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  1. How does the target indicator on a jet fighter work?

  2. Can an aircraft be turned without rudder input?

  3. Common research model for supersonic transport research?
  4. How many lives would be saved if the airlines turned all the seats around?

  5. Can windshield washer fluid be used to deice small airplanes?

  6. What are the design parameters for airliner safety?
  7. What is the purpose exactly of a ‘Control Check’?
  8. What happened to the 737's cockpit skylights?
  9. Which airliners could survive an EMP pulse?
  10. Why is the ratio maximum range speed/maximum endurance speed the same for any airplane?

  11. What do all the indicators on a HUD mean?

  12. Air-ground tactical voice communication waveforms
  13. DME pair selection algorithm
  14. What are common downsides to leasing an aircraft to a flying club?
  15. What would be the effects of installing pitot tubes on the engine covers?

  16. What Height Atc radar reads from pilot selection
  17. Why do most military aircraft use different engines than commercial aircraft?

  18. Can a UAV defend itself?

  19. Afterburner nozzle effect on compressor
  20. What exactly is a "drone"?
  21. Why was my flight cancelled due to bad weather while other flights were not?

  22. What is this pipe on the tail of this helicopter?

  23. What is the current status of the deployment of RNP 1 and RNP 2 airspaces and approaches in Europe?

  24. What are the drug testing procedures for EU airlines? - question for airline pilots
  25. How does gross weight affect the Minimum Controllable Airspeed (Vmc)?

  26. can an airfoil (or fan-blade) be symmetric along a center line (leading=trailing edge)?

  27. Why are parts safety wired together?
  28. What is the official FAA definition of the term enroute?

  29. Why do the RNAV (GPS) approaches to KAPC not use the same missed approach procedure as the ILS/LOC approach?

  30. How can I calculate the thrust of a fan given the diameter of the blade?
  31. Turbofan - Fan Frame design question

  32. What is the maximum G load a 747 can withstand during an emergency course reversal?
  33. In a turbofan what holds the spinning axis?

  34. How do engineers make sure UAV don't land on their front propeller?
  35. Can a passenger jet be towed to safety if it breaks down in midair?

  36. Who decided which airspaces not to fly through and how?

  37. Why isn´t TOGA thrust always 100% N1 or N2
  38. For any given modern turbofan engine, does bypass ratio stay approximately constant during a typical flight?
  39. What educational qualifications are required to become a pilot in the UK?
  40. What do the callouts "approaching minimums" and "minimums " mean?

  41. TAS, TCAS I, TCAS II requirements

  42. The American Civil War helicopter that lifted 600 pounds?
  43. What is the ATFM Project BOBCAT and why is it important?

  44. Where to find the "Patter for Elementary Flight Maneuvers" bulletin?

  45. What's this red cabin light indicator inside a Boeing 737?
  46. Beside payload size, what precise factors are considered to choose the fuselages shape?

  47. What is aeroelastic deformation?
  48. Is there any form of checklist that a pilot needs to go through before they use their ejection seat?

  49. How to get a home base airport in the UAE?
  50. What is the average weight difference between composite and metal airliners?
  51. What is the wing angle of attack of a Boeing 737 in cruise?
  52. The effect of its microstructure and the influence of carbon

  53. Airplane Type Design Land & Sea

  54. How does the rotor blade material affect aircraft performance?

  55. Is JF-17 a reconfigured Mig-21/F-7?
  56. Form 337 Prior to Activity?
  57. Can a modified aircraft be imported and certified in the US?

  58. Optimal time to get ASES

  59. What type of helicopter is shown in Star Wars The Last Jedi featurette?

  60. STC or Form 337?

  61. How many hydraulic systems does the Boeing 757 series have?

  62. How can I triangulate a position using two DMEs?

  63. How to find coordinates of the geometric center of a NACA 4-digit airfoil?
  64. Could supersonic transport make a comeback?

  65. Does a plane have more lift while flying in a cloud? (All other things equal...)

  66. What is the difference between placing wheel chocks on the outer wheels as opposed to the inner wheels of the main landing gear?

  67. Is an aircraft's maximum landing weight really weight, or is it mass?

  68. Can a helicopter really fly with rotors going this slow?
  69. Does the weather condition of the runway affect the braking of an aircraft with regards to wheel braking and reverse thrust?
  70. How do airline pilots relieve the physical stress and discomfort of sitting for long periods of time?

  71. Where can the airspace boundary coordinates for Fayetteville TRACON be found?

  72. What kind of flaps are used in gliders?

  73. What to do to maintain my Spanish ULM (GA) gyroplane licence valid in the USA when moving there?

  74. What is the speed of a standard airliner during the different phases of the flight?

  75. What was used instead of the failed engine when ferrying the Air France Flight 66 aircraft back?

  76. Could a fighter aircraft be operated indefinitely?

  77. How does a mechanic determine if a repair or alteration requires a Supplemental Type Certificate?
  78. Do the spinning parts of the tail mounted jet engines produce yaw on pitch changes?

  79. Can a small GA plane maintain level flight with a significant nose-down attitude?

  80. How does the Airbus flight computer's voting system work?
  81. What is this "flap-like" thing on the back of the F-15?

  82. What are these lights above the panel in a Blue Angels cockpit?

  83. Can someone/something other than the pilot trigger the ejection seat?
  84. Where do military aircraft carry flares?

  85. Why do (almost) all military transports have high wings and civilian transports low wings?

  86. Why do Airbus aircraft typically have less wing flex than Boeing aircraft?
  87. Are there any safety mechanisms to prevent emergency slides deploying inside an aircraft?
  88. How do pilots decide whether or not to deploy a ram air turbine?

  89. Is An Electric Plane Possible?

  90. Has anyone attempted to board a flying aircraft mid-air?

  91. Does the B787 (Dreamliner) operate with higher cabin pressure?
  92. If this is not a Lippisch L-13, what is it?

  93. How can V1 and VR (rotate) speeds be calculated?

  94. What are the crewing requirements for a B787 flying LAX to SIN?

  95. Why have different flights with the same flight number?
  96. How does the efficiency of a piston aircraft change with altitude?
  97. How are METARs being published?

  98. At what distance beyond the aiming point is a landing considered a "Deep Landing"?

  99. Equation of motion for flow in laminar boundary layer in cylindrical coordinates

  100. How does an Airbus aircraft connect to the Internet?