledge exam(s) based on my EASA ATPL knowledge?

  84. What are the FAA regulations on lighting for ultralight vehicles?

  85. What regulations are in place for ultralight vehicles flying over US national parks?

  86. When are procedure turns not required?

  87. What prevents someone from hijacking a radio frequency mid-air?

  88. What follow-up actions, if any, does the FAA take when a pilot declares an emergency in flight?

  89. Can a UAV over 55lbs legally fly 20 miles off the US coast?
  90. Won't sonic booms prevent Space X's BFR intercity transport plan from being acceptable?

  91. Is ADS-B UAT required below 18,000 ft for ADS-B ES equipped aircraft?
  92. Is it possible to get a medical certificate from Canada and a pilot license in America?

  93. Why is a clock required to be mounted on the instrument panel for IFR flights?
  94. What non-precision approach in the US has the longest segment at MDA?
  95. Is it legal to smoke in your own plane?

  96. What are the requirements to convert a license from Iran to USA?
  97. Are agricultural pilots allowed to use a highway as a runway?
  98. Are non-military aircraft allowed to fly with no registration numbers (tail numbers)?
  99. How do changes in certification requirements affect previous type certificates?

  100. Where does the final approach begin if the glide slope is intercepted at an altitude above that depicted on the approach chart?