1. Why does Jushiro Ukitake have an item from Yoruichi's clan?

  2. What happened to Homura and Shizuku in "Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black"?

  3. Are souls born or created as soul reapers, bounts, or humans?
  4. How did Rukia become an unwitting carrier of the Hogyoku and executor of pre-planned events?

  5. What is the music that plays in Bleach Episode 280 at 4:15 until 4:50?

  6. In episode 119 of bleach, what's the song from 17:15?

  7. When do the Bleach Movies occur in relation to the anime?
  8. What is a shinigami representative?

  9. Background song that plays on episode 242 of Bleach

  10. Which music plays in Bleach episode 283 at 10:33 mins?
  11. What was the relation of Urahara's Bankai's name with its ability?

  12. Is Tier Halibel's Ola Azul similar to Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou?

  13. How do souls age in Soul Society?

  14. Are Hollows defeated by humans who are not Quincies considered as destroyed or "purified"?
  15. Can Arrancar never fully remove their masks?
  16. Which music plays during the speech between Orihime and Ulguiorra in episode 215?

  17. What happened to Yachiru?

  18. What is Hooleer?

  19. Why does Zangetsu transform back into shikai mode when cutting Yhwach in half?

  20. Did Ichigo originally have Sode no Shiraiyuki?

  21. What's the difference between Haineko and Senbonzakura?

  22. What exactly happens during a Captain's Exam?

  23. At what point did Aizen switch with Momo?

  24. What is the music playing in episode 208 when Urahara and Hiyori are talking about the Stealth Forces?

  25. Did Bleach drop in popularity from 2010 onwards?

  26. What is institutional property of Gotei 13? Authority? Justice? Policy maker?

  27. Who of Aizen's Arrancar were Vasto Lorde?
  28. Are the Quincy naturally stronger than the Soul Reapers?

  29. How does Renji become stronger than Rukia?

  30. Why didn't Rukia's power transfer to Kaien dono when she pierce his heart?
  31. Is the Ginjo shown in chapter 681 of Bleach a 100% Shinigami?

  32. How did Aizen start the Holllowfication on Shinji's team?
  33. Where and how does the Bleach anime diverge from the manga?

  34. Which episodes of Bleach are filler?
  35. What is the beatboxing music on season 1, episode 11?
  36. Which song plays during Bleach episode 45 around 10:00
  37. Who are Byakuya and Juushirou referring to in chapter 117?

  38. Where was the reflecting surfaces when Muramasa fought Ichigo in Episode 233

  39. What are the similarities and differences between Reiatsu and Chakra?
  40. Any important information I need to know if I'm skipping the filler episodes of Bleach?
  41. Why was Rukia's head covered when she was escorted to/from the Repentance Cell?
  42. What's the music playing at the beginning of episode 130?

  43. Does Ichigo still have his powers after his battle with Yhwach?

  44. Why weren't Gigai used for Spearhead?

  45. Why is Ulquiorra the only espada with a second release?

  46. Why did Aizen want to defeat the Soul King?
  47. How could Ichigo purify souls with Zangetsu?

  48. Is Zangetsu restored after Ichigo gets his powers back?

  49. What is the song that plays when Muramasa charges at Ichigo?
  50. What anime/manga are the sword and the dog in this image from?
  51. What is being shown in this Bleach panel?
  52. Anime song (I think Naruto)

  53. Is Ichigo technically dead?

  54. How do the Noble Families work in Bleach?
  55. Why did Aizen kidnap Orihime in Bleach?

  56. How did the last threat disappear in the last chapter?

  57. Why did Mayuri kill 28,000 Rukongai citizens?

  58. Why was the ending to the Arrancar arc so brief?

  59. Is Nel realy an Arrancar?
  60. What is Jinta and Ururu's Identity?

  61. Did the following characters of Gotei 13 make it alive?
  62. How did no one notice that Rukia's special order was defective?

  63. What do we know about Ichigo's father?

  64. What happened to Masaki's family?

  65. When does Shunsui use Katenkyokotsu against Stark?
  66. Does the Soul Society know exactly where Kisuke Urahara is?
  67. Do the Quincy know of the consequences of their power?

  68. Can the Soul society exist without the soul king?

  69. Name of Zaraki Kenpachi's Zanpakuto?

  70. Why is Ichigo always in Shikai mode?
  71. What was Aizen's plan?

  72. Is there symbolism behind the language choices in Bleach?

  73. What happened to Ichigo in Urahara's training area after meeting Byakuya (for the first time)?

  74. How was Aizen building up the Espada before getting the Hogyoku?

  75. When should I watch The New Captain, Shusuke Amagai Arc?

  76. How are vasto lorde different from the espada?

  77. After the conclusion of his last fight, is Kisuke Urahara dead?

  78. Captains' reiatsu levels after donating to Ichigo

  79. Who is Prince of Darkness?

  80. Has Ichigo's soul cutter existed before him?

  81. Why does Rukia fall for so long when getting thrown by Yammy?
  82. What song is this in Bleach Episode 51?

  83. What's the deal with exchanging names in Bleach and other anime?

  84. Is it possible to transfer Shinigami powers accidentally?

  85. Does a Reishi rich environment prevent flying?

  86. Manga volume for end of season 1 of Bleach anime

  87. Why is it Soifon didn't know about Shunkō?

  88. Bleach timeline question - Rurichiyo Kasumioji

  89. Is the Soul King a Shinigami?

  90. Why not a single Shinigami was surprised by fact, that Ichigo has Zanpacto?

  91. If Yhwach has absorbed all of soul kings powers, does it mean that he absorbs Mimihagi and Ukitake as well?
  92. What is the music that plays in Bleach Episode 46 ~19:54

  93. What are the Four Noble Families of Soul Society?

  94. Why do shinigami bleed?
  95. Source of Ichigo's shinigami power

  96. What's the connection between Zangetsu and White Ichigo?

  97. Which song plays in episode 56 at 11:32
  98. Are Hell Butterflies living creatures?

  99. Plot hole: Why couldn't Rukia and co. visit Ichigo with a gigai?
  100. What is the meaning behind Renji's Tattoos?