1. How strong is Koichiarator?

  2. Does Frieza have God Ki?

  3. How many times Vegeta has surpassed Goku in power?

  4. Why does Goku still train with King Kai?
  5. Are Kale and Caulifla truly sisters or Kale call Caulifla "sister" in an affective way?

  6. What is Goku's red aura form in the new Dragon Ball Super opening?

  7. Inconsistency with regard to an event in the Resurrection of Freiza Arc and the Future Trunks arc

  8. How do all the planets defend themselves?

  9. Does Jiren simply use brute force?

  10. Are all the angels children of the Great Priest?
  11. Is Jiren able to use Ultra Instinct?

  12. Can Kale control her full power when she isnt in berserker mode?
  13. Where are the remaining Angels?

  14. Is it true that Toei mentioned 3 months ago that Caulifla has an infinite power/potential?

  15. Does the Dragon Ball Heroes opening 5 have any meaning for Dragon Ball Super?
  16. To what degree does Vados say Kale and Caulifla's power increases when fused?

  17. Why did Beerus say "Say something." at the end of Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super?
  18. Did Freezer know super saiyan god?

  19. Instrumental Played in Episode 92 DBS

  20. Would Pan go Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super?
  21. Is Yamoshi a pun on something?

  22. Are there any major difference between Season 1 and 2 of Dragon Ball Super and the Dragonball Z movies they are named from?

  23. Is Kaio-ken increasing Goku's potential?

  24. Is Ultra Instinct a Super Saiyan transformation or can anyone attain it?

  25. Why is Zamasu alive in the future when he was killed by Lord Beerus in Dragon Ball Super?
  26. Did Vegeta SSJ2 against Beerus surpassed Gohan's mystic form?
  27. How is it known Zarbuto is a Tsufurujin?
  28. Is namekian fusion stronger than potara fusion?

  29. Is Kefura super saiyan 2 a regular super saiyan 2 transformation?

  30. Is Goku aware that he is in the UI state?
  31. Does Kefura red ki means something more?

  32. Is Beerus able to use Ultra Instinct?
  33. Can the same potara earrings be used to fuse other warriors after a fused warrior defused?

  34. Why Kefura didnt defuse after releasing so much power?

  35. Did Krilin get god ki?

  36. How does universe 11 expect to win with their current strategy?

  37. Is Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black's version of the Super Saiyan Blue or his version of the original (golden) Super Saiyan?

  38. Is Goku still pure-hearted?
  39. Can Ultra Instinct be used on top of other transformations, like Super Saiyan Blue Ultra Instinct?
  40. Where are the more powerful characters during the Tournament of Power?

  41. How can Jiren fly when meditating in the tournament of power if flying was disabled?
  42. Power of Ultra Instinct
  43. why is Zen-Oh portrayed as child?

  44. Is Jiren stronger than a God of Destruction?

  45. What if Goku Black is killed before forcefully pulled back by the Space/Time Distortion?
  46. Ultra instinct aura

  47. Could Evil containment wave defeat Jiren?
  48. What is the last Super Saiyan version Goku can reach currently?
  49. Can mystic Gohan hold his own against Goku Super Saiyan Blue?

  50. How strong is Freezer now?
  51. Does using god ki in base form makes you stronger than turning into super saiyan?

  52. Is 17 really "slightly stronger" than 18?
  53. Is a double fusion possible?
  54. Does Kale have 2 or 3 transformations already?

  55. Potara earrings allowed in universal tournament?
  56. Are the Super Saiyan Berseker and the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation the same thing?
  57. Who is said to be stronger future trunks or cell saga gohan
  58. If a killed Saiyan is revived does he/she receive a zenkai boost?

  59. Do universe 6 saiyans transform more easily than universe 7 saiyans?
  60. Could Goku, Vegeta or Trunks become super saiyan rosé by becoming a god of destruction or a kaioshin?

  61. Does the mastered super saiyan blue exists in the anime?

  62. What does vegeta call goku black in dragon ball super?

  63. How many official super saiyan transformations are there already?

  64. Is Super Saiyan Green an official name or not?

  65. is ultra super saiyan a transformation or a state?

  66. Are the manga and the anime portraying Beerus as having the same strenght compared to other gods?
  67. Can Goku and Vegeta attain Super Saiyan Rose?

  68. if Beerus, Whis, and other gods of destructions and angels can use Ultra Instinct, why they dont get Goku's aura?

  69. Does Trunks have god ki already?
  70. What is the blue glow around trunks SSJ2?

  71. What did Vegeta mean with "be careful Kakaroto, that could be the super saiyajin true form!"?

  72. Does the super saiyan god return to Dragon Ball Super ? (possible spoilers)

  73. Is Migatte no Gokui the same ability of moving without thinking, as Whis explained to Goku and Vegeta when training them?
  74. Is this picture migate no gokui with kaioken?

  75. Why did Frieza trick Frost?
  76. Why Goku uses all the transformations he has except Super Saiyan 3 in the tournament of power?
  77. Are the new fighters' names a pun on something?

  78. How does Dragon Ball Super's anime release before the manga?

  79. Can any other saiyan attain Super Saiyan Rage?

  80. How is Goku able to survive in Space?
  81. Why is Goku not using instant transmission?

  82. What happened to Uub?

  83. Goku new transformation grey eyes light blue aura is it related with the other picture released?
  84. Who is the "dinosaur guy with the nasty attitude"?

  85. Can there be saiyans in other universes differents to universe 6 and universe 7?

  86. How can Goku sense King Kai and Supreme Kai(s), but not Lord Beerus?
  87. Will the Androids in Universe 7 be disqualified?
  88. What are the requirements to wield God ki?
  89. Did Caulifla learn super saiyan and super saiyan 2 in the same day?

  90. Could dragon balls bring the universes back?

  91. Which reasons are there to use super saiyan god instead of super saiyan blue?

  92. Did Kale knock out Goku?

  93. How did sorbet's laser gun pierce Goku?
  94. The Instrumental in Background Episode 92 (19:05 Onwards)

  95. Did zen-ohs play with real planets?
  96. Does Kale super saiyajin green transformation have a name?

  97. Alternative super saiyan transformation of Kale, what's it supposed to be? (warning: content of recent episode 101)

  98. Was Goku using his full power against Kale?

  99. Are there 6 zeno alive?
  100. Who is the leader of the pride troopers?