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  1. Relationship between maneuvering speed and weight

  2. what factor make the left engine on a conventional twin engine critical?
  3. Is 'cost sharing' different between jet and prop powered aircraft?

  4. How can cargo be jettisoned from a C-124 in flight?

  5. Is there a difference in aerodynamic efficiency between single engine and twin engine airplanes?

  6. Why do chunks of aircraft debris float?
  7. What would be the effect of skinning over the gap in fixed leading-edge slats?

  8. What are the development trends for sixth generation fighters aircraft?
  9. Can regular emergency exits not work?
  10. How to use window for emergency exit

  11. Parking brake for commercial aircraft not used for parking, why?

  12. Why does speed lose out to capacity?

  13. Why is a weight and balance graph lozenge-shaped?
  14. Why should you not turn in the direction of an inoperative engine?

  15. How effective was WWII bombers self defense anti-air armament?

  16. Can a PPL be a safety pilot?
  17. What is the meaning of the term "fly back only" in AMM documents?

  18. In obstacle clearance what is considered distant and close-in obstacle?
  19. Do seaplane have designated landing areas?

  20. What are the advantages of a Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer?

  21. How dangerous is to take-off and fly with snow on the wings?
  22. What are service letters and service bulletins?

  23. What kind of material should I use for rudder skins?

  24. What aerodynamic data exists for the Yak-130?

  25. What is so special about new Russian jet engine called PD-14?
  26. Do I need 35 hours of ground school for knowledge test for PPL?
  27. Do stunt jets use laser distance meters to align with one another to maintain formations?
  28. How could a twin aisle aircraft (Boeing NMA) ever have a single aisle (A321) economics?

  29. How to calculate the distance between two waypoints on an approach plate?
  30. What is this 11-engine airplane?
  31. At what intervals do planes land and take off from Chicago O'Hare?

  32. Why there is such a strong correlation between the range of an airliner and its passenger capacity?
  33. How are sector capacity constraints set in the current US ATC system?
  34. How does the capacity of 2 parallel runways compare to single runway?
  35. Can aircraft depart/arrive after another aircraft has sprayed snow on the runway?
  36. How is vibration isolation achieved in helicopters?

  37. Why are there so few aircraft that had inhabited wings?

  38. How are landing aircraft handled during an emergency runway closure?

  39. Which atmospheric factors that can affect the performance of an aircraft while flying a circuit?
  40. What course of action to take when having to go missed during IMC and lost comms?

  41. Are steam gauges more reliable than glass panels?

  42. Is it safe to takeoff with some ice and snow on the wings?

  43. Why is the font size of runway numbers in Canada small?

  44. How prevalent are anti-explosion bladders in fuel tanks?

  45. What aircraft is this twin prop?

  46. Mandatory missed approach under FAR Part 121 operations?
  47. Is responding to an internet forum post looking for a scenic flight "holding out"?

  48. Do runway markings vary from country to country?
  49. What are the eyesight requirements for a medical certificate in India?
  50. What aircraft can make these sharp 90-degree turns?

  51. Is there a speed needed to achieve flight?

  52. Is it possible to fly a B-24 under Bixby Bridge?
  53. What is the relationship between speed, torque and pitch in a helicopter?

  54. What is the flap adjustment angle for delta wing Aircraft for take off?
  55. How does the squat switch work?
  56. How is the drift corrected in INS-driven attitude/heading indicators?

  57. How would a low-airspeed fixed-wing drone be designed to reduce effects from gusts and wind shear?

  58. Why would FlightAware show this meandering flight path?

  59. Why does flying not have any age restrictions like driving does?
  60. Would a roll cage plus a safety harness make a small GA aircraft accident more survivable?

  61. Is it allowed to listen to music while piloting a plane?

  62. What are the effects of rotating airfoil sections to match wing's dihedral?

  63. Where can I get an aluminum panel from the top of the Cessna 172's right wing?
  64. How can I deal with insurance requirements for flight hours and training in order to carry passengers?

  65. Headset for both plane and heli: buy for plane, use adapter for heli, or vice versa?
  66. Is Doppler navigation still in use for civilian aircraft?
  67. What is the meaning of the comma in describing available RNAV sensors?

  68. Can someone identify this scrapped high-wing plane?
  69. Why at some airports/airfields you need to fly a non-standard circuit/pattern?

  70. Would a ducted fan with a nozzle like a jet engine have more thrust than a normal ducted fan?

  71. The FARs "require" the wearing of parachutes for certain types of maneuvers. Is parachute training required?

  72. If the Quadcopter is a MIMO Nonlinear System, How Can it be Controlled using PID?

  73. Can we apply landing minimum with ALS when ALS is available with low intensity only?

  74. Why disable stall warning based only on low airspeed, rather than multiple criteria?

  75. How does a pilot replace their logbook if it has been lost?
  76. what I and my friend saw today
  77. Do flight tracking websites also track non-commercial and defense aircraft?

  78. Can a GPS system be used to identify fixes on conventional instrument approaches?
  79. What skills do aviators have uniquely that could cross over to another industry?

  80. Can helicopters land in a poor visibility scenario?

  81. Can a commercial airline continue its flight if its landing gear fails to retract after take-off?
  82. How is tire rubber removed from the runway?
  83. Why does Schiphol Airport have such a long taxi?
  84. Why do landing gears smoke upon impact?

  85. How does thrust reversal work on a jet engine, and when should it be used?

  86. Why does this statement about intrastate aviation in Alaska appear in airworthiness directives?

  87. is boundary-layer jet-turbine a scam?

  88. Are there references for the different maneuver configurations?
  89. What is the maximum take off climb angle of a Boeing 737 MAX?

  90. What solutions are there against deep stalls?

  91. What effect would a afterburner have on the compressor if the nozzle outlet is not increased?
  92. How to carry out a CFD simulation for determining the stability derivatives of an aeroplane?

  93. Do pilots have separate volume knobs on the radio panel?

  94. What are the tools that aid accurate tiller-steering in large airliners?
  95. Why don't single-engine jets suffer severe gyroscopic effects?

  96. Does windmill restart often work for airliner engines?

  97. How do pilots hold the runway centerline during takeoff?
  98. Why does the CF-100 autopilot have a toggle switch labeled 'ATTACK'?
  99. What does the last 'B' in 'GEnx-2B67B' stand for?
  100. What policies, technologies, equipment, etc is used to mitigate liquid spills in the cockpit especially during turbulence?