1. Why does Rin in blue exorcist have an eye bigger than the other when uncontrollable?

  2. Are there any common clichés/tropes surrounding the supporting cast of shōnen anime?
  3. What are some characters that have iconic/memorable designs while also being realistic looking?

  4. What is the gesture when a character falls down when hearing something stupid?

  5. Where is this scene originate from in Episode 5 of nichijou?
  6. Story-telling technique where the drawing style briefly gets much simpler?
  7. What is this type of hairstyle?
  8. What do people mean when they say "Notice me, senpai"?
  9. Why do sword owners tap them with a fluffy ball on a stick?

  10. Minimum amount of people for harem?
  11. Why is it that the swordsman's attacks appear to do nothing until they click the sword back into its sheath?
  12. Do people in Japan really shower all the time after a rainstorm, or is that just an anime thing?
  13. Why do guys in anime often lack nipples?

  14. Why do almost all anime series have a "going to the beach" episode?
  15. Why do protagonist usually mispronounce or forget the name of opponent or others?

  16. Why are llamas/alpacas so popular in anime?
  17. Why do people wearing a headband with two flashlights or candles when acting crazy or out of place?

  18. What do vampires have to do with the phase of the moon?
  19. What's the origin of characters flying through the night sky during the ED?

  20. Where is the joke that Ishida said came from?

  21. Is there a term for "two-faced" or "reverse-tsundere" characters?
  22. How old is the snaggletooth trope?

  23. Who is this person from commercial break "The World God Only Knows" manga?
  24. Are tsundere/yandere/kuudere unisexual terms?
  25. Why is there so much reluctant sex in hentai?

  26. Why do some characters have their weight measured in apples?
  27. What's this "I Know" gesture originate from?

  28. What is intended by a spiral on a character's finger and what is the origin of this trope?
  29. What was the first magical girl transformation scene?

  30. The first Anime/Manga with a parody's genre ever created

  31. Who is the first Oppai Loli ever featured in anime and manga?

  32. What order are couplings like 'CharAxCharB' in?
  33. Why always "skirt-flipping" fan-service's (mini-skirt blowing up.)?

  34. What's with awkwardness/fear with romance?

  35. How did the angry symbol originate?

  36. Change of protagonist or late entry of protagonist
  37. What's up with Some anime titles in the english?

  38. Which series features the most re-occuring named characters?
  39. Are joke episodes common in anime?
  40. What is it called when an anime character is emotionless on the inside and sweet/kind on the outisde?
  41. What is the origin of the bubble during sleep trope?

  42. Where did the trope of yaoi hands start?
  43. Who was the first tsundere character?

  44. Why do anime/manga characters have big eyes?
  45. Why do many anime OPs and EDs have onscreen lyrics?

  46. Why do anime girls have huge chests?
  47. Why do most anime have field trips to Kyoto?

  48. What is the origin of posterior wing trope?

  49. Is there a name for this anime/manga visual convention?
  50. Why is "aku soku zan" used in different animes?

  51. Why does Super Sonico always wear headphones?
  52. Where does the shroom on the head come from?
  53. What's with the fantasy hair?
  54. Is there a name for this manga-anime mouth expression? (`3`)
  55. What is this expresison/anime trope called?

  56. What are the blue downward lines in used to symbolize depression or sadness called?

  57. Who was the first young character in anime to appear with white hair?
  58. Why do many characters tend to have crazy hair colors and styles?
  59. What is with kimono that makes Japanese guys to fall for the girls in many anime?
  60. What is that accessory featured around Japanese gods' necks?

  61. What does this grinning gesture signify?

  62. What is the first transforming/morphing mobile suit/robot in anime?
  63. Why does damaging something sometimes make it more powerful?
  64. Why is it (almost) always a 10 years gap? What is so special with 10 years intervals?
  65. What is the purpose of characters shouting out the name of their attack?

  66. Why aren't most of the phones in anime smartphones?

  67. Why do most Naruto villains end up not just being bad guys to be hated?
  68. Does the "bloody nose" trope necessarily imply a sexual situation?
  69. Why do anime characters have pointy chins?

  70. Why are the shounen lead protagonists usually shown to be stupid?

  71. Why is it when a character nimbly dodges attacks the aggressor will call it "running away"?

  72. What's the deal with exchanging names in Bleach and other anime?

  73. What is the technical term for the "consecutive, discrete zoom-in shots" and what is its origin?
  74. Is there any correlation between the CPU and CPU candidates' oppai sizes like there is with KanColle?

  75. Why Is Britannia often depicted as an almighty power?

  76. Why are there so many "in Wonderland" episodes?

  77. Why do bad/evil characters sometimes have no eyes?

  78. Why are there so many tragic ocean promises?
  79. What is the origin of chibi versions of characters?
  80. What sparked the trend of slightly long dark-haired loner-ish protagonists in light novels?
  81. Why is "I won't forgive you" a commonly used threat?

  82. What are these type of eyes called (see red hair girl on the left in image)?
  83. Why do anime always have an eye glow arbitrarily drawn in
  84. Why do some anime characters use Sanskrit spells instead of Japanese?

  85. Name of classification/trope of anime with advanced/ancient civilizations
  86. Why are tentacles prevalent in anime?

  87. What animes or trends in anime was Evangelion a response to?

  88. Name of classic MC protective personality type?

  89. What is the meaning behind dark works often taking place at midnight?

  90. Why do many anime include pocket watches in them?
  91. Why are the male love-interests of shoujo often portrayed to be top scorers?
  92. Why do anime characters stand on telephone poles all the time?
  93. Does Light Novel-based, slice of life anime in general have a clearly defined setting?
  94. What are the squinting faces (>_<, >o<, >△<, etc.) called?

  95. Was running into people with toast in your mouth already a cliche by Evangelion's time (1995-96)?

  96. Where did the elder sister/s little brother love affair started

  97. Why do ninjas usually replace their own body with a block of wood?
  98. Is Edermask based on some legend?
  99. Where did the anime trope of Clothing Damage / Clothes being torn originate?
  100. What was the first anime to have characters blasting off?