1. Why does Selim Bradley have a nipple on his forehead?
  2. Wasn't Dr Marco a sacrifice?
  3. How come Alphonse can do alchemy in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood?

  4. Would it be better to watch the live action movie or the anime series to experience the original manga?

  5. Why was Mustang's vision restored, when Izumi Curtis didn't get her organs back?

  6. What are the dimensions of the State Alchemist pocket watch?

  7. What does it take to be an alchemist, besides knowledge and technique?
  8. Why can't Ed perform alchemy without his arm?
  9. What is the official name for Liore?

  10. Why was Ed's arm strong but Al's body not?

  11. Why does Greed in FMA (2003) want to know how to bind a soul to an armor?

  12. Why doesn't Greed harden fully?
  13. Why did the Elric brothers only believe in one rule of alchemy?
  14. When Edward and Alphonse try to transmute their mother, how come they didn't gain anything?
  15. How did Alphonse rebound his soul to his previous body?

  16. Do all celestial bodies have a gateway?

  17. What is inside the Gate of Truth?
  18. What was that thing Edward and Alphonse created when they attempted human transmutation?
  19. How was The Dwarf in the Flask created?
  20. Which episode is the splitting point between the original FMA anime and Brotherhood?
  21. What does it mean when Pride mentions about Edward turning into a philosopher's stone to infiltrate him?

  22. Was body rejection even a possibility?

  23. What's the difference between the FMA and FMA Brotherhood series?

  24. How important is transmutation circle pattern?

  25. Why can't Edward get back his power to do alchemy?
  26. Why is Tommy Ricardo so afraid of Pinaco?
  27. What does the "503 day" refer to?
  28. Why does Roy Mustang's flame alchemy work?

  29. Does the world on the other side of the gate exist for alchemy to exist?
  30. Why did King Bradley allow Elric brothers, Hughes and Armstrong to continue investigating the military?

  31. How did Dante die?

  32. What is this huge symbol on the door in the Truth realm and in the Neon Genesis Evangelion opening?

  33. Why is the Japanese flag supposed to be funny?
  34. How did the birds come back to life when Envy arrived?
  35. Why is Kimblee the Crimson/Red Lotus Alchemist?
  36. Why is Wrath so human?

  37. Why do the Homunculi look the way they do?

  38. What's the difference between Father, Van Hohenheim, and the main Homunculi?

  39. Are the Homunculi abilities based on the sins?
  40. Why is Ed able to exchange his knowledge?

  41. Why did FMA 2003 Wrath (King Bradley) keep his skull?
  42. What song plays from 7:20 to 8:05 of FMA Brotherhood episode 5?

  43. How can Colonel Mustang create his flame alchemy differently?

  44. FMA Brotherhood Subtitles
  45. Why did Edward not wear a uniform?
  46. Where is Pride's homunculus tattoo?
  47. Who exactly is Selim Bradley?
  48. Do the details of these hands with Hebrew letters have any real-life meaning?

  49. How much are "cens" worth?
  50. Why can't Alphonse trade his alchemy for Edward's alchemy?
  51. Are the Elric brothers half-homunculus?

  52. What does the symbol on Edward's coat mean?

  53. Why are the 'things' that are created from human transmutation so randomly generated?
  54. Are Elric brothers good at electronics?
  55. Where in Brotherhood does this screenshot of Ed and Al as children appear?
  56. How/when did Van Hohenheim change his name?
  57. What is the song that plays when the results of the failed transmutation are dug up?

  58. How did Edward manage to defeat Father?
  59. How is the use of the red stones able to bypass equivalent exchange?
  60. How did Dante or the Homonculus seal Greed the first time?
  61. How old were Ed and Al when they performed the human transmutation?
  62. How does a Philosopher's Stone work?

  63. Why didn't Edward Elric get his leg back?

  64. What are the transmutation circles in Fullmetal Alchemist based on, if anything?
  65. How does the automail work?

  66. What was Izumi doing in the Central City railway station?
  67. Why did Alphonse lose everything?
  68. How was Fuhrer King Bradley able to grow old?

  69. In what order do you watch the fullmetal alchemist?

  70. How old is Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist?

  71. Why aren't characters' names in Fullmetal Alchemist Japanese?
  72. What music plays at 4:50 of FMA Brotherhood episode 61?

  73. About the physics of transmutation in FMA:B
  74. What is the name of Scar's brother?

  75. Was Roy Mustang ever punished for participating in a genocide?

  76. Is Fullmetal Alchemist based on Nazi Germany?

  77. Has the State Alchemist pocket watch ever been shown to be of use in a transmutation?

  78. Does anyone know Vic Mignogna's (Edward Elric's VA) email address?
  79. Is the FMA: Brotherhood movie considered canon?

  80. Why did Julia lose her leg?
  81. Why didn't Edward affix his mother's soul to the suit of armor?
  82. Why did the Elric brothers burn down their house?

  83. What are the governmental structures of the countries in FMA?

  84. Did Trisha Elric know about Hohenheim's condition?
  85. In the Brotherhood continuity, do the Elric brothers know that their father has died?
  86. Can a transmutation circle be reused?

  87. What's the deal with moving statues?

  88. Are the events in Ishbal based on or inspired by the Holocaust?

  89. At the end of the story, could Edward learn Alkahestry?
  90. Do Alkahestry have same limitations like Alchemy? Or some different limitations?

  91. Why does Ed not pursue the origin of the fake Philosopher's stone used by Cornello?

  92. Who is the man in the suit in the Fullmetal Alchemist series?
  93. Why can't Roy Mustang bring his eyes back using his gate?

  94. What's Scar's name?

  95. Why does Wrath want Ed's limbs?

  96. How do the Homunculi differ between the FMA manga and anime?

  97. Why can't The Dwarf leave the flask?

  98. How can alchemy be used in another dimension?

  99. Why does Trisha Elric have tomatoes?
  100. Why did Colonel Mustang lose his sense of sight and not his arm or body?