1. Was Shadorian Civilization technologically advanced?
  2. Why do the deden mushi look so much like their owner

  3. Why is it that the swordsman's attacks appear to do nothing until they click the sword back into its sheath?

  4. Can Brook marry a real woman and have real kids (human kids)?

  5. Is it logical that Enel's power is ineffective against Luffy?
  6. How does Haki work?

  7. Who has the highest bounty?

  8. What purpose does Zoro's third sword actually serve?
  9. Why did the anime stop having ending songs since episode 279?

  10. How did people even know that the One Piece was in the Grand Line?
  11. How do inanimate objects eat devil fruit?

  12. Why did Caesar let Law in Punk Hazard?

  13. After leaving the marines why did Aokiji join forces with pirates?

  14. Why no one else used Conqueror's Haki?
  15. When will Oda finish One Piece?

  16. How can Doru Doru work against seastone
  17. How much time does it take to translate a manga volume/tankobon?
  18. How did Zeff really lose his leg?

  19. What will happen if Devil fruit "Hito Hito No mi" were eaten by human being

  20. Were the bounties in One Piece ever awarded to someone?

  21. Is Jack a fishman?

  22. When was it first shown that Shanks was in XXX's crew?
  23. What are the similarities between Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Luffy? Are they related by blood? What are their relatives' ages?
  24. Why is Blackbeard in Impel Down?

  25. Why does Gekko Moriah set sailors back out to sea if their zombie version will die?
  26. What are the requirements to be a warlord?
  27. Could one make a Devil Fruit eat another one?

  28. Did "Fairy Tail" plagiarize "One Piece"?
  29. Can a Devil Fruit user drown in a bathtub?

  30. What are Reiju's powers
  31. Is Haki fire proof?

  32. When did Oda state that a future member of the Straw Hats would be a previous enemy?

  33. What will happen if one person eats two Devil Fruits?
  34. Knowledge of Gear 4th through the world

  35. Can we share our devil fruit to someone else?
  36. Language in One Piece
  37. Are there any other Guinness world record holders?

  38. Why is Sanji wanted alive only?
  39. Why are all members of the Kuja tribe born as women?
  40. What does the print on Franky's shirt mean?
  41. What are the bounties of the Yonko as of 2017?

  42. Which episodes of One Piece are filler?

  43. How did the World Government know about the clash between Revolutionary Army and Blackbeard Pirates?
  44. What is the bounty of Gol D. Roger?
  45. How does Nami never get hit by her own lightning
  46. Has the world in One Piece's world map been fully defined?
  47. What is Katakuri's power?
  48. What is on Red Line?
  49. How did Sanji get his Diable Jambe ability?

  50. Is there a Naruto and One Piece crossover manga?

  51. How much time did straw hat pirate need to travel to the next island?
  52. How many crew members that Straw Hat should be?
  53. How did Shanks manage to stop Kaido?

  54. Why isn't Blackbeard dead?
  55. Did both Crocodile and Smoker use the artificial rain powder in Alabasta?

  56. Is One Piece named after Gol D. Roger discovered it?
  57. Where and when does Franky said Sanji is one of the strongest guys on the crew?
  58. How is Armament Haki obtained or learned?

  59. How did Luffy get the scar on his chest?
  60. The power of Hawk Eye Mihawk

  61. What is Shanks' sword made of?
  62. When do "immortal" Devil Fruits respawn?

  63. What are the 9 mountains and 8 seas?
  64. Why doesn't "Mad monk" Urouge's neck accessory fall off?
  65. Music when Luffy first used haki against Fujitora?

  66. One Piece : Gold Episode 0

  67. What is the source of Sanji's flame power?

  68. Why were Luffy, Zoro, and Usopp surprised when they saw the Dragon from Punk Hazard?

  69. Is it important to watch all the one piece animated movies?

  70. When and in which order should I watch One Piece movies?
  71. Why do the three admirals of One Piece Akainu, Aokiji and Kizaru have different(opposite) power from their character?
  72. What song is played in One Piece Episode 468 at 06:38?

  73. Is it Boundman or Bounceman?

  74. Can I watch the movies only to understand the storyline?

  75. Why is Edward Newgate called Whitebeard?

  76. Why is Robin never seen making funny faces?
  77. Was the Dressrosa Arc inspired by the Alabasta Arc?

  78. What kind of power does Charlotte Cracker have?

  79. Who cut off Zephyr's arm?

  80. What is the purple stuff on Doflamingo's strings?
  81. Has Crocodile already "awakened" his Devil Fruit Power?

  82. Is Blackbeard ever shown having Whitebeard's jolly roger on his back?

  83. How did Impel Down's staff not know Buggy was a devil fruit user?
  84. What's the difference between Sky Walk and Geppo?

  85. Has Sanji mutated?

  86. Where can I legally download collective One piece episodes?
  87. Are there any other Leg Style combatants other than Okamas, Sanji and Zeff?

  88. Is Doflamingo blind in one eye?
  89. What is the Gol D. Roger's ability 'To hear the voice of all Things' that Rayleigh is talking about?
  90. What happened during the Void Century and the name of the KINGDOM?

  91. Why did Luffy ring the bell 16 times?
  92. Is Kizaru really able to kick at the speed of light?
  93. How can Nami's punches hurt Luffy so much?

  94. How many devil fruits we know about have been discovered?

  95. Why wasn't Arlong in Impel Down during the Impel Down Saga?

  96. Has Luffy ever killed anyone?
  97. Can Logia Devil Fruit Users get hot or cold?
  98. Is there a local folktale regarding underwater palace and tamate box in Japan?
  99. In which episode do they say, that from the outside the Straw Hats don't look like a team?
  100. Was Ben Beckman based on the real-world pirate Henry Avery?