1. Did Frieza know super saiyan god?
  2. Is the Super Saiyan 4 transformation from Dragon Ball GT confirmed non-canon?

  3. Inconsistency with regard to an event in the Resurrection of Freiza Arc and the Future Trunks arc

  4. Did Trunks SSJ2 become much stronger after the sparring with SSJ3 Goku?

  5. Does Trunks have god ki already?
  6. Is Goku using god ki when he uses Ultra Instinct?

  7. Where should I start watching Dragon Ball?

  8. Why is Zamasu alive in the future when he was killed by Lord Beerus in Dragon Ball Super?

  9. Can Kale control her full power when she isnt in berserker mode?

  10. Why Goku SSJ4 transformation has yellow eyes and Vegeta SSJ4 tranformation has blue eyes?

  11. Where are the remaining Angels?

  12. What happened to Goku's Nyoibou and Kinto'un?

  13. All Supreme Kais died except Eastern Supreme Kai. Why new ones were not chosen?

  14. Did Kale ever turn into super saiyan 2?

  15. Is super saiyan god a "super saiyan" transformation, or does just it have a missleading name?

  16. The strongest character in each Dragon Ball series
  17. Do others Universes know that it was Universe 7 that wished them back using Super Dragon Balls

  18. Can Vegeta go to Beyond SSJ Blue/ Ultra Blue at will
  19. How many of Dr Gero's Androids were actually Androids and how many were Cyborgs?

  20. Is there any physical difference between Gohan in base form and Gohan in mystic form?
  21. Is there a diffrence between Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Kai and Dragon Ball Z Kai?

  22. Is the mystic form stronger than SSJ3?
  23. Is Yamoshi a pun on something?

  24. Is the villain from the new Dragon Ball movie using Freezer army or saiyan armor?
  25. Who controls the mind after fusion in DBZ?

  26. What is the jokes in regards to Dragonball Character names?

  27. Can't 17 give energy to Goku to restore Goku's power?
  28. Can Ultra Instinct be used on top of other transformations, like Super Saiyan Blue Ultra Instinct?

  29. What is the meaning of the word Kamehameha?
  30. How does Goku's super saiyan blue kaioken compare with Vegeta's super saiyan blue evolution transformation?
  31. Are the new Dragon Ball movies canon?

  32. Is mastered Ultra Instinct the same as Super Saiyan Silver?
  33. Does the Dragon Ball Heroes opening 5 have any meaning for Dragon Ball Super?

  34. Did Gohan evolve in the tournament of power?
  35. Does Vegeta new transformation/form has an official name already?
  36. Does Jesus Christ exist in the Dragon Ball universe?

  37. Does Jiren use Ultra Instinct to some degree?
  38. What is the kaioken-like red aura produces by Chichi when she's mad?
  39. is the legendary super saiyan 3 in the Dragon Ball Heroes manga?

  40. How much time passed in Dragon Ball Super between the Resurrection of F saga and the Universal Tournament saga?

  41. Super Saiyan 4 vs Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Heroes, which transformation is stronger?

  42. Are Kale and Caulifla truly sisters or Kale call Caulifla "sister" in an affective way?
  43. Why is King Kai still dead?

  44. Piccolo-Gohan fusion, can it be allowed in the Universal Tournament?

  45. Did Vegeta SSJ2 against Beerus surpassed Gohan's mystic form?
  46. Why Jackie Chan is on Dragon Ball?

  47. Has canonicity changed in Dragon Ball?

  48. Are the new fighters' names a pun on something?
  49. How did sorbet's laser gun pierce Goku?
  50. How could Vegeta defeat Hakaishin Toppo so easily?
  51. Are there 2 saiyans called Panpukin in Dragon Ball?

  52. How many times Gohan has surpassed Vegeta in power?
  53. Is the Legendary Super Saiyan (green) transformation limitless in power?

  54. How is each saiyan transformation/form achieved?
  55. Are there 6 zeno alive?
  56. Is there any official picture of "Ultra Blue" Vegeta?

  57. Is Jiren stronger than a God of Destruction?

  58. How Did Krillin Get Stronger After Potential Unlock in DBZ?

  59. Who is stronger, Kefla or Anilaza?
  60. If 17's aura isn't ki, what is it then?
  61. Can Goku and Vegeta attain Super Saiyan Rose?

  62. How does the "more S cells" explanation for becoming a super saiyan makes sense?

  63. Why is the kamehameha so widely used? Is it the best ki blast beam?
  64. Who is (was) the strongest namekusei in Dragon Ball Super?

  65. Can a single dragon ball be destroyed? What would happen to the rest of them?
  66. How many times Vegeta has surpassed Goku in power?

  67. Does Aniraza have ki?
  68. Does 17 has ki?
  69. What exactly is Trunks' new transformation?

  70. How strong is Koichiarator?

  71. Does Frieza have God Ki?
  72. Why does Goku still train with King Kai?

  73. What is Goku's red aura form in the new Dragon Ball Super opening?
  74. Are all the angels children of the Great Priest?

  75. Is it true that Toei mentioned 3 months ago that Caulifla has an infinite power/potential?
  76. To what degree does Vados say Kale and Caulifla's power increases when fused?
  77. Was the original super saiyan a golden great ape in canon Dragon Ball?

  78. Is Goku the First Super Saiyan?
  79. Is Bardock dead?
  80. Are there any major difference between Season 1 and 2 of Dragon Ball Super and the Dragonball Z movies they are named from?

  81. Why was Grandpa Gohan never revived with the Dragon Balls?

  82. Is Kaio-ken increasing Goku's potential?

  83. Is Ultra Instinct a Super Saiyan transformation or can anyone attain it?
  84. How is it known Zarbuto is a Tsufurujin?
  85. How many alien races have a name in Dragon Ball?

  86. Is namekian fusion stronger than potara fusion?

  87. All possible fusions/absorbtions and their multipliers

  88. Is Kefura super saiyan 2 a regular super saiyan 2 transformation?

  89. Is Goku aware that he is in the UI state?
  90. Is Beerus stronger than Goku?

  91. Does Kefura red ki means something more?

  92. Is Beerus able to use Ultra Instinct?

  93. Can the same potara earrings be used to fuse other warriors after a fused warrior defused?

  94. How many characters in Dragon Ball can fire Kienzan-like discs?
  95. Why Kefura didnt defuse after releasing so much power?

  96. Did Krilin get god ki?

  97. How does universe 11 expect to win with their current strategy?

  98. Is Goku still pure-hearted?

  99. Where are the more powerful characters during the Tournament of Power?
  100. How can Jiren fly when meditating in the tournament of power if flying was disabled?