1. Has Kakashi ever failed any other students after Team 7?
  2. What does Minato's teleportation kunai say?
  3. Did Kakashi ever love Rin or at least feel anything for her?
  4. Is "Talk no Jutsu" actually a thing?

  5. What's the song when Naruto talks to the little kid in episode 13?

  6. Do ninjas have extended lifespans?
  7. How does Naruto's right arm work?
  8. Why didn't Kakashi take care of Naruto?

  9. Did Naruto REALLY fall in love with Hinata in The Last: Naruto the Movie?

  10. What is theme music that plays in episode 181 at 07:37 minutes?
  11. How did Madara Uchiha give his Rinnegan to Nagato?
  12. Why didn't Minato's shroud change when he used Tailed Beast Mode?

  13. Why is the Boruto manga different than the anime?
  14. How old were Naruto and Hinata when they had their children?
  15. What is the track that played During Naruto's flashback of his fight with Orichimaru

  16. How can Obito use his Mangekyo so often?

  17. How did Madara really obtain his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan?

  18. How do Gai's Gates work?
  19. What number comes after the Godaime Hokage?
  20. Will Boruto be able to awaken Byakugan?

  21. Does Naruto only have the wind chakra nature?
  22. Why does Sasuke consider Naruto to be his best friend?
  23. How many times was the nine tailed fox used to attack the leaf village?

  24. What's the song when Gaara cries out in episode 297?

  25. What's the song in episode 479 called when Naruto and Iruka are at the swing and a flashback plays?
  26. Why wasn't Jiraya reincarnated?

  27. Is there a slug based Sage Mode?

  28. What does the 8 inner gates require to use?

  29. What's that peaceful song in Naruto Shippuden episode 54?
  30. What song plays at naruto shippuden episode 119 15:20
  31. What happens when a member of the main house of the Hyuuga clan marries a member of the branch house of the Hyuuga clan?

  32. How was Sasuke able to summon 2 different types of creatures?

  33. Inter-Clan Marriage?
  34. Did Naruto's children inherit Kurama's chakra?

  35. I Need to find a manga
  36. What is the name of the song in Naruto Shippuden episode 43?
  37. How did Hiruzen Sarutobi summon enma when he was a reanimation?

  38. Why was the hidden mist called the village of the Bloody Mist?

  39. Why did Naruto cut his hair?
  40. Did Naruto and Sasuke receive sage of six path's chakra or Ashura and Indra's chakra?
  41. Shouldn't Pain's head have melted off during the fight with Naruto as 9-tails?

  42. Why did they stop giving dubbed Shippūden episodes on Hulu?

  43. What does the code message Jiraiya wrote on Fukasaku's back mean?
  44. Which episode explains the meaning of the symbols on the palm of the hands?

  45. Why does Naruto use his mother's family name?

  46. Vessel for Susano’o?
  47. How does the reincarnation thing work exactly?

  48. Why do Indra and Ashura reincarnate?

  49. What are the Naruto hand seals based on?
  50. Space-Time ninjutsu of Tobi

  51. How Kabuto could reincarnate or manifest Hidan (in an anime filler)?

  52. Can Rikudou Madara activate his Limbo Perfect Susanoo in the anime after Mugen Tsukuyomi ends?
  53. How does Obito not lose his eyesight after excessive use of the mangekyo?

  54. What are the requirements to become a Jonin?

  55. What does the symbol on Akatsuki's costume represent?
  56. How can Itachi's genjutsu act on Mecha-Naruto "Robot"?

  57. What is the lightning coming out from Boruto's eye at the end of 13th episode of Boruto?

  58. What happened to Kurama?

  59. Does taijutsu drain chakra?
  60. Why was Neji Hyuuga surprised to see Naruto's Kage Bunshin no Jutsu in the Chuunin Exams?
  61. Does Naruto still have Six Paths Sage Mode?

  62. What is a Bingo Book?

  63. Why does Naruto's headband change color?

  64. Why does the quality and style on this Naruto Shippuden series differ from the regular one?
  65. What is the purpose of purple rope belt that Sasuke wears?

  66. Can uchihas get eternal mangekyou sharingan by exchanging their eyes?
  67. What's the difference between Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu?

  68. If the Edo-Tensei had unlimited chakra could they use rinne rebirth to revieve themselves?

  69. Who invented the Rasengan: Jiraiya or Minato?

  70. Why didn't Orochimaru use the Edo-tensei in the Konoha Arc?

  71. What are the rules of the Shinobi Code of Conduct?
  72. Why does Naruto's clothes not burn after wearing the Kyuubi cloak?
  73. Why does Sarada Uchiha wear glasses?
  74. How can reincarnated souls be summoned using Edo Tensei?
  75. Why can Ten-Tails jinchuriki stop the reincarnation of Edo Tensei ninja?

  76. Hagoromo Otsutsuki reincarnation

  77. What are ANBU called in other villages
  78. Why did Minato's nine tails help in the fight?
  79. Why did Karin keep the umbilical cord, if she's not Sarada's mother?

  80. Does Naruto and everyone else know the truth about Itachi?

  81. Do Edo-Tensei ninja have infinite chakra?

  82. Did they ever show in the manga or anime the reattaching of Naruto's arm?
  83. Can the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan be obtained by implanting a normal Sharingan?

  84. Why didn't Kabuto resurrect Jiraya during the Great War?

  85. Does Kurama see every intimate moment in Naruto's life?

  86. Why doesn't Minato use the Eight Trigrams Sealing on himself?

  87. Is there a basis for the arm and leg wraps?

  88. In the Dreamworld, why was Minato and Kushina like how they were when naruto first met them

  89. Does the Boruto anime have a different story line from the manga?

  90. What exactly is the "Ritual of The Divine Tree"?

  91. Why nine tails's power could not help Naruto beat Pain?
  92. Did Rock Lee learn the Leaf Dragon God?
  93. Why Does Boruto and Himawari Have one less Whisker mark than Naruto?

  94. Why can't Naruto transform into the Nine Tails?

  95. Can Naruto use Wood Style?

  96. What happened to Anko after the war?

  97. Why wasn't Naruto adopted?
  98. What is the power of Rinnegan?

  99. Why does the Aburame clan cover their eyes?
  100. How does the Mangekyo Sharingan blind its wielder, and why are some wielders not blinded?