1. Before Mikami committed suicide, was he still having faith in Kira?
  2. Is Ryuk required to write Misa's name in his Death Note at the end of her life?
  3. What do the oddly positioned letters in "Death Note" title mean?

  4. Was Soichiro Yagami that much close to his natural lifespan?

  5. Why does light Yagami shuffle the two death notes?

  6. Is Kira (Yagami Light) an antihero or a villain?

  7. Can Ryuk be killed with the Death Note?

  8. What would happen if a Shinigami with exceedingly long life-span dies for a human?
  9. Why did Light see a vision of him while he was dying?
  10. Why was Light only targeting Japanese criminals when he was in the US?
  11. Why didn't Mello see Shinigami after touching the Death Note in Episode 29?

  12. What are the differences of Near in the manga version?
  13. Why does the Death Note never run out of pages?

  14. Were there any Death Note Rules not shown mid episode of the anime?

  15. What happened to Ray Penber when he died since he has used Death Note?
  16. Effects of writing the name of a person who has an identical twin with the same name in the death note
  17. Why is L hiding his face?

  18. Is a person who wasn't named by his/her parents immune to the Death Note?
  19. Why was it that Light's father could see Light's lifespan, while Mikami couldn't see it (which allowed him to deduce that Light was Kira)?

  20. What would shinigami eyes show above the head of someone without a name?
  21. Couldn't Light have relinquished ownership of the Death Note before dying?

  22. What happened to the other Death Notes?
  23. Will a person die when their name is written in the situation of death?
  24. In Death Note, how far could "sexual" interaction go with a shinigami before it broke rule XXXVI?
  25. Did L win against Light?

  26. What happens if you write in the death note, gets shot to death?

  27. Why did Teru Mikami confirm Death note's validity by examining the pages with a microscope?
  28. Can someone stop the cause of death after someone writes the details in the Death Note?
  29. Why not consider possibility of 3rd Kira when Misa and Light in prison?
  30. Was Misa accessible to Light in the way that this proposition assumes?

  31. Did Light Actually Like L (in a friendship way)?

  32. Can you get rich off of the Death note?
  33. Is it true that there's an eraser for the Death Note that can bring people back to life?
  34. Raye Penber's fiancée's part opens up a loophole in DeathNote

  35. How old was L in the Death Note series?
  36. Are there any reasons why Light killed the FBI agent?
  37. Was "Death Note" supposed to end at episode 25/chapter 58?

  38. What was L's real name?
  39. How different are the anime and manga versions of Death Note?
  40. Could you trick a user of a Death Note into misspelling the names of the Kira task force four times?

  41. Can a Death Note Owner be killed with their own Death Note?
  42. How did N come to the conclusion that Light Yagami was Kira?
  43. In what order should I watch all the Death Note movies AND TV SHOWS
  44. How would you write Light Yagami's name in the Death Note?
  45. Is Misa Amane's early death a plothole in Death Note?

  46. Would Ryuk have died if he had killed the SPK?
  47. In what order should I watch the Death Note movies?

  48. What happens if a person can't die of a heart attack?

  49. How did Mello know how to help Near in Death Note?
  50. Does Near want to use the death note for himself?
  51. Light's Search History Death Note

  52. Is the death note 23 days rule inconsistent?

  53. Could one make a specific person shoot someone dead using the deathnote?
  54. When was the 23 day rule in Death Note revealed?
  55. Death Note 23 Day rule?
  56. Why doesn't Misa Amane regain her memory when she touches the death note?
  57. Is it possible to have absolute obedience using Death Note?

  58. Why didn't anyone question how Misa Misa killed Kaneboshi?
  59. What does rule XXXV mean?

  60. What name will Shinigami Eyes show above the head of a person who changed their name?

  61. Can you kill people using photos?
  62. What does the ending of Death Note (manga) mean?

  63. Would a Death note still work, if a heart attack could lead to someone else's death?
  64. How did Light went unnoticed by his dad?
  65. Death note handwriting check

  66. Why didn't Rem die after killing Kaneboshi?

  67. Was Rem's warning fake?
  68. If a Death Note user specifies, along with the actual target, the name of a person whose face the user doesn't know, will that person live?

  69. Why didn't Light kill Mello?

  70. Can a person die before their lifespan ends?

  71. Is there a reason why the actors sound exactly the same as their anime counterparts in the live action movies?
  72. What happened to the second kira?

  73. Can you protect yourself from a death note by changing your eye color?

  74. Were there more than two Death Notes?

  75. What happened to the Death Note?
  76. Was L suspicious of all Light's girlfriends or only Misa?
  77. Is Ryuk the only one who can kill Light?

  78. Are there any new/conflicting rules in the Death Note Movies?

  79. Why did Rem die in The Last Name?
  80. How did Light know that Hideki Ryuga is the real L?
  81. Light's actions before hiding his death note

  82. Why didn't Light use Shinigami eyes?
  83. How does L deduce that Kira needs a name and not just a face?
  84. Could a person do the shinigami deal without losing half his lifespan?
  85. What if you wrote "eaten by a gigantic sea-snake" in the Death Note?
  86. How did Kal Snyder end up as the death note owner?
  87. Why didn't Light Yagami tell Teru mikami that he can kill people using just the paper?

  88. How much of the manga does the Death Note musical cover?
  89. How was Light able to maintain his academic performance?

  90. How does Near prove that Light is Kira by seeing Kiyomi's name in Teru's death note?
  91. What happened to the Shinigami Zellogi?
  92. Could a blind person with a death note exchange half their life to see again?

  93. Can the Death Note manipulate people whose names aren't written in it?
  94. In Death Note, is it ever revealed what "L" stands for?
  95. Looking for a special Death Note chapter

  96. Is there a way to kill Shinigamis with a death note?

  97. Can Death Note misfire if a person changes their name and appearance to that of another person?

  98. Must you write the full name of a person in the death note to kill them?
  99. Does a Shinigami still die if they extend a human life without knowing it?
  100. How far can you manipulate someone with a Death Note?