1. Does cargo balance affect fuel efficiency in commercial aviation?

  2. What is the purpose exactly of a ‘Control Check’?
  3. What are the design parameters for airliner safety?

  4. What is the average weight difference between composite and metal airliners?
  5. Could supersonic transport make a comeback?

  6. Have we seen the last significant experiments in the configuration of jet airliners?

  7. Where is the fuel stored on an aircraft’s wing?
  8. What type is this aircraft and engine at Munich airport?
  9. Why don't airlines load their passengers like freight?

  10. Why are commercial airplanes painted at all?
  11. When a typical commercial airliner flies overhead, what is the actual noise we are hearing?

  12. Why is the Tu-144 the only commercial airplane with canard configuration?

  13. What is the purpose of the little eyebrow windows on the Boeing 737?

  14. Do windows on the side of the fuselage increase drag?

  15. Do modern airliners have oxygen sensors in the cabin?

  16. How are electronic systems locked and connected in the electronic bay?
  17. Would titanium be a better option for aircraft skin if cost were not a factor?
  18. How common are diversions to high-latitude airports for intercontinental flights?

  19. What is the source for the flight data shown on in-flight entertainment systems?
  20. How much force are large aircraft brakes able to exert?

  21. What material is used to make engine covers for passenger airliners?
  22. What is the noise level inside the Tu 114 passenger cabin?
  23. Can an airliner land safely using only propulsion control?

  24. At which point does an airliner start to pressurize/depressurize the cabin?

  25. Where do flaps and elevators get input from?

  26. Why doesn't condensation form on the inside of airliner windows?

  27. Why were 'business jet' airliner designs so popular in the past?
  28. Are there big differences between Douglas Commercial 3 and Douglas Commercial 4?

  29. How much of an improvement would a 1% weight decrease on an airplane be to the industry?

  30. How does the raked wingtip of the Boeing 787 work?

  31. How do airliners get from the factory to the client if the aircraft does not have the required range?
  32. What throttle setting does an airliner use while cruising?
  33. What are the spiral marks in the center of the engines?

  34. Estimating the fuel required in terms of flying distance and total weight

  35. What is this orange container labeled "Flight kit wheel"?
  36. How do airlines without assigned seating verify cargo balance?
  37. Why aren't there V-tail airliners?

  38. Why do airlines not use direct routes?
  39. What are SIDS and STARs?

  40. Is there any kind of removable ELT on board an airliner?
  41. Does EASA require airliners to be fitted with autopilots?

  42. Is there AOG liability?

  43. What is the purpose of the sharp pods under airliner wings?
  44. Do modern aircraft have sensors to determine weight of the aircraft?

  45. What is the drag induced by a high bypass jet engine on an airliner?
  46. Is more cargo loaded if there is less passengers than expected?
  47. Does the wifi uplink antenna affect aerodynamics or efficiency?
  48. Why don't airliners use noise cancelling?

  49. Is spin recovery possible in an airliner?

  50. Do airliners use light alloy wheels, like cars do?

  51. Can commercial airliners fly over central Antarctica during winter?

  52. Have there been any solo flights on airliners?
  53. Is water a possible fuel for jet engines?

  54. What are these circles below the wing?

  55. Why aren't there any single turbofan airliner?
  56. Do airliners perform a dive maneuver to reduce altitude
  57. How much air is recirculated (vs. bleed air injected) in modern airliners cabin?
  58. How are airliners secured on the ground during hurricanes?
  59. How is a lead acid battery and a Ni-Cd battery charged on an aircraft?

  60. What is the minimum number of engines required for taxiing an airliner?

  61. What is the difference between Assumed Temperature and Derate takeoff thrust?

  62. Why do older planes not have a middle hand luggage compartment?

  63. What is the chime that can be heard roughly 30 seconds after takeoff?
  64. Are larger aircraft inherently better-suited to long-distance flights?

  65. Could an aircraft like a Boeing 777 take off with flaps fully deployed?

  66. Why are fuel tanks in the wings filled first, and why are they used last?
  67. In what conditions do airline pilots favor crabbing over de-crabbing for crosswind landings?

  68. Why can't there be more than 4 anti-shock bodies on each wing?
  69. Is Autopilot engaged when an engine failure above V1 occurs on modern airliners?

  70. Does windmill restart often work for airliner engines?

  71. Is this blended wing body trijet airliner real?
  72. What is the role of the control panel used by cabin crew during a flight?
  73. Are there known cases of an airline pilot's becoming incapacitated, while in command of the aircraft, during a critical flight phase?
  74. Since when are ground-based starting devices no longer in common use? Are there any jetliners flying that would still require them?
  75. Are airliners' cruising altitudes we know indicated or true altitudes?
  76. Can the APU provide emergency thrust?

  77. What is the section of the fuselage below the wings called?
  78. Can an airplane flying above 35,000 feet be heard on the ground?

  79. Are the captain's and first officer's brake pedals always mechanically linked?
  80. Why aren't larger airliners such as the A380 more efficient than smaller ones?
  81. If the landing gear is stuck in an airliner, can the crew go down and manually open it?
  82. How heavy are the Boeing 747 landing gear?

  83. Can pilots land an aircraft with only the use of throttles?
  84. Are the size and location of the registration number regulated?

  85. If a typical passenger plane had total failure of all engines mid-flight, is it possible for passengers to survive?
  86. Did commercial airliners have microwave ovens in the past?

  87. What happens to the cabin pressure if all the packs (ACMs) stop working?
  88. Why is there a hole in one of the layer of an airplane's windows?

  89. How are further structural failures prevented if an aft pressure bulkhead fails?

  90. What's the UX in modern airliner avionics for diversion choices, and does it integrate to autopilot?
  91. What is this protrusion on the door?

  92. What exactly are those openings in the bellies of many jetliners?

  93. What safety differences exist between carrying laptops in checked versus carry-on baggage?

  94. What is a "Pod-Pak"?

  95. Can you turn a large airliner using only rudder input?

  96. Why there are more requirements for being PIC of the airliner above FL200?

  97. Are the communications between captain and flight attendants standardized?

  98. Why are the engines not tucked underneath the wings of airliners?
  99. Why do we use pylons to mount the engines on jetliners?

  100. Why has aluminium, rather than steel, prevailed in airliner construction?