1. Why Uchiha Itachi didn't make his Mangekyo Sharingan eternal?

  2. Why didn't Minato's shroud change when he used Tailed Beast Mode?
  3. Why Uchiha Itachi died?

  4. Is there any continuation to the marriage ceremony that got cut in the middle of the last episode of Shippuden?
  5. Why didn't Danzo give Kabuto a curse mark?
  6. Which chapters of the anime show Sakura learning/using the Byakugou no jutsu?

  7. What's the song that plays when Naruto and Sasuke fight with Rasengan and Chidori in episode 216?
  8. What song plays at Naruto Shippuden episode 119 that sounds like Denkousekka?
  9. Who used Izanagi first?
  10. Can SpaceTime Jutsu users do time travel?
  11. How did Madara Uchiha survive such a long time?
  12. When did Naruto learn how to generate a Rasengan unassisted?

  13. Why wasn't Killer Bee recognized as the 5th Raikage?
  14. What's the song in episode 479 called when Naruto and Iruka are at the swing and a flashback plays?

  15. Since Naruto failed the Genin exam so many times, doesn't that mean he's older than Sasuke and Sakura?

  16. Why were the Chidori and Rasengan ever regarded as powerful jutsu?

  17. Why doesn't Sasuke use Shadow clones?
  18. Who are Rock Lee's, Tenten's and Hinata's parents?

  19. Is Deidara a boy or a girl?
  20. Can Pain read minds with his Rinnegan?
  21. What song is playing when Kakashi explains the terms of the bell test in episode 2?
  22. Is Kaguya Ōtsutsuki an extraterrestrial being?

  23. Which episode shows Naruto competing in a race to a shrine on the top of a hill?
  24. How does Obito not lose his eyesight after excessive use of the mangekyo?
  25. Are there any other known members of Anbu: Root, apart from Sai and Danzou?

  26. Why do Indra and Ashura reincarnate?
  27. What is the song when Obito attacked Naruto and Sasuke in episode 378 of "Naruto Shippuden"?

  28. What is the song when Sakura sees Naruto's fox form in "Naruto Shippuden" episode 43?
  29. What is the song playing in Naruto Shippuden episode 121 when Itachi and Kisame are walking together?

  30. Does Boruto have Sasuke's headband?

  31. Boruto's Right Eye
  32. Are Kaguya's attacks fueled by Natural Chakra?
  33. What's that peaceful song in Naruto Shippuden episode 54?

  34. Did Naruto and Sasuke receive sage of six path's chakra or Ashura and Indra's chakra?

  35. Shouldn't Pain's head have melted off during the fight with Naruto as 9-tails?

  36. A happy instrumental song which plays during a flashback in Naruto Shippuden
  37. Why wasn't Jiraya able to use Sage mode completely?

  38. How does Obito have two Sharingans if Madara took one?

  39. What happens if Uzumaki and Uchiha married each other? Will their offspring have Rinnegan?

  40. How could Naruto use rasengan in tailed best chakra mode?
  41. What is the Senju clan's speciality?

  42. Are chances of child inheriting Sharingan smaller if one of the parents isn't an Uchiha?

  43. How can Itachi's genjutsu act on Mecha-Naruto "Robot"?

  44. How long does a Hokage stay in power?
  45. Can Rikudou Madara activate his Limbo Perfect Susanoo in the anime after Mugen Tsukuyomi ends?

  46. How were there 80,000 ninjas in the Shinobi World War in Naruto?
  47. Why would Hinata leave Naruto in 'The Last'?

  48. How does the substitution jutsu work?

  49. Why do Jinchuuriki die when their biju are extracted?

  50. Music during Shikamaru's fight with Tayuya

  51. What song plays in the back in episode 217 of Naruto Shippuden while Yamato realizes that Naruto tricked him with a shadow clone?
  52. Why do only people from the Uzumaki Clan get chosen as the Jinchuuriki for the Nine-Tails?

  53. Why Does Boruto and Himawari Have one less Whisker mark than Naruto?

  54. What is theme music that plays in episode 181 at 07:37 minutes?
  55. List of surviving Uchiha

  56. What is the difference between all of the Sharingans?

  57. Vessel for Susano’o?

  58. Why are there unreleased soundtracks?
  59. At the end, did Naruto skipped Chunnin and Jounin rank before becoming Hokage?

  60. Are Yamato/Tenzo their actual names, or only code names?

  61. Why was it so easy to defeat Toneri, Kinshiki and Momoshiki?
  62. What is the song playing in episode 135 of Naruto Shippuden?

  63. Did Kakashi ever love Rin or at least feel anything for her?

  64. What does the following quote by Nagato mean?
  65. How was Boruto able to throw the Rasengan and use Gentle Fist?

  66. Do the trapped souls in the Reaper/Shinigami suffer?

  67. When did Sasuke awaken his Mangekyo Sharingan?
  68. Why did they skip the 4th Hokage and choose the 5th instead after the 3rd died?

  69. Does Madara's age make him immune from the Death Note's "124 years old" rule?
  70. How much older are Obito and Rin than Kakashi?

  71. What is the song that plays in Naruto Shippuden when Deidara fights Gaara?

  72. Why didn't Sasuke put Naruto or his Kurama in genjutsu during Naruto vs Sasuke?
  73. What is the music that plays when Juzo sacrificed himself to save Itachi?

  74. How much time has passed between the final fight and Sasuke Shinden (anime)?
  75. Why does Sasuke have 6 dots on his Rinnegan
  76. Space-Time ninjutsu of Tobi
  77. What is this song from Naruto song sung in Korean?

  78. What will I miss if I start watching Naruto from episode 26 (recap episode)?
  79. What is the name of the Naruto song that plays at the end of "Battle at sea: The power unleashed"?
  80. Does having large chakra reserves for a child ninja indicate what one can achieve as an adult?
  81. Besides Naruto, Jiraiya and Minato, who else is in contract with Toads?
  82. What chakra natures does Naruto have in Boruto?
  83. Can the Naruto manga be ordered in India?

  84. Why did Animax stop broadcasting "Naruto: Shippuden" in India?
  85. How did so many people get away with cheating during the written portion of the Chunin Exam?
  86. How is the divine tree still there in episode 467 of Naruto Shippuden?

  87. Why is the Boruto manga different than the anime?

  88. Where did the God Tree come from?

  89. Why did Madara and Kaguya stop the Infinite Tsukuyomi?

  90. Name of the Song in Naruto 373
  91. What happened to Anko after the war?

  92. How is the Shadow Clone technique different from other cloning techniques?
  93. At what age did Kakashi Hatake become a Jounin?
  94. Why does Naruto not get a curse mark?
  95. How Naruto can be a jinchuuriki if his mother is still alive?
  96. How many Naruto Shippuden dubbed episodes are there?
  97. Do the albums mentioned below cover all soundtracks of the series Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden?

  98. If Nagato has both of Madara's Rinnegan, how did Madara still have one Sharingan when he met Obito for the first time?

  99. Do I have to watch Naruto before Naruto Shippuden?

  100. Does Minato still have Yin-Kurama?