1. Is Lector the Exceed alive?

  2. Who was the Blue Bunny in the Grand Magic Games?

  3. How many years did Natsu train with Igneel?

  4. Why can't Natsu generate magic from eating Flame in the Edolas Arc?

  5. What was the purpose behind Daphne collecting data on the wizards?

  6. Are Wendy Marvell and Sherria Blendy a couple?
  7. Who's the girl Panther Lily's with in the wedding dress pose off?
  8. Is Jellal really married? Who's his wife?

  9. Does Jellal love Erza?
  10. Identifying the most common battle song in Fairy Tail 2014
  11. Does Natsu still have access to his etherious form and can he still use Fire Dragon King Mode?
  12. What is song when Lucy explains to Cana about Mavis' grave at the end of episode 108?

  13. How does Gemini have Lucy's keys?

  14. Question regarding Zeref

  15. Does Wendy eat air to help her with her power?
  16. How is a guild mark removed?

  17. Does Wendy Marvell have a couple? If not, why?
  18. Why was Fairy Tail disbanded?

  19. How come we never saw Dragons leaving the body of the Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail (2014)?
  20. What is Natsu's Birthday?
  21. What is the chorus that plays with each new major monster in Fairy Tail called?
  22. Natsu's Dragon Slayer Sacred Art

  23. What is the in-universe reason for the name Fairy Tail?

  24. What's the song used when previewing the next episode of Fairy Tail?

  25. Help me find the name of the music

  26. Which music plays when kid Lucy asks Spetto about the Fairy Tail guild in OVA 3?

  27. Why does Urano Metria take double her magic the second time

  28. Weren't the names in Edolas and Earthland the same?
  29. What is the song in episode 9 at 5:26?

  30. In Fairy Tail, why couldn't Zeref just go to Edolas?

  31. Was Erza's nickname 'Titania' inspired by Shakespeare?

  32. What is Acnologia's element?

  33. What is the real age of Natsu, Gajeel, or any Dragon Slayer?

  34. How are Natsu and Zeref related?
  35. How old were Sting and Rogue relative to the other Dragon Slayers at this key point in the timeline?
  36. Why does Mavis have wings in her hair?

  37. How did Zeref become dormant?

  38. Why does Zeref want to kill Acnologia?

  39. Who cursed poor Zeref?
  40. Does the Grand Magic Games have referees?

  41. Can E.N.D slay Acnologia?

  42. Are Coco and Jellal (aka Mystogan) siblings?

  43. What kind of dragon slayer magic Acnologia Wields

  44. Can anyone be a wizard?

  45. How come it seems like all Lucy's Spirits can summon themselves?
  46. Is Juvia a Water Dragon Slayer?

  47. What are the names of all the keys Lucy has?
  48. Where does Natsu and his party get money from, to pay their living cost?

  49. Can the Three Great Magic of Fairy Tail be only used by Fairy Tail members?

  50. How many Dragons are there in total in Fairy Tail?
  51. How can Angels Spirits disobey her?

  52. Did Lucy Heartfilia and Zeref meet before the Eclipse Gate arc?

  53. Why can't Natsu and Gajeel go through Freed's runes?
  54. Did Rogue and Gajeel ever meet before the Tournament?
  55. How come there are so many Dragon Slayers?

  56. How does Mavis form her strategy for the Grand Magic Games if they didn't know what the game would be?
  57. What is the background about the tattoo around Jellal's eye?
  58. Did "Fairy Tail" plagiarize "One Piece"?
  59. How old was Natsu when he was sent forward in time?
  60. Why can't Mirajane fight after Lisanna's death anymore?

  61. How come when Loki summons himself with Karen it uses her power?

  62. How do Celestial spirits have any time to recover while in the spirit world?

  63. Does Erza die in episode 10, 2014?
  64. What does "I Ship Nalu" mean?

  65. What's the song when Erza goes against Cobra in episode 143 of Funimation English dub version?
  66. Why didn't the Dragon slayers disappear when the eclipse gate was destroyed?

  67. That reoccurring heavy metal song in Fairy Tail... what is it?

  68. Who is the main character of Fairy Tail?

  69. Why do all Dragon Slayers have Exceeds?

  70. Why is being a Dragon Slayer a big deal?

  71. In what episode of the anime does Natsu become a demon?

  72. Fairy Tail Soundtrack (CD) Listing Help

  73. What dictates who can use what magic in Fairy Tail?
  74. Why is Wendy considered young to join the fairy tail guild

  75. When does Fairy Tail 2014 episode 66 to present get English dubbed?
  76. Is Plue in Fairy Tail and in Rave the same?

  77. What is the relationship between Natsu and E.N.D?

  78. Where can I buy or download the soundtrack for Fairy Tail?

  79. Why does Gray have to kill END?
  80. Why does the Fairy Tail anime have no blood?

  81. What is the necklace that Mirajane wears around her neck?

  82. How can Racer travel great distance in short amount of time?

  83. What is the song that plays 15 seconds before episode 56 fairy tail?
  84. How many sets of armor does Erza have?
  85. How many magicians quit after the 7-year time skip?
  86. Future Lucy's right hand?

  87. How does Erza get her armor and weapons ready for Requip?
  88. What episode of fairy tail are these screenshots from?
  89. How durable is Natsu Dragneel?
  90. Why did Sting and Rogue kill their father dragons?

  91. Song playing at the end of ep 127 of Fairy Tail
  92. What was the source of magic used in Grand Magic Games in Fairy Tail?

  93. Why are not all Exceeds able to transform into an anthropoid (humanlike) form?
  94. About Face and the demons of Tartaros

  95. Why is Erza able to feel pain during Kyouka's fight?

  96. Why wasn't Byro's magic working on the new Oracion Seis?
  97. How do Natsu and Happy get into Lucys house?
  98. Which episode features Natsu joining Fairy Tail and Erza teaching him to write?
  99. What happens if a dragon lacrima of another element is implanted?
  100. Is there an explanation for Natsu's motion sickness?