1. What is this in the window?
  2. What airline academies are available to US citizens?

  3. How many lives would be saved if the airlines turned all the seats around?

  4. What is the best DME pair selection algorithm?
  5. What is the purpose exactly of a ‘Control Check’?
  6. Why was my flight cancelled due to bad weather while other flights were not?
  7. What educational qualifications are required to become a pilot in the UK?

  8. How many hydraulic systems does the Boeing 757 series have?
  9. Are CVR and FDR reset after every flight?

  10. Are there any autopilots that are capable of landing a damaged aircraft better than any human?

  11. What is the average number of daily flights for all types of aircraft in use worldwide?
  12. Why don't airlines load their passengers like freight?

  13. Why are commercial airplanes painted at all?

  14. Why are there no commercial supersonic flights at present?

  15. How much computing power is needed to keep commercial and military planes flying?

  16. Can a sonic boom produced at 60,000' be heard on the ground?
  17. What if all passengers pay to check in extra baggage?

  18. Is wheel well overheat detection (not brake temperature sensor) necessary for commercial jet aircraft?

  19. Is there any limit to how many times an aircraft evacuation slide may be deployed?
  20. What material is used to make engine covers for passenger airliners?
  21. What is NH overspeed test and how it is preformed on DHC Q400 aircraft?

  22. What do the various lights in the overhead aisle light cluster of a Bombardier Q400 NextGen represent?

  23. Why doesn't the aviation industry use SI units?

  24. What market share does Jet A-1 have in the commercial airline market?

  25. What kind of work you can get with a private pilot licence?

  26. Why is 3000 psi the most common hydraulic pressure used in commercial aircraft?

  27. How much of an improvement would a 1% weight decrease on an airplane be to the industry?

  28. What is the measurement system used in the aviation industry?

  29. Which are the requirements for the water supply on board?

  30. Are there any Part 135 (On-Demand Passenger Charter) companies out there that use Aviation Bio-Fuel?

  31. Estimating the fuel required in terms of flying distance and total weight

  32. Why would flares be fired into the air after a flight lands?

  33. What type of hydraulic oil is used in the aviation industry?

  34. Who manages International Airspace Traffic?

  35. What are the differences between type B message format and EDIFACT message format?

  36. Is a firm landing an indication of the pilot inexperience?

  37. Who activates the fasten seat belt warning on commercial flights?

  38. Are there any civil programs that uses S1000D?

  39. How airplanes of new generation communicate with ATC over remote areas? (North Atlantic Region)
  40. Is it possible to become a commercial pilot if one suffered from depression in the past?
  41. How are aviation sectionals and enroute charts created?
  42. How does one become an airline pilot in Australia?
  43. What are the barriers to feasibility of stratospheric cruising for commercial air travel? (i.e. Concorde?)
  44. Are there rules about using the "Fasten seatbelt" sign outside of take-off/landing/turbulence?

  45. Can commercial airliners fly over central Antarctica during winter?
  46. Do multiple go-arounds on the same flight happen in commercial aviation?
  47. If cabin lights are dimmed during night landing so that your eyes will get used to the darkness, why do they let you use the reading lights?
  48. Is there a maximum possible size for an airplane?

  49. Why don't airport have heated runways to deal with winter conditions?

  50. Can commercial airliners fly over hurricanes?
  51. What are the issues with building modular aircraft?
  52. Is there a common maintenance issue requiring filling a hole in the tail on the A321?

  53. Can passengers tell (without GPS etc.) where the aircraft is heading to?
  54. What is the smallest aircraft to have a CVR / FDR?
  55. Do airlines continue operating in the vicinity of a hurricane?

  56. How frequent are unpublished holding patterns outside general aviation?

  57. Which commuter flight was forced to land in a cornfield in '96 or '97?

  58. What was the first commercial scheduled flight to Australia from another continent (except Asia)?
  59. Do any aircraft carry spare parts for making repairs?

  60. Why does the landing gear lever end in a wheel-shaped handle?

  61. What is this very distinct humming noise coming from the IAE-V2500 engines of the A320 during taxi?

  62. How are multiple frequencies monitored at once?

  63. What is this device they bring on board from the jet bridge when we park?
  64. Can PPL, CPL, and ATPL be completed within a year?
  65. Why don't commercial passenger safety videos ever explain policy instead of dictating it?
  66. Where can I find reports of accidents/incindents happened on ground?
  67. Why is the flight route going back to Vancouver different than it was going to Istanbul?

  68. Why are commercial flights not equipped with parachutes for the passengers?

  69. What does the "blue" callout mean in the cockpit of an Airbus?

  70. why do wings have high aspect ratios on commercial airliners?
  71. Will I get a job if I start my aviation training at 34?

  72. Was the miracle on the Hudson saved exclusively by the APU?
  73. Is 3 crew cockpit safer than 2 crew?
  74. How dangerous can it be if something falls from a flying aircraft?
  75. How large are the banners that are trailed behind small planes for advertising?
  76. Does the avoidance of thrust reverser save fuel?
  77. Can pilots land an aircraft with only the use of throttles?
  78. Why is this 777 zig zagging over the Pacific (and delayed by 2.5 hours in air)?
  79. What provides the greatest thrust in a high-bypass turbofan engine?
  80. What is this protrusion on the door?
  81. Can a few random interaction with cockpit controls result in a crash?

  82. What safety differences exist between carrying laptops in checked versus carry-on baggage?

  83. Why bother having different engine options on one aircraft?

  84. Why are autonomous vehicles not used at airports for on-ground services?

  85. Why hasn't Boeing updated the 747 with technology from the 787?

  86. How to understand "Stage length, for payload calculations includes 85% wind"?
  87. I want to become a commercial pilot, can you do that through the RAF?

  88. What are the rules in UK law on carrying dangerous goods on drones?

  89. Is there a standard that defines all Special Service Requests?

  90. Which commercial aircraft can stay in the air the longest?
  91. Does the co-pilot still remain in control of the plane if an engine fails during takeoff?

  92. What daily commercial flight is the oldest / has been running the longest?

  93. When may commercial pilots release their shoulder harness?

  94. Why is there really only one basic design for passenger airplanes?
  95. Why are "canard" not used on commercial aircraft?

  96. Free baggage allowance: Weight concept vs Piece concept?

  97. Do Federal regulations compel airlines to avoid schedule disruptions?
  98. What is the coordinate system used in an Aircraft?

  99. Will depression from 20 years ago prevent me from being an airline pilot?
  100. Why do most commercial aircraft have their fuselage over the wing, instead of under?