1. What's the song when Yato & Hiyori are hugging under the rocks when battling Rabo?
  2. What's the song when Naruto talks to the little kid in episode 13?

  3. What is theme music that plays in episode 181 at 07:37 minutes?

  4. What music is playing in episode 95 of Hunter x Hunter?

  5. What is the track that played During Naruto's flashback of his fight with Orichimaru

  6. What is the music that plays in Bleach Episode 280 at 4:15 until 4:50?
  7. What is the name of the song in episode 19 at roughly 12 minutes?
  8. What is the song when Nagisa states he wants to save Koro-sensei in S2E7?
  9. In episode 119 of bleach, what's the song from 17:15?

  10. Which track is playing in S2E1 of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu?

  11. What's the song when Gaara cries out in episode 297?

  12. What's the song in episode 479 called when Naruto and Iruka are at the swing and a flashback plays?
  13. A different version of "Attack on D" from near the end of season 2 episode 12?

  14. What song plays at naruto shippuden episode 119 15:20

  15. Song from Tokyo Ghoul episode 10
  16. Identifying the most common battle song in Fairy Tail 2014

  17. Instrumental Played in Episode 92 DBS

  18. What is the name of the OST playing in Episode 23 of Shakugan no Shana Second at 1:50?
  19. What is the song that Chika was listening to in the first episode of Strawberry Marshmallow?
  20. What is the piano song played when Suguha is changing and placing the device on her head?

  21. What is the name of the song in Naruto Shippuden episode 43?

  22. What's the song when Asako is introduced in the "Grisaia no Meikyuu"?

  23. What is this anime song?
  24. What's the song when Bishamon fights in episodes 11 & 12 of Aragoto?

  25. Who exactly is Benjamin Anderson in the Kill la Kill soundtrack?

  26. What song plays in the beginning of Noragami episode 12?

  27. What's the song when young Kureo Mado is facing the one-eyed owl on episode 2 of Root A?
  28. Name of song in Episode 9 of No Game No Life at around 21:45?
  29. What's the song in Funimation's trailer for Aquarion Logos?
  30. What is the song that plays when Midoriya is explaining the origin of heroes?

  31. Who is the artist for Misty's goodbye song during the flashback at "Gotta Catch Ya Later"?
  32. What's the song during the shogi match between Smith and Gotou in episode 13?

  33. Can someone tell me what this song from episode 38 of Zero no Tsukaima is?

  34. What's the song when Lovro caught Irina off guard with the snare trap?

  35. What is the music playing in episode 208 when Urahara and Hiyori are talking about the Stealth Forces?
  36. What is the name of the song that plays at 5:28 in Noragami Aragoto episode 8?
  37. What is the name of the song that plays at 12:40 in Noragami Aragoto episode 12?
  38. What's the story behind the intro of GITS:SAC soundtrack 08 - Velveteen borrowing a sample from Blade Runner (1982)?

  39. What is the song when the female titan showed up at Levi's group in episode 18?

  40. What's the song in Tokyo Ghoul when Tsukiyama tries to stop Kaneki?

  41. What is the name of the audio that plays when the gray king appears in K-Project?
  42. What music plays in Hunter x hunter 1999 episode 29?
  43. What is this jazz song in the first episode of Gundam Thunderbolt?

  44. Name of Discordant Piano Music in Beginning of Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 12?

  45. What's the song playing in episode 15 when Suguha is practicing Kendo?
  46. What is the name of the background music in ep. 2 when Towa and the class rep become friends?
  47. What is the song played in episode 6 when Hatori is speaking to Chiaki in his apartment?

  48. Regarding OSTs in "Your Lie in April" anime

  49. What is the song on the title screen of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'?

  50. What is the name of the background music that plays before Kaori and Kousei's performance?

  51. What is the name of the violin song during the first and last episode?

  52. What is the name of the background instrumental theme that starts at 2:19 in episode 28 of My Hero Academia?

  53. Kyoukai no Rinne background music

  54. What is the violin soundtrack that plays in episode 47 when Gon receives Ging's tape?

  55. Whats is the theme from Attack on titan when Erwin talks with the judge?

  56. What's the song that played when Alibaba and Aladdin meet Morigiaga, then Ugo clapped his hands?

  57. What's the music when Frieza powers up from base form to his final form in the dubbed version of "Revival of F"?

  58. What is this song in Episode 459 of Naruto Shippuden?

  59. What is this song that plays in Hunter x Hunter?

  60. What is the song that plays in Naruto Shippuden's first episode during Sasuke's first appearance?
  61. What is this particular song that is played a lot throughout the Chimera Ant arc?

  62. What's the OST playing in "No Regrets" OVA when Levi is fighting with Erwin?
  63. The piano piece played near the end of episode 3 of K: Return of Kings

  64. What is song played when Ken is being tortured on seaons 1 episode 12?
  65. What is the name of the song that plays in Noragami Aragoto Episode 10 during the Okinunishi scene?
  66. Song in episode 11 of Ballroom e Youkoso climax scene

  67. What is the song played when Deku and Todoroki were talking in season 2 episode 6?

  68. What is the name of the instrumental theme in Episode 3 of My Hero Academia which starts at 4:52?
  69. What is the beatboxing music on season 1, episode 11?

  70. Which song plays during Bleach episode 45 around 10:00
  71. What's the song that plays at 13:31 in Kanon episode 18?
  72. What song is played in Naruto Shippuden episode 21 Sasori Real Face at 11:30?

  73. What is the name of song that plays in Naruto Episode 9?
  74. What is the music that plays when Shirley is testing out the headphones?

  75. Touhou Song Identification Request?

  76. Naruto Music Determination Rasengan
  77. What is the music being played when Tatara learns to dance from Kiyoharu?
  78. What song is this on the Code Geass soundtrack?

  79. Which song are they humming?
  80. Music when Luffy first used haki against Fujitora?

  81. What's the song when Erza goes against Cobra in episode 143 of Funimation English dub version?

  82. What is the song played near end of episode 1 on English dubbed version?
  83. What is the song called that plays at 17:17-18:22 of the first episode of Inu X Boku ss?

  84. Which song plays when the female titan looks at the massacre she caused

  85. What is the name of this piano piece from Yuri on ICE!!! in episode 1 before History Maker?

  86. Is Black Rock Shooter the only anime soundtrack that features vocaloid singers?

  87. What's the music that plays on episode 10 when The Blue King comes and visits Anna in Homra's Bar?
  88. Which music theme plays at the end of the Naruto vs Sasuke fight?

  89. What song is played in Naruto Shippuden episode 114 at 06:37?

  90. What is this song in episode 2 of Tokyo Ghoul: Root A?

  91. What is the music that plays after the credits in episode 10?

  92. What was the background music in episode 14 of Your Lie In April, starting from 08:52?
  93. The Instrumental in Background Episode 92 (19:05 Onwards)

  94. What is the song that plays at the end of episode 3 after Yuri finishes his performance?
  95. That reoccurring heavy metal song in Fairy Tail... what is it?

  96. What's the music playing at the beginning of episode 130?

  97. What is the piano song during the confession of Senna in episode 11?
  98. What OST is played at the beginning of Naruto: Shippuden episode 489 after the OP?
  99. What's the title of the soundtrack in Ranma 1/2 Episode 20?
  100. Trying to find a song from Assassination Classroom episode 19