1. If you turned base early, cutting off other traffic, what is the safest way to rejoin downwind?

  2. What Height Atc radar reads from pilot selection
  3. Why was my flight cancelled due to bad weather while other flights were not?

  4. What is the ATFM Project BOBCAT and why is it important?
  5. Where can the airspace boundary coordinates for Fayetteville TRACON be found?

  6. How are duplicate call signs dealt with?

  7. Why does the Las Vegas Airport have three control towers?

  8. What are the names of the 4 holding points around LHR?

  9. Can a holding pattern be in class G airspace?

  10. How different is flying through Free Route Airspace (FRA)?
  11. What are the duties of an ATC supervisor?
  12. What does 'given rate' mean?

  13. How can pilots fly inside a cloud?
  14. How many planes do ATC controllers assist in taking off/landing each day?

  15. Is there a class E corridor in the class B north of San Diego International?
  16. What is the energy demand of a secondary surveillance radar?

  17. Can you file an open-ended IFR flight plan?

  18. Which altimeter setting should I use?
  19. Why do ATC displays use flight data sent by the aircraft they are tracking?

  20. What is the procedure for handing over controller positions to the next shift?

  21. Why do control towers have tilted glass panels?

  22. How do Air Traffic Controllers determine which planes take off in a certain order?

  23. Why is the air traffic control profession so commonly perceived as "stressful"?

  24. Which source to use when reporting the current altitude to ATC?

  25. What do Air Traffic Controllers (tower supervisors) say to pilots before takeoff and landing?
  26. How can I find telephone numbers for FAA ATC facilities?

  27. Why can't flight management systems receive instructions directly from the controller?

  28. Does a military equivalent to civil ATC exist?

  29. When there is a holding pattern assigned by a civilian airports ATC, do military aircraft get first priority over landing?
  30. To what extent is the HOST system still in use?

  31. Why is there a strip of uncontrolled airspace between Russia and Norway?
  32. Who manages International Airspace Traffic?

  33. Who does air traffic control to the oceanic flights?

  34. How do holding patterns work?

  35. How does handover between Air Traffic Controllers work?
  36. What is the purpose of wide area multilateration (WAM)?

  37. How can a sUAS operator contact ATC/identify themselves when contacting ATC?

  38. How can shifting to TCP/IP make current aviation systems more delay-tolerant?

  39. Are 'climb via a SID' instructions actually used in the US?

  40. How does air traffic control communicate with an aircraft?

  41. Do aircraft have radar or other forms of traffic sensing?

  42. Have there been any 'proper' field trials of Automated Air Traffic Control?

  43. What are the advantages, disadvantages and current state of affairs for text-based ATC?
  44. Do overland long-haul flights have something similar to SELCAL?
  45. What are the ways to perform air traffic control on long distance flights?

  46. What does "With One Minute Weather" Mean?
  47. How do pilots identify the taxi path to the runway?

  48. When are you allowed to use a call sign that is not the aircraft registration?
  49. Do airlines have an ATC schedule they have to adhere to?

  50. How airplanes of new generation communicate with ATC over remote areas? (North Atlantic Region)

  51. How do aircraft carriers treat foreign Flight Information Regions?

  52. Is a destination airport necessary for cross-country VFR departure clearance?

  53. Can I use my non-WAAS GPS receiver with ADS-B in the United States?
  54. What prevents someone from hijacking a radio frequency mid-air?
  55. What are the differences between ACARS and CPDLC?
  56. Which country would employ foreign air traffic controllers?
  57. Why is an ATC operational error called a "deal"?

  58. Is 'make small one turn' a standard phrase?

  59. How does vertical separation work above FL400?
  60. How to request to fly on a flight level, different from the direction, according to the charts?
  61. What were the safety recommendations following the Aeroperú Flight 603 crash?
  62. What is the exact meaning of CAVOK and CAVU? How are they used by pilots and ATC?

  63. Are ATCs required to notify pilots when they use MVAs?

  64. How are spacecraft and aircraft traffic coordinated?
  65. What's the precise meaning of "landing south (north, east, west)" in STARs?

  66. Is this paper's description of ATC services over the internet actually practical?
  67. What call sign does Marine One use when the president is not on board?

  68. How did ATC procedures and airspace structure change after San Diego PSA collision?
  69. ATC interruptions, when is it okay/overlooked?

  70. Listening to KSEA, what does orange, green, or blue line mean?

  71. What is a TRACON?

  72. Is there an ATC radio backup?

  73. From which ATC station is push-back clearance requested?
  74. What does it mean when ATC says climb maintain 7000, block 8000?

  75. Can an issued landing clearance be replaced with "continue approach"?
  76. How frequent are unpublished holding patterns outside general aviation?

  77. Why is radio communication still used?
  78. When do you contact ATC when departing from a non-towered airport into class D controlled airspace?

  79. When do you contact ATC when departing from a non-towered airport into class C controlled airspace?

  80. Why does ATC ask a crew who has declared an emergency if their aircraft will be overweight when landing?

  81. How are landing aircraft handled during an emergency runway closure?
  82. Why does ATC ask emergency aircraft about fuel on board?

  83. Why doesn't ATC use a unified frequency for the same control area?
  84. Why are the transition altitudes/levels different around the World?

  85. Will air traffic control ever ask a plane to not brake hard on a landing?

  86. Can you report a crash landing on an emergency frequency even if you are not at the airport?
  87. What is the procedure when an aircraft with an emergency can't land due to a blocked runway?

  88. Are "Tally-ho" and "no joy" acceptable ATC terms for civil operations?

  89. Can a controller clear you through an SFRA?

  90. How are multiple frequencies monitored at once?

  91. Is a fly-by tower legal for civilians not during a show?

  92. Is there a rule-of-thumb for estimating distance to an aeroplane?
  93. Alphanumeric flight identification in flight plan
  94. How close can planes fly to each other over the ocean?

  95. Who bears responsibility when an aircraft takes off from the wrong runway?
  96. What if you don't recognise an aircraft ATC is telling you about?

  97. What are the requirements for a foreigner to become an Air Traffic Controller in Sweden?

  98. When departing IFR, when do I switch from Tower to Departure?
  99. What is the relationship between your tail number and air traffic control?
  100. What are ATC's considerations when they instruct to intercept final approach course instead of simply clearing for approach?