1. Why was the boat mounted this way on the underside of the wing?

  2. What is Transient bleed valve in Gas Turbine engine?
  3. How precisely must ATC speed instructions be adhered to?

  4. What is the purpose of the fin at the Boeing 787 APU exhaust?

  5. What's the shape and place of the tip vortex in a propeller, depending on propeller sense of turning?

  6. What's the reasoning for safety wire on aircraft, and the reasoning behind the way it's routed?

  7. Why is colour of aircraft access panel outlines darker than the rest of the aircraft?

  8. Does it make sense to use a canard in combination with a conventional aft elevator control surface?
  9. How does the rotor blade material affect aircraft performance?

  10. What are the design parameters for airliner safety?
  11. What happened to the 737's cockpit skylights?
  12. can an airfoil (or fan-blade) be symmetric along a center line (leading=trailing edge)?
  13. Beside payload size, what precise factors are considered to choose the fuselages shape?

  14. What is the average weight difference between composite and metal airliners?

  15. Which is the airliner with the most passengers per lavatory?
  16. Have we seen the last significant experiments in the configuration of jet airliners?

  17. Where is the best centre of gravity for planes like the Berkut 360?
  18. Does the aerodynamic center move when flaps and slats are deployed?

  19. Could the wing struts on the SUGARVolt cause problems?

  20. What is the typical value of maximum lift coefficient for aerobatic aircraft?

  21. Why is the Eurofighters nose gear door shorter than the bay?

  22. What is this trio of fins at the back of a T-38?

  23. What is the purpose of a fuse pin in a turbine engine?
  24. Why does the Boeing 787 have fewer cockpit windows?
  25. How does the Space Shuttle slow down during re-entry, descent, and landing?
  26. What are the advantages and disadvantages of autogyro aircraft?
  27. How does the Mil Mi-35M compare to the Boeing AH-64D Apache?

  28. What is the propeller efficiency, $μ_p$, of modern propellers for light sport aircraft?

  29. Why would a jet engine use cannular combustors if the annular design is superior?

  30. Is there a mathematical formula to find the most efficient propeller?
  31. What's the difference between SLG strut used in B777 and truck position actuator used in any other aircraft like B747?

  32. Can an armed door be opened from outside an airliner?

  33. Why is the use of tail-down force so common?
  34. Was the B727's wing supercritical (even if not so designed)?
  35. What is the second "door" on the DC-3?
  36. Why did the DC-3 have wing sweep?
  37. Would an aircraft with no ailerons, no elevators and no rudders be safely flyable?

  38. Does the Boeing B787 have safety issues with its battery and windshield?
  39. Why is the Tu-144 the only commercial airplane with canard configuration?
  40. Was there ever a fuel-injected Spitfire?

  41. How can this aircraft be stable/manoeuvrable?
  42. What is this "No Hand Hold" thing in the P-51 Mustang cockpit?

  43. How to calculate the required motor power and rotor size with respect to the weight of quadcopter?

  44. Does a quadcopter have flight modes beyond traditional aircraft?
  45. What is the purpose of the box between the engines of an A-10?
  46. Can a F-35 shoot while hovering?

  47. What alternative designs competed for the C-130 in the 1950s?

  48. Why doesn’t the minimum drag point meet the point at the best Cl/CD polar?
  49. How does a large cargo plane like the C-130 Hercules take off and land in such a short distance?
  50. Why are most weapons in AC-130 on the left-hand side?
  51. Why do many fighter jets have double vertical stabilizers?
  52. Why isn't the APU a standard diesel generator?
  53. What is the 'arm' at the rear of the X-29?
  54. Why was the U-2 so different from the SR-71?

  55. Could flight control be achieved by rotating a wing entirely?
  56. Why do forward-swept winged fighters have the main wings in the back?
  57. What is hinge moment?

  58. Can you push the throttle forward while using reverse thrusters?

  59. What is the definition of load factor & how do you apply it?
  60. Does contra-rotating vs regular propellers, have any effect on icing?

  61. How does one calculate the taper ratio of a compound wing?
  62. Is there any way to estimate the weight difference between a trimmable horizontal stabilizer and a fixed tailplane?

  63. Why isn't cabin air quality in airliners directly monitored with sensors?

  64. Why do flight control cables not slacken during the cold temperatures at cruise?

  65. Could a plane with an electric turbine engine generate enough lift to provide a electric areodynamic lift and runway to space?

  66. Would titanium be a better option for aircraft skin if cost were not a factor?

  67. Why don't aircraft use nuclear propulsion?

  68. Has there ever been a sideways H-tail on an airplane?
  69. Why are airplanes riveted and not screwed?

  70. What special tyres (tires) are needed for high altitude takeoff and landing?
  71. How would one calculate the thrust-to-weight ratio for a minimum turn radius?

  72. How do tyre pressure sensors in aircraft work?
  73. Are Boeing 737 winglets adjustable from the cockpit?

  74. How do Resistance temperature detectors(RTD) work?
  75. Can the Airbus A380 safely fly with two engines out on the same wing?

  76. Why do aircraft use hydraulics instead of pneumatics?

  77. Why do the MiG-15 and MiG-17 have a split air intake in their noses?

  78. Why was the Boeing 377 "Stratocruiser" frequently landed nosewheel first on touchdown?
  79. What is the reason aircraft are as long as they are wide?
  80. How does the nitrogen generation system in a Boeing 777 work?

  81. Is there a formula to calculate how big a ventral fin should be?

  82. What are the pros and cons of using shielding as opposed to liquid cooling the skin of supersonic aircraft?
  83. Could someone please explain why the A320 doesn’t have an anti ice system for its vertical and horizontal stabilisers?
  84. What part of an aircraft design process is governed by mathematics?

  85. Is it difficult to get into the aerospace industry?

  86. Where can I find detailed dimensions of an aircraft engine compressor blade?
  87. Is quadcopter design scalable?
  88. Where are jack points typically located on an aircraft?
  89. What is this thing between the engines on the F-14 Tomcat?
  90. What is a Virtual Window in an aircraft?
  91. Why do all new European fighter jets have delta wings?
  92. Why was the experimental MiG 1.44 so similar to the experimental TKF-90?
  93. Why do we seldom see small unmanned aircraft with gasoline engines?

  94. Were any composites used on the A340 series?

  95. When sizing a powerplant for a GA aircraft, how do you estimate the power required for other electrical systems?

  96. What would it take to bring a more efficient lifting-body airplane design (possibly a BWB) to commercial market?
  97. Can an Autogyro with wings survive a rotor mechanical failure? Will it be safer?
  98. What are different types of weights of an aircraft?

  99. Is there a recommended self-study syllabus or set of books for UAV design?

  100. How do conventional and T-tails differ?